CoreOS Image Now Available On DigitalOcean

NEW YORK, – September 5, 2014 – Today DigitalOcean announces the availability of CoreOS, a Linux OS for massive-server deployments, on the DigitalOcean platform. Users spinning up servers can deploy the CoreOS image to achieve a warehouse scale compute level.

The availability of CoreOS on DigitalOcean provides the easiest and fastest way for web and mobile developers interested in working with Docker to deploy applications and experiment with containers. "There is a lot of community excitement for CoreOS," said Mitch Wainer, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at DigitalOcean. "We're very pleased to announce that developers can begin using CoreOS immediately, ensuring the resiliency of their architecture as they continue to scale at massive levels. We hope developers using our infrastructure are as excited as we are about the possibilities now available through CoreOS on our platform."

Through CoreOS's etcd technology, users can also deploy a cluster of servers configured to work with one another, ensuring their app or website remains live at all times. This feature greatly reduces the impact of a possible server failure, supporting high-traffic applications.

Google, Facebook and Twitter utilize similar strategies and influences to allow for growth and resilient systems. "The easiest way to get started using containers, distributed systems and the next generation of infrastructure is now available to millions of developers on DigitalOcean," said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. "Let the developer community go wild."

About CoreOS

CoreOS is a new Linux OS that has been re-architected to provide features needed to run modern infrastructure stacks. The strategies and architectures that influence CoreOS allow companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to run their services at scale with high resilience. CoreOS can run on your existing hardware or on most cloud providers. Learn more at or follow CoreOS on Twitter @coreoslinux.

About DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean and its Developer Cloud simplify modern app creation for new generations of developers — from individual developers to startups and SMBs. Its infrastructure and platform-as-a-service (IaaS and PaaS) solutions provide a "no DevOps required" experience, allowing developers to focus their energy on creating innovative software. By combining the power of simplicity, love for the developer community, an obsession for customer service, and the advantages of open source, DigitalOcean brings software development within technical and economic reach of anyone around the world. For more information, visit or follow @digitalocean on Twitter.