August 28, 2012


How To Set Up a Host Name with DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean’s DNS allows you to easily set up your hostname from the DigitalOcean control panel.


Before you get started, you do need to have the following:

  • A Droplet (virtual private server) from DigitalOcean. If you don’t have one, you can register and set one up in under a minute

  • A Registered Domain Name. As of yet, you cannot register a domain through DigitalOcean.

Step One—Look Up Information with WHOIS

The first thing you need to do to set up your host name is to change your domain name server to point to the DigitalOcean name servers. You can do this through your domain registrar’s website.

If you do not remember where you registered your name, you can look it up using “WHOIS”, a protocol that displays a site's identifying information, such as the IP address and registration details.

Open up the command line and type:

WHOIS will display all of the details associated with the site, includng the Technical Contact which includes your domain registrar.

Step Two—Change Your Domain Server

Access the control panel of your domain registrar and find the fields called “Domain Name Server.” The forms for my domain registrar looked like this

Point your name servers to DigitalOcean and fill in three Domain Name Server fields. Once done, save your changes and exit.

The DigitalOcean domain servers are

You can verify that the new name servers are registered by running WHOIS again; the output should include the updated information:
Domain Name: EXAMPLE.COM
   Registrar: ENOM, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Status: ok

Although the name servers are visible through WHOIS, it may take an hour or two for the changes to be reflected on your site.

Step Three—Configure your Domain

Now we need move into the DigitalOcean control panel.

Within the DNS section, click on Add Domain, and fill in the the domain name field and IP address of the server you want to connect it to on the subsequent page. Note: The domain name does not have a www at the beginning. add a domain

You will reach a page where you can enter all of your site details. To make a new hostname, you only need to fill in the A record:

A Records: Use this space to enter in the IP address of the droplet that you want to host your domain name on and the host name itself, a name prepended to your domain name.

For example:

To accomplish this, create a new hostname with the word "test" in the hostname field. Your screen should look like this:
domain name

Save by clicking "Add new A record"

You can also connect your IP to a domain name with nothing before it (this should also occur by default when you add a domain):

To accomplish this, create a new hostname with the symbol "@' in the hostname field. Your screen should look like this:
domain name

You can save by pressing enter after making the required changes on the line.

CNAME Records: The CNAME record works as an alias of the A Record, pointing a subdomain to an A record— if an A Record’s IP address changes, the CNAME will follow to the new address. To prepend www to your URL, click on “Add a new CNAME record” and fill out the 2 fields.

Your screen should look like this:
 CNAME records

You can also set up a catchall or wildcard CNAME record that will direct any subdomain to the designated A record (for example, if a visitor accidentally types in wwww instead of www). This can be accomplish with an asterisk in the CNAME name field.

Your screen should look like this:
catch all CNAME records

If you need to set up a mail server on your domain, you can do so in the MX Records.

MX Records: The MX Records fields should be filled in with the hostname and priority of your mail server, a value designating the order in which the mail servers should be attempted to be reached. Records always end with a "."

A generic MX record looks something like this:

Below is an example of MX records set up for a domain that uses google mail servers (note the period at the end of each record):

Google MX records

Finish Up

Once you have filled in all of the required fields, your information will take a while to propagate, and the Name Server information will be automatically filled in. Your domain name name should be up and supported in a few hours.

You can confirm, after some time has passed, that the new host name has been registered by pinging it:

You should see something like:
# ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=63 time=1.47 ms
64 bytes from icmp_req=2 ttl=63 time=0.674 ms

You should also be able to access the site in the browser.

See More

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to reach to us on the Forum or by submitting a Support Ticket.

Additionally, you can visit our DNS Tips and Tricks page for more information on the DNS capabilities.

By Etel Sverdlov

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  • Gravatar Phil Dobbin over 1 year

    do you have to prepend a name to the domain? Can you not just use `example` as in ``? I ask as I'm unclear as to whether the domain name would resolve to `` rather than `` if `test` was added in the control panel...

