DigitalOcean Announces Singapore Datacenter To Meet Rising Demand in Asia

DigitalOcean Announces Singapore Datacenter To Meet Rising Demand in Asia

January 29, 2014 New York, NY – DigitalOcean, the world's fastest growing cloud hosting provider built for developers, is excited to announce the opening of their Singapore datacenter (SGP1). This is highly anticipated news, as users throughout Asia Pacific and nearby regions such as India and Australia will have greater connectivity and a better overall experience.

Working with Equinix to build the highest quality datacenter, CEO Ben Uretsky states "we have a large customer base in Asia, which will only increase with this announcement. It will allow them to leap-frog outdated markets and take advantage of lower costs to building out infrastructure." The company has seen a strong desire for greater capacity in the region, as Asia Pacific is very likely to be the leader in growth over the next few years. According to Cisco's Global Cloud Index, the region is projected to generate 1.5 zezzabytes of cloud traffic annually by 2016– the highest in the world.

Singapore is a particularly well connected region, allowing local users to significantly reduce their latency time. "Connecting to Amsterdam or San Francisco can cause 200ms of latency," says Chief Operating Officer Karl Alomar. "This will drop latency to 30ms and allow large customers to expand their presence for greater distribution."

DigitalOcean will continue to invest heavily in their infrastructure as more datacenters are added throughout the world. This is one of many exciting announcements to come within the first half of the year, as the company is expected to upgrade from the legacy IP address standard IPv4 and offer IPv6. They also plan to roll out new features such as Load Balancing, Object Storage, CDN, and 1-click installs of common frameworks in the future.

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