Private Networking Overview

Plans and Pricing

Private networking support is provided at no cost. Traffic over private networks is free and doesn’t count against your bandwidth billing transfer allowance.

Regional Availability

Private networking is available in every region.


Private networking isolates communication at the account or team level between Droplets located in the same datacenter.

DigitalOcean Load Balancers will connect to backend Droplets over the private network if it is enabled on the Droplets when they are added to the load balancer.


  • We don’t currently support private networking between Droplets in different datacenters.

  • Multicast and broadcast are not available within the private network.

Known Issues

  • Traffic is restricted to the private network. Incoming packets from any source other than the private network are silently discarded at the network level.

  • Currently, traffic on the private network applies MAC address origin checks. This prevents the use of Droplets as gateways between the private and public networks.