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Returning for Season 2 on February 10, 2022!

After a short break, we’re returning for Season 2. Tune in to see your favorite hosts again for banter and games. Tune in on Twitch or YouTube to watch on Thursday February 10, 2022 at 11:00 ET.

What even is Cloud Chats?

Cloud Chats is a bunch of DigitalOcean devs—and occasional guests—talking industry news, streaming games, hanging out with you and the rest of the DigitalOcean Community every week.

When can I watch new episodes?

Join us every Thursday from 11:00am EST to 12:30pm EST as we go over the latest tech news, play some games, present demos and tutorials, and chat about tech.

Where can I find the show?

You can tune in to Cloud Chats on our Twitch and YouTube channels. Our industry can change in a blink so be sure to subscribe to keep up with everything happening in the DigitalOcean Community and the broader Tech Community!


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Matt Cowley
Matt is a Full Stack Developer working on Community and Hacktoberfest.
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Chris Sev
Chris is a Sr. Developer Advocate focusing on Platform as a Service
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Kim Schlesinger
Kim is a Developer Advocate focusing on Kubernetes and Cloud Native Technologies
Mason Egger headshot
Mason Egger
Mason is a Sr. Developer Advocate focusing on Infrastructure as a Service

What happens in Cloud Chats?

Every week, we present exciting segments to keep Cloud Chats perpetually fresh and interesting for you

Each episode features a series of segments that happen every week (Hello World, News Flash, True or False, Word of the Week, and Lightning Tutorial), but the final segment changes every episode to keep you all guessing. Stay on your toes, people.

Hello World
Our opening segment where we pose a question to ourselves and the chat. We love reading your answers live and hearing what people think, so chime in and tell us your thoughts.
News Flash
Our weekly rundown of the latest releases from DigitalOcean and the Open Source Community as well as other big news items in the tech, cloud, programming, and open-source spaces.
Word of the Week
True or False
Our weekly game where we pose ten questions and you, the audience, have to tell us if the statement is True or False. The winner of True or False will get some excellent DigitalOcean swag.
Guest Interview
We like to change it up every once in a while so we bring on guests and ask them funny questions. Sometimes they even stay for the rest of the show and indulge us in our shenanigans.

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