  • Gravatar slang800 over 1 year

    I think you can use "@" to make it resolve for ""... I tested this on one of my sites and it seems to be working nicely... there is a brief explanation here:

  • Gravatar alec over 1 year

    Thanks for the great link! Yes, if you point your @ A-Record to your server's IP it will point your domain to your server. You can add another A record for the subdomain (test) and then point that separately. DNS is currently a Labs feature, but we've got some more great articles coming out to help soon. Thanks!

  • Gravatar Oleg Baghishvili over 1 year

    good howto... thanks guys..

  • Gravatar Ricky Johansson over 1 year

    It lacks the ability to add SRV records :(

  • Gravatar Moisey over 1 year

    We just launched our DNS management this week so we will be adding additional functionality over time. We'll be adding SRV records in the future, currently we are fine tuning DNS to ensure the existing features are all working properly and feedback is very welcome. Thanks!

  • Gravatar luciano.longo over 1 year

    No more bind??? This is awesome!

  • Gravatar emil over 1 year

    If all MX records ends in a ".", wouldn't it be prudent to make a user-side validation for that? Or to make the user painfully aware of this when entering MX records?

  • Gravatar Moisey over 1 year

    It's not necessary to really point the MX record to a fqdn that ends in "." - that's really user preference. Given the varied ways in which DNS can be recorded and giving users ultimate flexibility it really requires a bit more understanding as to the varied ways in which you can manage your own DNS. If we added a bunch more checks it would really impede the flow, so its a bit more open-ended and up the customers to decide how they want to set it up.

  • Gravatar tim over 1 year

    Is it possible to purchase additional IP addresses pointing at the same droplet?

  • Gravatar Etel Sverdlov over 1 year

    At this point, we currently don't support multiple IP addresses for the same droplet.

  • Gravatar urizan over 1 year

    well. how do you assign an ssl certificate to unrelated virtualhosts sharing a single ip? We need a unique ip for each ssl certificate. So, we need a way to add ip addresses. Or is this to encourage people to buy a separate cloud server for each of their ecommerce sites? I would like to buy only one cloud server account instead of buying too many. And IPv6 would be nice but we do not understand how to use it. I hear other server hosts are building an IPv6 wizard into their control panel. What is DigitalOceans' options for hosting many different ecommerce applications with unique IP for different SSL on a single server instance?

  • Gravatar Moisey over 1 year

    Using nginx it is possible to reverse proxy and setup multiple SSL certificates on a single IP, this is actually a very old limitation and all modern browsers support browsing different SSL enabled websites that are all points to one IP. It is actually quite wasteful to get a second IP if the only requirement is SSL as that was corrected in HTTP a long time ago to allow for multiple domains on a single IP. We will be writing new documentation with nginx on how to set that up. Thanks.

  • Gravatar Max Polk over 1 year

    Note that the SOA record will always use a contact email address of "hostmaster", as in [email protected]

  • Gravatar Moisey over 1 year

    Hostmaster @ domain is the most common format for DNS, though in most cases it isn't really referenced anywhere as instead whois records are used which you can update with your Registrar.

  • Gravatar unubar over 1 year

    Is there a way to specify the TTL? What is the default TTL for A and CNAME records?

  • Gravatar Moisey over 1 year

    We do not currently support user input for TTL, we automatically set them to 1800 for all records.

  • Gravatar tadryanom over 1 year

    How to add a subdomain?

  • Gravatar Moisey over 1 year

    You can add subdomains as either A or CNAME records. A records you would point them to a specific IP, and with CNAME records you can point them to a canonical name.

  • Gravatar Sabbir over 1 year

    Can i put - on A Record ? I just did for my droplet, but domain is not resolving

  • Gravatar Moisey over 1 year

    That is not a valid A record. A records can only point to an IP address such as: host => You can not add any path information to DNS, as that is handled instead by your webserver. DNS is used to primarily point domains to IP addresses and handle that mapping. The rest is handled by your webserver or whatever applications you have running on the server that are listening on that specific IP and port.

  • Gravatar Sabbir over 1 year

    Thanks Raiyu. for quick reply. This is resolved now. For " nginx + web2py " - deployment host name need to be configured at This might be helpful for potential web2py users considering to host more than one domain:

  • Gravatar Clifton Labrum about 1 year

    What's the difference between creating a CNAME to redirect a subdomain to the primary domain and adding ServerAlias? ServerName ServerAlias ...

