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"DigitalOcean provides us with simplicity and reliability that allows us to improve our offerings to our customers.”

Matthew Lawrence
VP of Application Development at Rainmaker

Why do agencies choose DigitalOcean?

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Powerful Developer Cloud built for simplicity

Your development team deserves to spend time on the work they want to work on. Our Developer Cloud gives your team the features you need without product or price complexity.

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Speed, security, & reliability for your client work

Whether you’re working on a web app, website, or a video-streaming project, we have a platform of tools to help your development teams deliver transformative digital work.

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Count on 24x7x365 world-class support

We know you’re on the line for both the reliability and availability of your clients’ infrastructure. Sleep easy at night with our Business and Premium Support offerings that ensure you have the support tools you need.

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Join a global creative developer community

Your agency is tasked with staying on the cutting edge of technology on behalf of your clients. We make this easier by connecting you with other agency owners and developers working on similar projects.

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