Spaces Overview

Plans and Pricing

The base rate of a Spaces subscription is $5/month, which includes 250GB of data storage.

Spaces subscriptions include 1TB of outbound data transfer (from Spaces to the internet), which is shared between all Spaces. Additional outbound transfer is $0.01/GB. Inbound bandwidth to Spaces is always free, as is transfer between our NYC regions.

Traffic between Spaces in NYC3, AMS3, and SFO2 and Droplets in NYC1, NYC2, NYC3, AMS3, LON1, FRA1, TOR1, SFO1, AMS2, will all go over the DigitalOcean global backbone. This will provide predictable and stable latency with no packet loss because these connections use our dedicated links instead of the public Internet.

When you sign up using the Get Started button on the Spaces page in the Control Panel, you automatically get a free 60-day subscription, which covers the base rate (but not overages).

Regional Availability

Spaces are currently available in NYC3, AMS3, SFO2, and SGP1. Spaces work with Droplets in all Regions.


All Spaces support HTTPS.

The Spaces URL naming pattern is and, where spacename is the name of your Space and region is the region your Space is in.


  • To avoid any temporary limits on your request rate, ensure that your application is designed to retry on 503 Slow Down errors. If you plan to push more than 200 requests/second to Spaces, please open a support ticket to prepare for the workload.

  • Sharing ownership of Spaces is currently per-account, not per-Space.

  • You cannot delete Spaces with more than 100,000 objects via the Control Panel. You can either use the API or delete objects from the Space first.

  • You cannot delete more than 10,000 objects from Space at once via the Control Panel. You can use the API or delete fewer objects at a time.

  • The Transmit v. 5.0.5 release solved some compatibility issues, but it is not yet fully compatible with Spaces. Please use Transmit 4 as a workaround.

  • While you can set permissions for all the files in a folder, currently you’ll need to use a third-party client to set permissions recursively.

  • Spaces currently do not support tags.

Known Issues

  • Space delete actions do not include the correct IP address that conducted the action in an account’s security history.

  • Uploading hundreds or thousands of files via may not complete reliably. For this use case, use s3cmd or other third party tools.

  • In the API, list-objects-v2 pagination does not work.

Feature Requests

During the Spaces early access period, participants identified several features of interest which we’re considering for future releases, including:

  • More regions
  • Replication between Spaces regions
  • Cloud UI updates:
    • Managing files recursively (metadata, permissions, etc.)
    • Moving files between buckets
    • Account-level default file permissions (which currently must be set for every upload)
    • Sorting in the File browser
  • Access logging

If there’s something else you’d like to see on this list, let us know on UserVoice.