Configure and connect your IoT devices with DigitalOcean’s IoT cloud

DigitalOcean’s cloud is the cloud platform to support your IoT or edge business. We make it easy for your devices to connect and leverage the power of the cloud, so you can focus on building and scaling your technology. Our Droplets and DigitalOcean Kubernetes nodes include generous amounts of data transfer and storage at no cost. Try our affordable, reliable, simple, and scalable managed services today!

Our Cloud Infrastructure was designed with your needs in mind

IoT businesses have serious cloud requirements. DigitalOcean offers the products and services that can enable your IoT business to succeed.

Managed Kafka - Streaming as a Service

Managed Kafka - Streaming as a Service

Managed Kafka provides IoT business with easy scaling as more devices are added and the ability to make more insightful decisions in real-time.

Premium CPU-Optimized Virtual Machines

Premium CPU-Optimized Virtual Machines

We offer a wide range of virtual machines, Droplets. But our Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets are ideal for an IoT business needing exceptionally fast data speeds.

Database as a Service

Database as a Service

Our managed Database offerings cover all the most popular databases, such as Redis®, and can help ensure your data management, data storage, and data retrieval is exactly what you need for your IoT business to succeed.

IoT Business-Ready Kubernetes

IoT Business-Ready Kubernetes

We offer simple, managed Kubernetes that is great for growing a business, including an IoT business focused on growth and scaling.

How Shoppermotion, an IoT platform, uses DigitalOcean for reliable data streaming

Shoppermotion is an IoT (Internet of Things) startup that anonymously collects customer movement through a store automatically in real-time without any interaction. Shoppermotion’s cutting-edge technology allows brick-and-mortar stores to leverage customer journey insights previously only available to e-commerce sites. Shoppermotion uses a combination of managed services from DigitalOcean like DigitalOcean Kubernetes and open source technology. They won the Techstars Accelerator and their clients include some of the largest retailers in the world.

Read more about Shoppermotion >

Data Centers to serve your customers all over the world

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Explore our Marketplace applications designed for IoT

We’ve partnered with some of the best software out there to design IoT-specific cloud solutions that will give your business access to the computing power you need to deploy and scale your technology for your customers. These Marketplace applications can be added in just a few clicks to your DigitalOcean virtual machines and other products.

IoT platform for your IoT data

Check out ThingsBoard, the IoT platform for IoT data collection, processing, visualization, assets, and devices management. Deploy ThingsBoard in minutes with our one-click virtual machine.

Secure your IoT systems

With NetFoundry, you can deploy a DigitalOcean virtual machine with secure networking benefits such as multi-cloud global transit networks, VPC to VPC and VPC to data center connections, and micro-segmentation of edge computing connections

Engage a top-tier workflow

Our WorkflowServer virtual machine can be launched in a few clicks. Start creating processes via HTTP API straight away (and manage these processes via your admin interface)

Explore all our cloud solutions

DigitalOcean offers a number of simple, reliable cloud services that can help you grow your business. From virtual machines to Kubernetes to S3-compatible object storage to databases and more!

DigitalOcean has a wide variety of hosting solutions

Check out all of our virtual machines, Droplets, and choose the cloud hosting plan that fits your IoT business’s needs best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

IoT or the internet of things is a category of technology that pertains to physical devices (e.g., technology embedded in consumer products such as smart appliances). Typically IoT applications will have some unique requirements and needs that other kinds of tech businesses might not have. These needs could include:

  • Device management tools for the IoT solution user or builder

  • Device data storage, data transfer, data security, and general IoT data management

  • General device connectivity across any and all connected solutions

  • Cloud IoT integration (which is where DigitalOcean can help!)

  • Stability measures to prevent issues with unplanned downtime or inability to connect

  • And sometimes even artificial intelligence and machine learning

Many consider IoT applications a major digital transformation of the last few decades, and with this comes the need for improved IoT integration, IoT data management, and device connectivity with the cloud. Again, this is where DigitalOcean’s services and solutions can come in to support your IoT applications and ensure your customers have the best IoT experience possible.

What cloud provider should I use for my IoT devices?

This is of course up to you! There are many cloud providers that tailor to enterprise IoT businesses, including AWS and Google Cloud IoT. For small businesses and startups, DigitalOcean provides the simplicity and affordability growing IoT businesses need.

Our open platform puts customers at the heart of everything we do as we endeavor to integrate seamlessly the needs of your business with our cloud infrastructure offerings. Your IoT applications are in good hands with DigitalOcean.

Your cloud infrastructure solutions should improve quality for your IoT data, connectivity, and technology for your business and your customers.

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