How to Upload and Delete Files

Upload Files

You can upload one or more files through the Control Panel. Because of browser limitations, Control Panel uploads work best with files smaller than 2GB and batches of less than 100 files. For large files and batches, you can use a third-party client or the DigitalOcean API.

From the main page of your Space, click the Upload Files button to upload a single file. This lets you select files in two ways:

  1. Drag and drop, which allows you to upload files, folders, and items nested inside folders.
  2. Using a selection dialog, which lets you upload one or more files from a single folder but doesn’t support uploading folders themselves.

When you drag and drop multiple items, all of the selected files, folders, and folder contents are staged for upload in a single step.

Screenshot showing selection of a file

When you use the selection dialog to choose items for upload, clicking Open will stage them. The dialog will remain open to allow you to add more items.

Screenshot of Windows selection dialog

You can view the files and folders you’ve staged in the Upload Files modal as you go.

This modal also lets you set the file permissions for all the staged files. The Remove link next to each item lets you unstage files or folders. Because a folder and its contents are treated as a unit, removing a folder here will unstage the folder and all the files and folders within it.

Screenshot of the sammy-balloon.png staged for Upload

Click Upload to upload the items you’ve staged with the permissions you’ve selected.

Download Files

From the More menu of a file, select Download to start a download of the item to your local machine.

Screenshot of the downloaded file

Depending on your browser’s preferences, the download may start automatically or you may be prompted to save the file first.

Delete Files

You can delete a file by opening its More menu and clicking Delete. Because deletions are permanent, when you select Delete from the More menu, you’ll be asked to confirm before the item is actually deleted.

Screenshot of the Delete confirmationYou can delete multiple files at once by selecting them, opening the Actions menu, and clicking Delete. This will similarly prompt you to confirm the deletion.