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  • Host websites with the simplest cloud hosting platform
  • Build web apps or API backends on robust infrastructure
  • Deploy container based apps with managed Kubernetes
  • Speed up development with intuitive API, developer tools and CI/CD add-ons
  • OR, simply learn the basics of cloud computing
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A simple and scalable cloud platform for all developer needs

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    Complete set of building block services

    Choose from a wide variety of services - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Cloud-Native (managed Kubernetes) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) for all compute, networking, storage and database needs of your applications

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    Rich marketplace of 1-click apps

    Leverage popular CMS, eCommerce, web application frameworks and developer tools - to expedite development.

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    Predictable costs and billing

    Always know what you’ll pay per month with a flat pricing structure across all data center regions.

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    Cloud computing demystified

    Rich set of learning content around technology topics - from the basics of virtual machines to database optimizations and container orchestration.

Plus receive free access to these services

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99.99% uptime SLA

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Cloud firewalls

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Monitoring & alerting

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Global data centers

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40GbE hypervisor connections

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Enterprise SSDs

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Easy-to-use API

We’re here to help you be successful.

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3,000 tutorials

Our cloud-agnostic open source guides help millions of developers learn and build new software every day.

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Active community

Have a question about a particular technology you’re using? Join the discussion on our active Q&A forum.

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World-class service

Free round-the-clock technical support for all customers regardless of how much you spend with us.

Why thousands of developers choose DigitalOcean

I can’t [help] but love @digitalocean . They are bringing all the required tools for managing an app stack. Not overly complicated like AWS and G Cloud, and good pricing as well :-)


Tareq Hasan


I've worked with every conceivable service provider (Rackspace, AWS, Azure, etc), and Digital Ocean's amazing documentation, great UI/UX, and reasonable and understandable pricing scheme are unsurpassed. What's not to love?


Jason Gilmore


Simplicity is key but also performance/price. DO excels at both compared to AWS


Paolo Agostinetto


Are you a growing startup?

Hatch is our global startup program that helps you grow your business. Spend less time worrying about cloud infrastructure and more time building great things.

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