  • Gravatar Clifton Labrum about 1 year

    Looks like the comment form ate my text. The above ServerName stuff would be found inside the VirtualHost settings in /etc/apache2/sites-available/

  • Gravatar Moisey about 1 year

    There's no difference if you have one virtual host definition, but if you have multiple you want to define each one explicitly otherwise the IP that the subdomain resolves to isn't configured in your Apache config and it will just load the first VirtualHost definition that it finds that matches the IP.

  • Gravatar Joshua about 1 year

    Is there not a way to point a CNAME record to an external host? For instance, I have a subdomain that I resolve to a Tumblr account. However, whenever I attempt to point to, the droplet automatically adds a "." to the end, causing the subdomain to point to How can I get around this?

  • Gravatar Joshua about 1 year

    Well, I guess it doesn't matter. After searching around on Tumblr some more, I see they also have support for A records via an IP address. Scratch my last question!

  • Gravatar Moisey about 1 year

    It's actually the opposite in a CNAME record if you dont put a "." on the end it will auto-append your to it. If you add a "." it will assume that you have entered a fully qualified domain name in which case it will not append anything and treat that as a complete record. So you would point it to (CNAME): "blog" -> ""

  • Gravatar jpmartinez78 about 1 year

    i can use or create my own nameservers ?

  • Gravatar Jered about 1 year

    Do I really have to change my current name servers to DO?

  • Gravatar voidnothings about 1 year

    Hello. If I have zPanel installed. Should I use theDigitalOcean DNS manager like this tutorial? Or just use zPanel's own DNS manager?

  • Gravatar mr about 1 year

    Im sorry I am new to all this. I created a domain called and added to the dns. Then I created A name @ that points to Then I created another A name test that points to I can reach but not also, then I tried to do it with cname instead of a record and same result then I created another cname - www pointing to @ also says file not found. Please help

  • Gravatar neilh20 about 1 year

    Worked for me. However the tutorial isn't clear as to what the minimum needed - its a bit confusing - probably OK if you know the subtlety of the different records. What I did was 1)from the front page did the DNS, 2) updated my DNS hosting with the records 3) Added a CNAME record to cover everything Name: * Hostname: @ tried it out - and it worked. What would be nice is a reference is some other pages with some examples.

  • Gravatar neonigma about 1 year

    Great help, thanks ;-)

  • Gravatar Webside about 1 year

    Hello, Is it ok with you if we set up our own nameserver on one of our droplets and use these? In this way, we and our users could configure it via our hosting CP.

  • Gravatar darkarn 11 months

    Hi, I still cannot add a "www" in front of my domain; I tried adding both A and CNAME records but it still leads to a 404. Should I just use Apache's redirect features to workaround this instead?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 11 months

    @Webside: Yes, it is certainly allowed :]

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 11 months

    @victoriousrock After adding A or CNAME records, you have to configure Apache to listen on that domain name. Take a look at the ServerAlias directive.

  • Gravatar darkarn 11 months

    Ah I see, thanks!

  • Gravatar darkarn 11 months

    Ok I checked /etc/apache2/sites-available/default; I did configure Apache to listen to the required domain names already but the problem still persists

  • Gravatar yotsubax 11 months

    I just added "mail" as an A record for my mail server and i added an "mail." MX record at priority 1. My objective is creating "" to use as a mail server for my website, "", yet whenever i ping "" it says it doesn't exist. Am I doing anything wrong? Please help

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 11 months

    @darkarn Did you restart Apache after editing the config files?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 11 months

    @yotsubax It's resolving correctly - are you still experiencing that issue? 600 IN A

  • Gravatar diariopernambucano 11 months

    Although everything is running mostly ok, recently got on Digital Ocean's control panel the following message: ----------- DNS Error Present zone mydomain/IN: NS 'NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM.mydomain' is a CNAME (illegal) zone mydomain/IN: NS 'NS2.DIGITALOCEAN.COM.mydomain' is a CNAME (illegal) zone mydomain/IN: NS 'NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM.mydomain' is a CNAME (illegal) zone mydomain/IN: not loaded due to errors. ----------- Is it possible this issue to slow connections to my server? Any tips about it? Info in DO DNS config panel is just like the ones in this tutorial.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 11 months

    @diariopernambucano: Add a dot after NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM so it's "NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM.", same for NS2 and NS3.

