MongoHQ and DigitalOcean MongoDB Hosted and Deployed in the Cloud


  • Partnership offers the fastest, simplest, most economical and flexible way to use MongoDB

San Mateo, California – June 25, 2014 – Database-as-a-service provider MongoHQ ( announced that it has partnered with DigitalOcean – provider of fast and convenient cloud technology to easily and more efficiently manage infrastructure – to offer the simplest, fastest, most cost-effective way to host and deploy MongoDB databases.

MongoHQ's partnership will enable developers who want to host their data with DigitalOcean to derive the full benefits of MongoDB, quickly deploying in a worry-free environment without the complications of spinning up a new server, or the concerns of time, resources and risk associated with leveraging a new database. The combined benefits of the two companies' platforms will give developers more freedom to focus on creating applications, rather than managing infrastructure.

"Developers are hosting their applications with DigitalOcean for largely the same reasons they use MongoHQ for their databases. The simplicity of the platform gives them the agility and flexibility they need. Where MongoHQ excels in the provision of production ready databases, DigitalOcean's strength is automating infrastructure. That's a strong combination" said Kurt Mackey, CEO, MongoHQ. "This partnership makes sense on all levels, and will enable developers to get to production much more quickly."

Meeting developers' needs for flexible, cloud-based data infrastructure

In addition to the numerous benefits of hosting and deploying MongoDB in the cloud, the partnership meets MongoHQ customers' growing increasing reliance on DigitalOcean for data hosting. DigitalOcean, which boils the complexity of hosting data down to two clicks, has now spun up over 1.3 million cloud server instances and grown its customer base to 140K since its launch a year ago. This illustrates the value of flexible, cloud-based infrastructure for startups and small businesses, who can access enterprise-level computing power without incurring the cost of massive infrastructure to support data applications. The MongoHQ/DigitalOcean partnership builds on this momentum, further extending the benefits of as-a-service deployment to developers, who are too frequently hampered by being tasked with building or managing infrastructure.

"We're always looking for ways to make developers' lives easier," said Mitch Wainer, co-founder of DigitalOcean. "By partnering with MongoHQ, we are delivering the ability to use MongoDB in the most convenient, cost effective, and flexible way possible."

MongoHQ makes best-practice MongoDB available instantly in the same data center as your application, built to scale with consistent performance for any requirement, with a real-time monitoring dashboard, multi-redundant infrastructure, and a console-like experience on the web. Starting at $18/GB per month, MongoHQ's Elastic Deployments: Scale automatically, growing as your data grows Provide automatic daily backups Automatically equipped with the most recently updated MongoDB features Choice of where you host your data Pay only for the data you use

About MongoHQ

Developers have a common goal: build something that solves a problem. We know – we're developers too. MongHQ offers more freedom to innovate, with a fully-managed platform to quickly and safely deploy, host and scale MongoDB databases. We manage the data layer, serving as your ops team by giving you all the tools you need in one place, testing the processes, finding the pitfalls, delivering a worry-free experience, and giving you the high level operations through a real-time dashboard and a set of visual, easy-to-use features. Visit us at

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