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    How To Build a Password Strength Meter in React

    Many web applications today insist on users' having strong passwords, either by ensuring a minimum password length or some combination of alphanumeric characters and symbols in the password. In this tutorial, we will ...
    By Glad Chinda JavaScript React
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    How To Validate a Login Form With React and Formik

    In order to ensure that the form element of your web application is returning valid data, it is helpful to build automated validation into your code. This is true in React as well; creating form validation early on ca...
    By James Quick Development React
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    How To Implement JavaScript Array Methods From Scratch

    JavaScript includes several functions for working with arrays that go beyond the for loop. You may have used these functions in your own projects and wondered how they work and why you'd use one over another. There's ...
    By James Quick JavaScript
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    How To Get Started With Python in Visual Studio Code

    Python is one of the most popular and easy to learn languages, which is why it is often one of the first languages you learn. Let's see how to work with and run Python inside of Visual Studio Code. In this tutorial yo...
    By James Quick Python VS Code
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    How To Run Serverless Functions Using OpenFaaS on DigitalOcean Kubernetes

    OpenFaaS is an open-source framework for implementing the serverless architecture on Kubernetes, using Docker containers for storing and running functions. In this tutorial, you will deploy OpenFaaS to your DigitalOce...
    By Savic DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Kubernetes Open Source
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    How To Install the Ampache Music Streaming Server on Ubuntu 18.04

    Ampache is an open-source music streaming server that allows you to host and manage your digital music collection on your own server. Ampache can stream your music to your computer, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. In...
    By Elliot Cooper Ubuntu 18.04 Apache
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    How To Install Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP (LAMP) Stack on CentOS 8

    A “LAMP” stack is a group of open source software that is typically installed together to enable a server to host dynamic websites and web apps written in PHP. This term is an acronym which represents the Linux operat...
    By Erika Heidi LAMP Stack PHP Apache MariaDB
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    How To Set Up an Nginx Ingress on DigitalOcean Kubernetes Using Helm

    Kubernetes Ingresses offer you a flexible way of routing traffic from beyond your cluster to internal Kubernetes Services. Helm https://helm.sh/ is a package manager for managing Kubernetes. In this guide, you'll set ...
    By Savic Kubernetes Nginx Let's Encrypt Security
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    How To Set Up and Configure a Certificate Authority (CA) On CentOS 8

    Building a Certificate Authority (CA) will enable to you configure, test, and run programs that require encrypted connections between a client and server. With a private CA, you can issue certificates for users, serve...
    By Jamon Camisso CentOS 8
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    How To Build and Deploy a Flask Application Using Docker on Ubuntu 18.04

    Docker is an Open Source application that allows administrators to create, manage, deploy, and replicate applications using containers. Flask is a web micro-framework that is built on Python. In this tutorial, you wil...
    By Michael Okoh Docker Nginx Ubuntu 18.04
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    How To Add and Delete Users on CentOS 8

    In this guide, we will cover how to create user accounts, assign sudo privileges, and delete users on a CentOS 8 server.
    By Brian Boucheron CentOS CentOS 8 Linux Basics Getting Started
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    How To Install MariaDB on CentOS 8

    In this tutorial, we will explain how to install the latest version of MariaDB on a CentOS 8 server.
    By Brian Boucheron CentOS CentOS 8 MySQL MariaDB Databases
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    How To Install and Use PostgreSQL on CentOS 8

    PostgreSQL, or Postgres, is a relational database management system that provides an implementation of the SQL querying language. It is a popular choice for many small and large projects and has the advantage of bein...
    By Vadym Kalsin, Mark Drake PostgreSQL Databases CentOS 8
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    How To Configure Packet Filter (PF) on FreeBSD 12.1

    PF is a renown firewall application that is maintained upstream by the security-driven OpenBSD project. It is more accurately expressed as a packet filtering tool, hence the name, and it is known for its simple syntax...
    By Justin Noor FreeBSD Firewall Security
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    How To Set Up a Firewall Using firewalld on CentOS 8

    In this guide, we will show you how to set up a firewalld firewall for your CentOS 8 server, and cover the basics of managing the firewall with the firewall-cmd administrative tool.
    By Brian Boucheron CentOS CentOS 8 Firewall Security
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    How To Set Up and Configure a Certificate Authority (CA) On Debian 10

    Building a private Certificate Authority on Debian 10 will enable you to configure, test, and run programs that require encrypted connections between a client and a server. With a private CA, you can issue certificate...
    By Jamon Camisso Debian 10 Debian
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    How To Install and Configure SimpleSAMLphp for SAML Authentication on Ubuntu 18.04

    SimpleSAMLphp is an open-source PHP authentication application that provides support for SAML 2.0. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)* is a secure XML-based communication mechanism for exchanging authentication...
    By Alex Wafula PHP Open Source Ubuntu 18.04 Security
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    How To Install Software on Kubernetes Clusters with the Helm 3 Package Manager

    Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that allows developers and operators to more easily configure and deploy applications on Kubernetes clusters. In this tutorial, you will set up Helm 3 and use it to install, re...
    By Brian Boucheron, Savic Kubernetes
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    How To Run Multiple PHP Versions on One Server Using Apache and PHP-FPM on Ubuntu 18.04

    The Apache web server uses virtual hosts to manage multiple domains on a single instance. Similarly, PHP-FPM uses a daemon to manage multiple PHP versions on a single instance. Together, you can use Apache and PHP-FPM...
    By hitjethva Ubuntu 18.04 Open Source PHP Apache LAMP Stack
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    How To Use Vuls as a Vulnerability Scanner on Ubuntu 18.04

    Vuls is an open-source, agentless vulnerability scanner written in Go. It automates security vulnerability analysis of the software installed on a system. In this tutorial, you'll deploy Vuls to an Ubuntu 18.04 server...
    By Savic Security Go Ubuntu 18.04