Solutions Partner Program Press Release Guidelines

Looking to write a press release to announce joining the DigitalOcean Solutions Partner Program? Awesome! Please follow the instructions below. 

If you would like to announce something else or have an opportunity to conduct media relations outreach for story placement - please send an email to and to discuss.

Writing a Press Release about your new partner status using the DigitalOcean Template 

Step 1: Write your Press Release 

Please utilize the press release template as a basis for your announcement. If you chose to customize, please keep the following guidelines in mind: 

  • The headline must clearly show that the announcement is coming from the partner company, and cannot give the impression it is a joint news release unless a joint release has been agreed upon.
  • DigitalOcean does not permit the use of our company boilerplate or PR contact information in third-party news releases. 
  • When using the word “partner” in your release, please specify if you are a Verified or Strategic Solutions Partner

  • In the press release template, we’ve included a placeholder for a company quote that you can customize.
  • Customized quotes from DigitalOcean executives are reserved for Strategic Solutions Partners. If you have questions about if you qualify please email

Step 1: Approval Process

Once you’ve personalized your press release it’s now time to submit for approval. 

  1. Do a quick review of the guidelines. 
  2. Submit your ready-for-publication release via email to Please have “Press Release Review Request” and your company name in the subject line. 
  3. We will then work with you in a timely fashion to review, edit and finalize distribution

(Optional) Step 3: Blog

Your company or personal blog is a great way to get the word out about our collaboration. If you’d like to utilize your blog to announce the news, please be sure to follow the same guidelines noted for press releases and seek approval of final copy.

(Optional) Step 4: Social Media

Get social! Feel free to use any of these pre-approved social media posts for sharing the news, too. 

Facebook / LinkedIn / Other

Company brand channel:

We’re proud to be a @DigitalOcean Solutions Partner! Excited to join DigitalOcean’s mission of combining the advantages of open source, the power of simplicity and love for the developer community to revolutionize the cloud. [Learn more about the DigitalOcean Solutions Program]


We’re proud [@Company’s handle] is now a @DigitalOcean Solutions Partner! We are excited to join DigitalOcean’s mission of combining the advantages of open source, the power of simplicity and love for the developer community to revolutionize the cloud.  [Learn more about the DigitalOcean Solutions Program]

**Note to tag on LinkedIn, you have to manually find DigitalOcean’s account, not just a copy + paste. 


Company brand Twitter: 

We've teamed up with @DigitalOcean as a Solutions Program Partner! Looking forward to bringing modern app creation to our clients.  [Learn more about the DigitalOcean Solutions Program]


Excited to announce (@Company Name) has joined @DigitalOcean as a Solutions Partner!  [Learn more about the DigitalOcean Solutions Program]

DigitalOcean Official Social Channels:




Press Release Template

[Company Name] Joins DigitalOcean Solutions Partner Program

The partnership will extend DigitalOcean’s industry-leading simplicity and price-to-performance to [Company]’s customer base 

City, State  – X X, 2019 – [Company], [Company descriptor], today announced that it has joined DigitalOcean’s Solutions Partner Program, a global partner program for services and solutions providers who want to build their client’s infrastructure on DigitalOcean. [Company name] is joining the program as a [Strategic or Verified] Partner. Participating partners benefit from DigitalOcean’s predictable pricing model and world-class service and support to help drive business growth. 

DigitalOcean’s Solutions Partner Program works with organizations that empower businesses to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions. Through an exclusive partner pricing structure, the program supports businesses that want to sell DigitalOcean to their client bases, and makes it easy to deploy and modernize clients’ infrastructures. DigitalOcean’s Partner Success and Marketing teams provide a host of additional benefits aimed at supporting these partners as they build out powerful client solutions and grow their businesses. This includes migration services, marketing opportunities and access to DigitalOcean’s community of 3.5 million developers 

"Partner company quote"

[Partner company’s strategic differentiator and info on how partnering with DO will support customers] 

About  Company

[Insert information about your company here]