Droplets Release Notes

October 2020

October 1

September 2020

September 16

September 2

  • Standard Droplet plans have been replaced with Basic Droplet plans. We have added one new plan, s-8vcpu-16gb, and deprecated the following plans:

    • s-1vcpu-3gb
    • s-3vcpu-1gb
    • s-6vcpu-16gb
    • s-8vcpu-32gb
    • s-12vcpu-48gb
    • s-16vcpu-64gb
    • s-20vcpu-96gb
    • s-24vcpu-128gb
    • s-32vcpu-192gb

    These deprecated plans are now unavailable in the control panel, but you can still create Droplets with those plans using the API or doctl.

August 2020

August 4

  • We have released a Droplet metadata endpoint which returns whether or not a Droplet is scheduled for a live migration. The impact of live migrations on Droplets is minimal, so users now only receive direct notifications for migrations that require us to power down a Droplet, which (except in emergencies) we send 7 days in advance.

July 2020

July 31

July 22

  • Memory-Optimized Droplets are now in general availability and are available in the SFO3 and TOR1 datacenter regions.

May 2020

May 15

  • Users can now search for Marketplace apps directly from the Droplet Create page.

May 12

April 2020

April 29

April 28

  • The DigitalOcean Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service is now available for all customers. VPC replaces the private networking service. Existing private networks will continue to function as normal but with the enhanced security and features of the VPC service. See the description of VPC features for more information.

April 22

April 21

  • You can now choose a root password during Droplet creation rather than receiving an automatically-generated password via email.

April 7

March 2020

March 16

March 13

  • Users who create a 1-Click application can now access the instructions for their app by clicking the Get Started link next to their Droplet on the project homepage.

March 12

  • You can now only rebuild Droplets from images that use an OS that resides in the same OS family as the Droplet being rebuilt. For example, a Droplet running Ubuntu 16 can be rebuilt from an image running Ubuntu 18, but it cannot be built from an image running Debian.

March 9

November 2019

November 8

November 4

October 2019

October 31

  • Memory-Optimized Droplets are now in general availability and are available in the NYC1 and SFO2 datacenter regions.

September 2019

September 10

June 2019

June 17

  • 6-hour and 1-day alert policies for Droplets and Kubernetes worker nodes have been deprecated. No new alert policies with these intervals can be created. Existing alert policies using these intervals will remain in place until 1 August 2019, at which point they will be modified to reflect a 1-hour interval.

April 2019

April 2

February 2019

February 26

August 2018

August 14

August 1

July 2018

July 11

July 1

June 2018

June 11

  • Expanded Droplet View allows customers using the Dashboard to click on a Droplet and quickly view additional information about the Droplet without having to go to the Droplet Page. It also updates the list of Droplets to display at a glance whether Backups are on/off and if a Floating IP is attached.

June 5

May 2018

May 17

  • Turned on Droplet Search in the top navigation for all users. Allows users to quickly search for Droplets by name or IP address and go directly to the Droplet Page.

April 2018

April 24

April 17

January 2018

January 16