  • Gravatar nadeemskv 11 months

    Can I point a domain to IP adress:port ,such as and hence point two different domains to two different ports in the same droplet?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 11 months

    @nadeemskv you can't point a domain to a specific port with just DNS. You can create an A record and append the port in the browser http://yourdomain:port/ You can also set up nginx on port 80 and reverse proxy all requests for that domain to whichever port you like.

  • Gravatar rahulthakur 11 months

    My Domain name is showing only on the home page. All the other pages and links show the IP address. On the home page I see however if click on a link, I see

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 11 months

    @rahulthakur are you using a CMS/blogging software?

  • Gravatar Pablo of 11 months

    How should SRV records be formatted?

  • Gravatar design64 11 months

    How to adjust the ns in the Direactadmin panel?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 11 months

    @design64: you can use either your own (Directadmin) DNS nameservers, or DigitalOcean's nameservers. You can't use both of them. @Pablo: What do you mean exactly?

  • Gravatar Gustavo Noronha Silva 10 months

    How do I setup the MX entry to point to an IP instead of a CNAME? Some mail servers dislike MX records using CNAME.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 10 months

    @Gustavo: MX records are supposed to point to hostnames, not IP addresses.

  • Gravatar tilakapash 9 months

    I have set up a droplet with LAMP and Wordpress MultiSite. I installed my blog on wordpress. All works fine. I followed these instructions to set up my hostname to point to my droplet It works ok, and via an ANAME record loads correctly. However, as you can see yourself if you try it, the browser then transforms the Domain name into the ip address in the browser URL bar. How can I maintain the Domain Name in the browser URL bar ? Is it via the DigitalOcean Domain management panel, is it via Apache settings or is it via Wordpress settings ? Is it possible to give a short simple explanation of how to do it ? I am sure this would be helpful to lots of other people and maybe should be included in this really good tutorial.

  • Gravatar mikeg 9 months

    Please add a discussion regarding PTR Records to this tutorial or point me to where the currently exist. Thanks.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @mikeg: Reverse DNS is automatically set to your droplet's hostname (the one you chose when you created the droplet).

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @tilakapash: Try editing wordpress's config and setting the website url to the domain name and not the IP address.

  • Gravatar jessabahr 9 months

    I think I might have done something incorrect. I have two sites running a LAMP with Wordpress on one. I purchased the domains through GoDaddy and set up the hostname with the above mentioned steps. For some reason, the website URL never shows an extension past '.com' ie if I click on a page called 'Sample Page' it should show ".com/sample-page" but only shows ".com". Has this happened for anyone else?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @jessabahr: Your website is an iframe which is why you don't see "sample-page". I believe you are using GoDaddy to "forward" the domain name to the IP address. Try setting your domain's nameservers to DigitalOcean's nameservers and trying again.

  • Gravatar germanab7 9 months

    Can someone explai how can i set up MX records so I can send emails using iredMail? This is what i have so far: $TTL 1800 @ IN SOA NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. ( 1374694726 ; last update: 2013-07-24 19:38:46 UTC 3600 ; refresh 900 ; retry 1209600 ; expire 1800 ; ttl ) IN NS NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. NS NS2.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. NS NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. MX 1 MX 5 @ IN A @ TXT "v=spf1 ip4: -all" TXT v=DKIM1; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDVdRglJkiO1xxK+BPvHfzK5gfq+/DXfz0sPIHvBGGz3+h4YsRC4e6SOwbUePtgmwC0X2q9Mxw//fl/BncNZ3EJXspyZ+1mgRqEH/UhYGUn4g3anX32ofSJhcA9mLc4qLDLpO0bvcGeyYybpsm+p5VQxEfvAY+rUTJlm6KmIR6PcSOLwIDAQAB IN A * CNAME @ www CNAME @ IN A

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    Add: IN A Also surround the DKIM record's value with quotes. I believe that's all there is to it.

