DigitalOcean Releases Load Balancers, the Easiest and Fastest Way to Achieve 100% Uptime for Production Workloads

NEW YORK, NY - February 14, 2017 - DigitalOcean, the cloud for developers, today released Load Balancers, one of the most requested products from customers. Load Balancers is a highly available product that enables developers and small businesses to distribute traffic across their infrastructure to achieve 100% uptime for their production workloads.

DigitalOcean is approaching one million registered users with more than 40,000 active teams since releasing its cloud five years ago. With workloads becoming more complex, DigitalOcean is focused on delivering the tools and performance that are required to seamlessly deploy, scale and manage any sized application.

"We're quickly expanding the capabilities of our cloud to support larger scale-out applications," said Julia Austin, CTO of DigitalOcean. "With Load Balancers, we are providing developers and businesses with a simple service for maximizing the availability and reliability of applications without disrupting the end user experience. Load Balancers is the first major new product DigitalOcean has released this year. Over the coming year, you'll see us continue to release a number of important products and features to meet our customers' high availability, data storage, security, and networking needs."

Load Balancers on DigitalOcean can be created effortlessly from the control panel or API—no additional installation or configuration needed. Using Load Balancers to distribute connections enables developers and small businesses to scale their applications horizontally by sending traffic only to healthy Droplets, ensuring no single point of failure and increasing availability across their infrastructure.

With Load Balancers, developers have access to the following:

  • Support for multiple protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP
  • Managed TLS certificates
  • Full access through DigitalOcean's API

Supporting Quotes

  • "Scalability is one of the major architecture benefits of moving to the cloud, vendors who make it easy to uptake load balancing for better performance and reliability are creating value for customer and prospects," said Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. "Developers take note of new capabilities like load balancing and factor that in their partner and deployment decisions."
  • "DigitalOcean is an incredibly popular cloud provider for users of the Rancher container management platform," said Sheng Liang, co-founder and CEO of Rancher Labs "The new Load Balancers makes it simple to run a clustered Rancher management server and deliver high availability configurations for this critical service."

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