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Looking for help with managing cloud migrations or getting your infrastructure up and running on DigitalOcean? You can explore services providers from our global community of Solutions Partners below. These partners have proven track records of managing and servicing DigitalOcean for their customers. Explore below different providers with various areas of expertise.

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Speedster IT

At Speedster, our mission is to makeIT support as stress-free as possible and a growth enabler for your business. We specialise in providing bespoke IT support and managed services to the small-medium sized business sector in London. We make it our business to understand your business so we can equip you with the best IT infrastructure to help you achieve your goals.

Efe2e308aa94b3d6fb3fca1429d55ad2645da9df netlider


Netlider Tecnologia offers technology services to the market, through a committed performance, totally focused on the business needs of its customers.

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Há 13 anos no mercado, a BlackBean é especialista na consultoria, desenvolvimento, manutenção, integração, monitoramento e hospedagem de sistemas e aplicativos especializados. Nossas soluções são tilizadas por milhares de pessoas diariamente ao redor do mundo. Seja qual for o segmento, nossa talentosa equipe é capaz de avaliar, atender e superar quaisquer necessidades e desafios tecnológicos da sua empresa.

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Atlas Authority

Atlas Authority is a specialized consulting company. Our expertise is performance and scale. We deliver immediate business results through our deep technical expertise around complex environments. Clients worldwide trust Atlas Authority and their staff of former Atlassians to implement, support and maintain their critical applications. Atlas Authority understands the technical intricacies of Atlassian products and potential complex roadblocks – this is why clients consider us Atlassian experts.

17297d1b87f9ac2b91fa2e5bd9a42dbc9044a7a7 ipaxes odoo


With more than 14 years of experience in managed accommodations and services we support you with certified personnel on Linux, Asterisk, OpenERP, Odoo and ownCloud platforms so you can focus on growing your business. All our services and policies include access to our Help Desk 24x7.

B8c93ebfa8eb5f7fe58dac3691dedd37b1c6d264 stonedoorgroup white solid

Stone Door Group

Stone Door Group® modernizes the digital enterprise through skilled DevOps and Hybrid Cloud professional services. We make it easy to quickly access and deploy DevOps solutions to transform your business and provide certified consultants and instructors to deliver your projects.

Web Development Providers

Looking for help with your next website or web app? Look no further.

De3233dfe4267911b106881964cef08c50c3e6bc efelle b

efelle creative

At efelle creative, we work to accelerate our clients' revenue via effective digital marketing. Our user-experience design process puts us in the shoes of your target audiences because we know that understanding the end-user’s motivations and goals is the most important aspect of achieving exceptional results.

2b1accdf565ea4b9c4ebeb6587cd9c83118be10d wavemotion

Wave Motion Digitail

We build & host high-demand sites, 
Craft custom web applications, 
Host secure & private email
Provide private file sharing
Manage all facets
of your digital world.
All while protecting your privacy.

Digitalocean%2f77942e1b a9cb 4d83 ad13 526574feec33 yello

Yello Studio

We support sustainable growth for businesses and brands. What do we use? Creative Communications. Everything we do is about helping our clients to communicate efficiently and effectively: through branding, design, online, via social media and at every customer ‘touchpoint’.

Ebaa4e917b85f776ba701c17fcb2e4bf9e4ca10c thunderbyte


Whatever you require for your promotion we can deliver. Our campaigns are completely bespoke. We have a suite of products available that we can build specifically with your requirements in mind.

Fb9f29f049d81b105781fd6bec3049a6e6943f53 squad3

Squad Digital

What's unique about us is our African pedigree, and because of that we understand that mobile is just not the primary medium, but in most cases, the only medium to connect and engage people in this ever-evolving marketing world.

D8719abaa8333bfc6db1dd1472f7d0688f0f5fb3 ohkie logo 4


For the first time ever, there exists a single location for all your businesses digital needs; your digital home. In the past, web development companies did not specialize in photography, marketing agencies did not provide hosting, and design firms were untouchable with vague offers. Businesses had to use various providers to address all their digital requirements and it led to confusion, frustration, and often, misaligned messages. All of that is in the past now, though. Now that Ohkie has entered the scene and offers all your business digital needs under one roof.

B2c964d2abe7b185b383b1554cf161bf19099b18 gws logo rgb white 720x290

GWS Technologies

Throughout our 10 year of existence we’ve accumulated a track record of delivering success stories and making it happen for our partners. We’ve been in the business of “Digital Transformation” long before it became a buzz word, implementing some of the first e-Commerce platforms on the island, doing 360 panoramic Virtual Tours long before it became available on your mobile phone, and deploying whole infrastructures in the cloud before every-one else got the guts to.

Kubernetes Experts

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Kubernetes Expert

Learn more (partner link, TBD)

9fd04aeb0d41e8864f0b92e38050c1c19c50ceb6 stablepoint quote

Kubernetes Expert

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Kubernetes Expert

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