  • Gravatar cronin 9 months

    # issues/ concerns 1. Why do I need a VPS to host a single low traffic website? 2. GoDaddy does not allow me to delete its default Name Servers when adding DigitalOcean's. WIll this cause me problems later? 3. Where does my home server's IP address come into play? I followed the tutorial but was not asked to put it in. Unless I missed something? Thanks

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    > Why do I need a VPS to host a single low traffic website? You don't need a VPS to host a single low traffic website. Hosting your website on a VPS instead of Shared Hosting gives you more flexibility and control over your website. You can also host as many low traffic sites as you want on a single droplet: > GoDaddy does not allow me to delete its default Name Servers when adding DigitalOcean's. WIll this cause me problems later? GoDaddy is not allowed to do that. Contact their support and have them remove their nameservers (while keeping DigitalOcean's). > Where does my home server's IP address come into play? I followed the tutorial but was not asked to put it in. Unless I missed something? You shouldn't have to enter your home server's IP address. Do you want to host your domain on a homeserver while using DigitalOcean for DNS? I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

  • Gravatar cronin 9 months

    @Kamal My goal is to host a single, low traffic website on a home server. I followed the tutorial here:

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @cronin: Keep your domain's nameservers set to Godaddy's and set the @ A record to point to your home server's IP address. You can follow the following articles to do that: (Step Five)

  • Gravatar joshkellett87 9 months

    My site was previously set up and I messed it up a bit by trying to incorporate Google PageSpeed. I deleted that CNAME and switched it back to the recommended settings, but the zone file isn't updating.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @joshkellett87: The zone file usually takes 2-5 minutes to update. If it hasn't updated yet, please open up a support ticket. Thanks!

  • Gravatar sbatishchev 9 months

    Great and detailed tutorial! I want to double check one thing. I'm testing my settings with several DNS verification services. For example: . They report the following (just as info/warning, not an error): -------- Glue for NS records INFO: GLUE was not sent when I asked your nameservers for your NS records.This is ok but you should know that in this case an extra A record lookup is required in order to get the IPs of your NS records. The nameservers without glue are: You can fix this for example by adding A records to your nameservers for the zones listed above. -------- Are they suggesting I add A records for Digital Ocean NS servers? Is it good idea at all?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @sbatishchev: This is actually related to *our* nameservers, there is nothing you should do on your end.

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    Hello, need help...why can`t I edit my domain name server? I have my domain with surftown. Is it something I`m missing?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @felix.johnson: If you can't find where to edit the nameservers, please contact your registrar.

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    I have already pointed the nameserver to digitalocean. I just want to know if I must Place my site index file in my vps root for me to be able to view it in the browser.

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    Hi people, how do I uninstall wordpress?

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    I want to re-install it but on a different dir

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @felix.johnson: Which article did you follow on installing it?

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    hi kamal

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    I now have evrything up and running, database and all. The only problem I have rught now is that I can`t user mkdir() in php to create a dir on the server...I have been trying all day to figure it out...just can`t. Any help?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @felix.johnson: Where (and why) do you need to create a dir using php?

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    users folders when they register, and for them to put things like their profile pic and videos

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    I want to create the folder using a php script like mkdir(files/images/user); but ifdoesn`t work and no error message either.

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    Hello friends, I have my vps configured and have installed all the neccessary things I want on it. Just worndering, is it right to use 'localhost' as host name when connecting to database? thnx

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @felix.johnson: If your database is installed on the same droplet, yes you can use 'localhost' as the hostname. Run this command and you should be able to mkdir() files:

    chmod 777 /path/to/files/
    I don't know where you stored your website's files but it's usually in /var/www.

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    yes it is...sorry it took so long time for me to reply. Thnx for all support. I have Everything installed now and it`s all working. The only one problem I have right now is have to call the ffmpeg.exe from php. I am using this : $ffmpeg = "/usr/bin/ffmpeg"; code but when I check my apache error log, I see : c:ffmpegbinffmpeg: not found. How could that be. I have tried different ways but got no Before I die...:) thnx

  • Gravatar felix.johnson 9 months

    when I do 'which ffmpeg' in terminal, I get : /usr/bin/ffmpeg. So I Think this is the path to ffmpeg.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 9 months

    @felix: I believe this was solved on IRC.

