DigitalOcean Announces Second Datacenter in Amsterdam with Private Networking Availability

User Who Creates Millionth "Droplet" Will Receive Ten Thousand Dollars

November 20, 2013 New York, NY – DigitalOcean, the world's fastest growing cloud hosting service built for developers, is excited to announce the opening of their second datacenter in Amsterdam (AMS2) with Shared Private Networking on all Droplets. This is highly anticipated news, as effort to expand capacity throughout Europe remains a top priority for the company, and shared private networking has been a desired feature since its debut in the NY2 datacenter.

DigitalOcean customers will now have the ability to create a virtual server containing both a public and private address, where any communication that happens over the private address happens over a private network. This means users can take advantage of the public infrastructure for internet-facing communications, while using the private interface for droplet-to-droplet activities which benefit from higher speeds and a smaller security vector.

Each virtual server will have the option to enable shared private networking via the control panel during the droplet creation process. Users will continue to profit from database replication, file storage, and host-to-host communication, and traffic sent across the private network does not count towards the account's bandwidth costs.

DigitalOcean will continue to invest heavily in their infrastructure as more datacenters are added throughout the world. The company is currently exploring further expansion in locations such as the UK, sharpening their focus on adding more capacity throughout Europe. Upcoming features DigitalOcean users can look forward to include graphs to chart private networking usage, as well as the rolling out IPV6 for a more secure and robust protocol.

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