How to Move Resources between Projects

Moving resources from one project lets you reorganize as your infrastructure changes and grows.

You can move resources in two ways:

  • Individually from any one project into any other project.
  • In bulk from any number of projects into any single project.

Move Resources Individually

From a project’s default page, click the Resources tab. Locate the resource you want to move and open its options menu, represented by three dots, then select Move to…:

Screenshot of the project selection widget

In the Select project window that opens, select the project where you want to move that resource, then click Move to [Project Name]:

Screenshot of the resource's More menu

A message will appear confirming that the resource has been moved to the new project, and you should no longer see it among the original project’s resources. You’ll remain on the original project’s resource tab, where you can move other resources.

Move Resources in Bulk

To move multiple resources at one time, navigate to the destination project where the resources need to go. From there, click the Move Resources button.

Screenshot of the Move Resource button

When you click into the text area, a list of all movable resources from other projects will open. You can keep typing to filter the list.

Click the names of the resources you want to move, then click the Move to [Project Name] button.

Screenshot of the Move Resources dialog box

The selected resources will be moved into the current project.