  • Gravatar 8 months

    Dear. I add all record follow this howto. Now, the main domain is really nice for both: and But the permalink is fail: is working OK can not access Whois: Domain Name: TAMSAO.COM Name Server: NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM Name Server: NS2.DIGITALOCEAN.COM Name Server: NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 8 months It appears to be working for me -- are you still experiencing this issue?

  • Gravatar latimerscope 8 months

    The instructions only show nameservers for DigitalOcean. My domain registrar has a slot for the nameserver and its IP address. will it still work if i leave the IP address slot blank.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 8 months

    @latimerscope: Yes, it should work fine.

  • Gravatar Gianfranco Preciado 8 months

    bravazo te pasaste.. exitos!

  • Gravatar smartik89 7 months

    My domain was set up and fully functional in less than 10 minutes. Incredible, never had the same experiense on shared hosting. Thanks, for tut. ;)

  • Gravatar edencore 7 months

    I still can't configure address for my tumblr blog. For example I have domain "". Tumblr faq says that I should create A-record to address I've created A-record with "test" on the left column and "" on the right column for address "". What I've doing wrong ?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 7 months

    @edencore: Please open up a support ticket so we can take a look at your DNS records. Thanks.

  • Gravatar anupshinde 7 months

    I just wrote this: How to move your Domain to DigitalOcean without changing your Name Servers

  • Gravatar csfalcao 6 months

    I moved my site from another web hosting, and I was using Cloudflare too, and it was vey ease: just update the droplet IP in A record for my Domain registrar (DreamHost) and in Cloudflare A records, took 2-3 minutes to propagate! Next step was to go to WordPress settings and change the name of my SIte from IP to hostname ("my"). Took less than 2 minutes, great!

  • Gravatar Nicholas Ong 6 months

    A bit confused with CNAMES and A records. Say I want to create a subdomain 'img' to host some image files. And to access those files, I like to be able to use point to In the DNS control panel, do I go with CNAMES or A record? I understand CNAMES are more convenient (if IP address changes). TYPE = CNAME NAME = cdn HOSTNAME = (is this correct or do I omit the 'cdn.'?) or TYPE = A HOSTNAME = cdn IP ADDRESS = 123.456.789.10 I'm a little confused. Sorry guys, I just need some clarity. Am I able to achieve the same result either methods? Thanks in advance.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 6 months

    @Nicholas: You can use whichever you prefer -- both would work. However, keep in mind that the CNAME's hostname will have to point to an already existing record, e.g.

  • Gravatar Nicholas Ong 6 months

    @Kamal, Thanks. So meaning this will work yes? TYPE = CNAME NAME = cdn HOSTNAME = (with trailing '.')? Result is my subdomain is created at

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 6 months

    @Nicholas: Correct. :]

  • Gravatar c.brett 6 months

    /* setup */ A = @................................. CNAME = www................. @ CNAME = *........................ @ /* query */ ping works fine. ping, 'cannot resolve' 'unknown host' Any help, greatly appreciated.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 6 months

    @c.brett: I can ping your domain just fine. DNS takes time to propagate -- see if it's working for you now.

  • Gravatar essorto 6 months

    /* setup */ A = @................................. CNAME = www................. @ CNAME = *........................ @ /* query */ did same and ping didnt work..

  • Gravatar essorto 6 months

    --- ping statistics --- 41 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 40061ms what should i do ?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 6 months

    @essorto: What's the domain name?

  • Gravatar bitebit 5 months

    Absolutely WoW! tutorial. Nobody on the Internet had never explained the DNS config and records so easy and so quick.

  • Gravatar bitebit 5 months

    DNS Records updated in 30 minutes, everything working fine... My first impresion about digitalocean: Really great service.

  • Gravatar brody_ross 5 months

    MX Records and WWW A Record are not setup in my dns, shouldn't these be created automatically?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 5 months

    @brody_ross: They're not created automatically, you will have to add them yourself.

