How to Cancel Your Subscription

To cancel your subscription, follow the Spaces link in the main navigation, click the Settings tab, and choose Cancel Plan.

Screenshot of the Spaces Settings tab

When you cancel your subscription, all the Spaces for your account and the data within them will be destroyed. Because this cannot be undone, you will be prompted with a warning when you click Cancel Plan.

This prompt requires you to check two boxes to acknowledge the results of cancellation. Once you’ve checked them, the Delete Spaces & Cancel Subscription button will become available. You can click it to cancel or change your mind and click No, Keep Subscription.

Screenshot of the Cancel Spaces Subscription dialogue with acknowledgement boxes checked

Once your subscription is cancelled, you’ll have the opportunity to leave feedback.

If you cancel your subscription when you still have time remaining in your trial period, you can continue using Spaces for the remainder of your trial. You can see how many days are remaining in the trial period by following the Spaces link from the main navigation and selecting the Settings tab.