Spaces Resources

Additional Tools for Creating and Managing Spaces

The DigitalOcean Spaces API

The Spaces API allows you to programmatically create and manage Spaces. It’s our recommended way to automate Space usage but requires additional technical skills.

See the API documentation on Spaces and the API documentation on the Spaces CDN for more information.

Third-party Graphical Clients

Using the control panel allows you to start using Spaces directly in your web browser without any configuration. Note that you may start to reach browser limitations when uploading files larger than 2GB or more than 100 files at a time. To handle these use cases, you may prefer to use a third-party client.

You can use:

  • Third-party graphical tools, like Transmit 4+ (macOS), Cyberduck 6.2.x (Windows, macOS), or FileZilla Pro (Windows, macOS).
  • Third-party CLI tools, like s3cmd (Linux, macOS, Bash on Windows).

Third-party graphical clients allow you to interact with Spaces in ways similar to the control panel. They avoid browser limitations but require configuration to connect. Third-party command line tools facilitate both personal use and automation.

These third-party clients currently do not support the Spaces CDN.

More Information

How to Use FileZilla Pro with DigitalOcean Spaces