  • Gravatar tinaunglinn.eng91 4 months

    I want create my sub-domains automatically right from my VPS's web server. Does anybody know how to create such a system on Digital Ocean's infrastructure. Thanks

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 4 months

    @tinaunglinn.eng91: You can create a wildcard DNS record (type: A, name: *, value: your droplet's IP address) that makes every possible subdomain resolve to your droplet.

  • Gravatar alexmaddox86 4 months

    I'm a bit confused, I set up a mediawiki site, and I need to make a redirect from to Any quick/simple way to do that? Thanks

  • Gravatar alexmaddox86 4 months

    I'm a bit confused, I set up a mediawiki site, and I need to make a redirect from to Any quick/simple way to do that? Thanks

  • Gravatar filmas 4 months

    When I enter "" on browser, it's automaticly redirect "" how can i fix this? Nameservers ; DigitalCloud DNS panel; [A] - @ - (XX.XX.XX.XX) [CNAME] - WWW - @ [CNAME] - WW2 - @ Thanks.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 4 months

    @filmas: DNS doesn't do redirection. It's probably your webserver/app doing that -- which webserver are you using?

  • Gravatar filmas 4 months

    @kamal nasser I'm running nginx (LEMP) on Ubuntu 12.04 x64

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 4 months

    @filmas: Your browser probably has that cached— does not redirect to for me.

  • Gravatar filmas 4 months

    @kamal Shame on me =) Thanks.

  • Gravatar pj 4 months

    Assuming (etc.) has already propagated, how long does it take for the control panel changes to take effect. Changes could be instant but I don't think they are. So I'm guessing Digital Ocean has some kind of DNS cache that updates every X minutes? (Seems like about 5 mins.) This makes it hard to debug issues if we have already ruled out propagation.

  • Gravatar pj 4 months

    NOTE: You can make a correct change and ping the URL and it might not work. Then you might assume the change is incorrect because it does not work, when in fact it was correct. Then you make an INCORRECT change and ping the site again. By now five minutes have passed and the CORRECT change has finally taken effect. BUT, you have wrongly assumed the change went into effect instantly because you have already verified propagation was complete. So you made an incorrect change to the control panel, the site works perfectly, now you assume your job is done because the site works. BUT your job is not done because your "incorrect correction" is about to go into effect which will break the site. So the site works, for only five minutes! This is not a propagation issue! My understanding is the zone file only configures Digital Ocean's DNS server. The zone file is not literally flying around the Internet. I think this link explains it pretty well So I think this tutorial should point out changes to this control panel do not take effect immediately--and that is not due to propagation. So I think this quote is not only vague but incorrect: "Once you have filled in all of the required fields, your information will take a while to propagate." Propagation is the time it takes for all end users' ISPs to recognize you have updated DNS servers with your registrar. Changes at registrar = propagation. Reconfiguration of your DNS server--that's not propagation. Of course, if you have 3rd party DNS then you can change hosts without any propagation delay.

  • Gravatar danimandiri 3 months

    I have purchase 10 domain in another web hosting, i have a question: 1. How i set my one droplet to 10 domains 2. Every domain i use : a, For Wordpress 4 domains b, For Phpbb 2 domains c, For IPB (Invision Power) 2 domains d, For Xenforo 2 domains

  • Gravatar miguel.sirvent 3 months

    I'm having a problem here, I changed NS on my registrar and DNS on digital ocean yesterday but it doesn't work when I do ping o dig inside the droplet data apears ok, but from my computer records are blank ! If I look for my domain on whois, i find the NS ok. What am I missing?

  • Gravatar cylehunter33 3 months

    How long should propagation take? I pointed my domain to the DO name servers about 24 hours ago. It works for the root domain if I do a whois; but I have 2 subdomains backend1 and backend2 setup in the Digital Ocean DNS record manager pointing to two separate droplets. Nothing shows up on the whois for either of them.

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 3 months

    @cylehunter33: Can you post a screenshot of your DNS config?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 3 months

    @miguel.sirvent: What's the domain name?

  • Gravatar jody 3 months

    When I get to Add Domain in the control panel I enter my domain name, the IP address of the droplet, and choose the hostname from the dropdown and I get an error. Name is already taken. Which name? How do I resolve this?

