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Cloud Chats

Your weekly roundup of news, games, and all things DigitalOcean Community

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What even is Cloud Chats?

Cloud Chats is a bunch of DigitalOcean devs—and occasional guests—talking industry news, streaming games, hanging out with you and the rest of the DigitalOcean Community every week.

When can I watch new episodes?

Join us every Thursday from 11:00am EST to 12:30pm EST as we go over the latest tech news, play some games, present demos and tutorials, and chat about tech.

Where can I find the show?

You can tune in to Cloud Chats on our Twitch and YouTube channels. Our industry can change in a blink so be sure to subscribe to keep up with everything happening in the DigitalOcean Community and the broader Tech Community!


Mason Egger

Mason Egger

Mason is a Sr. Developer Advocate focusing on Infrastructure as a Service
Chris Sev

Chris Sev

Chris is a Sr. Developer Advocate focusing on Platform as a Service
Kim Schlesinger

Kim Schlesinger

Kim is a Developer Advocate focusing on Kubernetes and Cloud Native Technologies
Matt Cowley

Matt Cowley

Matt is a Full Stack Developer working on Community and Hacktoberfest.

What happens in Cloud Chats?

Every week, we present exciting segments to keep Cloud Chats perpetually fresh and interesting for you

Each episode features a series of segments that happen every week (Hello World, News Flash, True or False, Word of the Week, and Lightning Tutorial), but the final segment changes every episode to keep you all guessing. Stay on your toes, people.

Hello World

Our opening segment where we pose a question to ourselves and the chat. We love reading your answers live and hearing what people think, so chime in and tell us your thoughts.

News Flash

Our weekly rundown of the latest releases from DigitalOcean and the Open Source Community as well as other big news items in the tech, cloud, programming, and open-source spaces.

True or False

Our weekly game where we pose ten questions and you, the audience, have to tell us if the statement is True or False. The winner of True or False will get some excellent DigitalOcean swag.

Word of the Week

Kim finds a tech related word or acronym and tells us all what the heck it means while we wait on people to join the True or False game.

Lightning Tutorial

One of our hosts or guests will do a quick demo or tutorial about a programming language, software, tool, or DigitalOcean product that they like, enlightening all of us in the process.

Back in My Day

From the discovery of fire, to the founding of Open source, to things thatto things that seem like ancient history but (unbelievably) happened in our lifetimes,  we take a look back in time at the technical marvels that shaped—and continue to shape—our world today.

Wheels of Misfortune

In this fun game we spin the wheels of software architecture and whiteboard an application in real time. While most of the wheels are reasonable, the last wheel throws in a curve ball makes the architecture really complex.

Old Man Yells At Cloud

We all know memes make the world turn, and that's exactly what this segment is. Memes. We go through some of the latest developer memes and laugh/cry as they hit too close to home.

Guest Interview

We like to change it up every once in a while so we bring on guests and ask them funny questions. Sometimes they even stay for the rest of the show and indulge us in our shenanigans.

Site/Portfolio Review

Have a portfolio or website you want the Cloud Chats team to review? We’ll do it! Submit your site below and we'll review it live on the show. We’ll email you beforehand to let you know on which episode your site will be reviewed and we’ll send all of our review notes to you after the show.

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