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Simple tools and predictable pricing

Our intuitive UX and predictable pricing structure make infrastructure management easy so you can focus on building awesome applications.


Build and release faster with scalable cloud compute products perfect for projects large, small, and anything in between.


  • On-demand Linux virtual machines. Choose from shared CPU and dedicated CPU plans, with variable amounts of RAM, locally attached SSD storage, and generous transfer quotas.

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  • An easy-to-use managed Kubernetes service, providing you uptime, scalability, and portability for your cloud native apps. Free control plane included.

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  • A serverless computing solution that runs on-demand, enabling you to focus on your code, scale instantly with confidence, and save costs by eliminating the need to maintain servers.

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Train, build, and run AI and ML projects on NVIDIA GPUs

DigitalOcean has acquired Paperspace, a leading provider of high-performance NVIDIA GPU compute in the cloud. Get started quickly with Paperspace’s predefined machine learning libraries.

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Managed hosting

Get your website or application up and running quickly with 1-click apps for WordPress and simple, reliable cloud hosting.

App Platform

  • Build, deploy, and scale apps quickly using a simple, fully managed solution. We'll handle the infrastructure, app runtimes and dependencies, so you can focus on your code.

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  • Make middle-of-the-night website troubleshooting a thing of the past with our fully managed hosting solution.

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Store and quickly access any amount of data reliably in the cloud. DigitalOcean offers several kinds of storage depending on your unique needs.

Spaces object storage

  • Store and scale vast amounts of data without worrying about compute server storage limits. Manage your data with S3-compatible tools.

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Volumes block storage

  • Add storage to your compute servers when you need more space to accomplish your mission-critical compute tasks.

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Spaces CDN

  • Quickly deliver data from Spaces with a built-in content delivery network that is close to your end-users.

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Secure and control the traffic to your applications with your own private network, traffic filtering, load balancing, and much more.

Cloud firewalls

  • Protect your applications by filtering out unwanted traffic. Filtering occurs upstream and in front of your server infrastructure.

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Load Balancers

  • Scale your applications more easily with a highly available load balancing service that directs users to available resources.

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Virtual Private Cloud

  • Improve your application security with your own private network, which restricts traffic to resources provisioned on your same account.

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Floating IPs

  • Increase availability by easily switching incoming traffic across your server infrastructure.

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  • Reliable resolutions with a scalable domain name system (DNS) service.

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  • Configure IPv6 addresses at any time. IPv6's massive increase in available address space makes it less vulnerable to security exploits like brute force attacks.

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Databases for any need

Focus on building your apps when you use these popular database offerings.


  • The most popular document database on the planet.

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  • Arguably the most advanced open-source relational database.

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  • The world's most popular open-source database.

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  • The popular open-source, in-menory database and cache.

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Tools and services

Manage resources programmatically and easily integrate them across your developer ecosystem.


  • Manage your DigitalOcean infrastructure with our RESTful API.

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Client libraries

  • Our collection of libraries lets you use our API in a variety of programming languages.

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  • Manage your DigitalOcean infrastructure through your terminal with our open source Command Line Interface (CLI).

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Terraform provider

  • Treat your DigitalOcean infrastructure as code.

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GitHub Actions

  • Automate DigitalOcean infrastructure in response to activity on Github.

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Custom images

  • Provision servers with your own custom image, or choose from various Linux distributions.

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Container Registry

  • Easily store, manage and protect private container images. One free repo with 500 MBs.

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Support plans

  • Get rid of roadblocks on your cloud journey. Choose from 3 levels of support.

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Management tools

Take complete control of your projects with powerful, intuitive management tools that give you and your teams the means to efficiently and effectively realize your goals.


  • Monitor application and infrastructure resource usage with built-in monitoring and alerting.

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  • Organize your resources into groups that fit the way you work.

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  • Collaborate with others to manage and scale infrastructure without sharing credentials or billing.

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  • Get the endpoint status info you need to stay on top of slowdowns and other issues automatically via Slack or email. Gather data that will help you save resources and react faster to problems—all to keep your customers happy.

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