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 3 months

    @jody: Did you add the domain name to another DigitalOcean account?

  • Gravatar shafaethussain 3 months

    Good tutorial i am using cloudflare with DO as i like the extra security : ) very easy to setup cloudflare with DO

  • Gravatar bsmurphy 2 months

    hello, i recently setup the following droplet: Active 512MB Ram 20GB SSD Disk San Francisco 1 Ghost 0.4.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 to host a ghost blog. but i also want to host a small website that links to the ghost blog like this: (website) or (ghost blog) is there a way to do that with my single droplet? or do i need another droplet for the site?

  • Gravatar rbranson 2 months

    This tutorial immediately starts with questions for the reader. How does "" relate to ""? Why two domain names? And what does "test" here mean? This makes no sense to me.

  • Gravatar floy 2 months

    Host Name? This is about domain name, hostname is the one you input when you create the droplet. hostname can be anything, just a id. domain name should be configured in DNS control. They are different, don't bother! Digital Ocean are using the same word for two different concept! It confused me for a long time.

  • Gravatar mobolaji.owoade about 1 month

    I can't my domain name to point to my host name. I use GoDaddy and I have put the digital ocean name servers on GoDaddy, but the site only displays with my IP address. I used the wordpress one click install and when I amemded the name on wordpress to my domain name I lost the whole site and I can't get back into wordpress. I have followed the instructions. I even watched a video on YoutTube but nothing seems to be working.

  • Gravatar Ed about 1 month

    This is a great tutorial, thank you. But I'm having problems to understand how to configure my setup. I have a droplet with two wordpress sites in /var/www/site1/wp and /var/www/site2/wp. These two sites have different domains, and How do I set up the DNS considering I have TWO domains and ONE IP address?

  • Gravatar gustavo about 1 month

    It's been over 24 hours since I added an wildcard CNAME entry on my DNS configs and it haven't propagated to any name server around the world (verified on It only works when I set my connection to use as main DNS. How much time should it take to start propagating to other name servers? Thanks!

  • Gravatar gustavo about 1 month

    oops, turns out my domain's dns wasn't configured properly

  • Gravatar daniellekwint about 1 month

    Where do I add my CDN url name ??

  • Gravatar Dileep Ratnayake 29 days

    Hi guys, I am trying to set up iredmail and seems like I have the wrong DNS address set for my mail. Can someone please point me out on what is needed such as if A,MX, CNAME records are needed with a small sample. Much appreciated. All mails sent to my server are bounced back. Cheers, D

  • Gravatar Kamal Nasser 20 days

    @Dileep: You need to add an A record with the name of 'mail' and the value of your mailserver's IP address. Then, add an MX record with the priority of 5 and the value of 'mail'.

  • Gravatar 14 days

    May I kindly ask you to help setting up zoho mail for my domain. I did all the steps and can send mail out, but can't receive. My droplets name is I am not able to validate dkim, there is something wrong with my dns settings. $TTL 1800 @ IN SOA NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. ( 1397053355 ; last update: 2014-04-09 14:22:35 UTC 3600 ; refresh 900 ; retry 1209600 ; expire 1800 ; ttl ) IN NS NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. NS NS2.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. NS NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. MX 10 MX 20 @ TXT "v=spf1 mx ~all" TXT "k=rsa; t=y; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DALSTQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCms8dUG1/MzXJl/+1JtX8WCHzxOPbmas8sWE/vsFpyWpR9F6fXFnXXBtqztNzSMjHVGDQ9gKHk0TWeeTxLhsj9NOhJwOsWKxP1Vr6PZz2puzUVbSk+IekqZHslr71LsAdvoLEQHXlrINuIgufT7QDnOO7CH7GKWbvq8nCREsOOmQIDAQAB" rat IN A @ IN A www CNAME @ IN A IN A

  • Gravatar ovidiu 3 days

    quick question: did I get this right, to be able to set a FQDN for my hostname, I need an extra domain, right? And if I use i.e. mycoolserver.tld for the hostname of this server, I can't use it anymore for hosting a website on the same server, right so it should be a spare domain one doesn't plan on using anywhere else??

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