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    Naviteq LTD

    We're a DevOps company, specialized in K8S, CI/CD and infra

    TerraForce Software

    TerraForce Software offers a comprehensive range of software services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across diverse industries.

    UI Bakery

    A low code development platform that helps building internal tools and customer portals faster than classic development.

    Syrus Industry

    Software House


    Elevate your digital transformation journey with CloudAZ, a leading cloud service company in Vietnam.

    Spektra Systems

    Zero Engineering CloudGTM Platform, Maximize marketplace selling eperience and CRM Integrations


    At the heart of Taubyte is a simple yet powerful idea: "Infrastructure's Autopilot - Local Coding Equals Global Production.


    Explore your data with AI using Outerbase. Our Data Studio lets you view, query, edit, and visualize data through SQL or natural language with our EZQ

    Accuknox, Inc

    AccuKnox Zero Trust CNAPP is a Gen-AI-powered Cloud Security Platform.

    Bifrost Security

    Bifrost service provides automated runtime security for Kubernetes-deployed workloads.


    Devprime is an AI-Augmented Dev platform designed for developers to build high-quality software for backend, event-driven APIs, and Microservices.


    Zeet helps startups up deploy, operate, and monitor their cloud infrastructure.

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