Automated Tools

Quickly spin up single and multi-server deployments and infrastructure with DigitalOcean’s scripts and tooling.


DigitalOcean Blueprints offer automated multi-server infrastructure setups with Terraform and Ansible. Blueprints streamline the infrastructure setup process and create a foundation of a project or a component in a multi-server environment.

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Demo Application

The DigitalOcean Demo Web Application uses Ansible, Terraform, and the DigitalOcean API quickly to build out an example status page on DigitalOcean and deploys a variety of DO features and products. The app provides an example of how a web app might run and work on DigitalOcean.

Automated Tutorials

DigitalOcean offers scripts to complete tutorials faster. By customizing the script with your own variables, you can spin up common server setups without needing to go through an entire tutorial.