Volume Overview

Plans and Pricing

Volumes can be created in sizes ranging from 1 GB to 16 TB (16,000 GB).

Volumes are charged at a rate of $0.10 per GB per month. For example, a 100 GB volume will be charged at $10 per month. Volumes are charged in hourly increments from the moment they are created until the moment they are deleted, just like Droplets.

Regional Availability

Volumes are currently available in NYC1, NYC3, SFO2, FRA1, SGP1, TOR1, BLR1, LON1, and AMS3.

Volumes are region-specific resources. They can be moved freely between Droplets within the same region.

NYC3 currently contains some legacy hardware that does not support attaching block storage volumes. To guarantee that your Droplet is placed on hardware that supports volumes, you can attach a volume during the Droplet creation process. If your Droplet is placed on legacy hardware, you will need to migrate to a new server in order to attach a volume.


  • Storage media: Like Droplets, volumes are backed by SSDs.

  • Encryption: Volumes are encrypted using the LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) specification. The entire storage cluster is encrypted, which ensures that snapshots of volumes are also encrypted at rest.

  • Redundancy: Volumes store data on hardware that is separated from the Droplet and replicated multiple times across different racks, reducing the chances of data loss in the event of hardware failure.

  • Automatic format and mount: You can choose to automatically format and mount a volume for first-time use on Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian 8+, CentOS, and Fedora Atomic.

  • Burst support: Burst support automatically increases Block Storage volumes’ IOPS and bandwidth rates for short periods of time (60 seconds) before returning to baseline performance to cool off (60 seconds) to support spikes in workload.

    Droplet Type IOPS Throughput
    Standard 5K 200 MB/s
    Std (Burst) 7.5K 300 MB/s
    Optimized 7.5K 300 MB/s
    Optimized (Burst) 10K 350 MB/s


  • Volumes cannot be renamed.

  • Volumes can only be attached to one Droplet at a time.

    By default, you are limited to 10 block storage volumes per account or team. You can contact our support team to request an increase. You can attach a maximum of 7 volumes to any one node or Droplet, and this limit cannot be changed.

  • FreeBSD, CoreOS, RancherOS, and one-click apps do not support automatic formatting and mounting.

  • Volumes are not included in Droplet backups, but as a manual alternative, you can create snapshots of volumes and create volumes based on those snapshots.

  • Tags for volumes are only supported via the API.

  • Unverified users can only create volumes up to 500 GB in size. Learn more about account verification.