How to Delete or Detach Volumes

To remove a volume from a Droplet, you can either delete or detach the volume.

  • Detaching a volume removes the volume from its current Droplet. You can attach the volume and all of its contents to a different Droplet as needed.
  • Deleting a volume permanently destroys the volume and its contents. This action cannot be reversed.

Before doing either of these actions, unmount the volume to make sure it’s not in use to avoid operating system errors.

Detaching a Volume with the Control Panel

To detach an attached volume, visit the Volumes section of the Droplet’s detail page. You can get to a Droplet’s detail page by clicking the Droplet’s name in the main interface:

Droplet name link

Click on the Volumes item in the side menu:

Droplet volumes menu item

You will be taken to an area where you can see the volumes currently attached to the Droplet:

Droplet volumes with volumes attached

In the More menu of the volume you wish to detach, select the Detach option:

Droplet detach volume menu item

You can now attach the volume to a different Droplet as needed.

Delete a Volume with the Control Panel

When you delete a volume, the volume and its contents will be completely deleted. This action is irreversible.

To delete a volume, locate it on the account-level Volumes page or the Volumes page for an individual Droplet. Open the volume’s More menu, and click Delete.

Droplet delete volume menu item