How to Create Projects

From the control panel’s main navigation, click + New Project to open the creation page.

Create new project

There are two steps in creating a project: defining its settings (like a name and description), and adding resources to it.

1. Create Project

Enter the name, description, and purpose of the project. You can change any project setting later by returning to the Settings tab.

  • Name your project: The project name is required. It is meant to be human-readable, so you can include spaces and special characters. However, because there is limited space in the navigation, it’s helpful to keep them short or to ensure that the beginning portion of the name adequately differentiates one project from the next.

  • Add a description: The description field is optional. When supplied, it will appear beneath the project name at the top of all project pages. Although it can be up to 255 characters long (including spaces), only the first 97 characters are displayed on the page heading.

  • Tell us what it’s for: This field is required and provides several topics to choose from. This allows us to provide relevant tips and tutorials. If you don’t see the right category, you can choose Other at the end of the list and describe it yourself. You have up to 199 characters for this description. If you exceed this limit, you won’t be able to select the Create Project button.

  • This is my default project: The default project will appear at the top of the Projects section, and newly-created resources will be added to the default project if you don’t specify a different one.

When you’re done, click Create Project.

2. Move Resources

You have the option to move existing resources into your new project as you create it.

  • Move Resources: When you click into the text area, a list of all movable resources from other projects will appear. You can keep typing to filter the list. Click the names of the resources you want to move, then click the Move Resources button.
Move resources

Either choice will finalize the creation of your project, and will redirect you to the Resources tab of the new project.

Example project with a Droplet

If you added resources, they will appear in the space directly below the tab, grouped by their type.