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    Invoice Ninja V5 droplet issue from marketplace

    I have installed Invoice Ninja v5 using marketplace, so all the hard work is done automatically on droplet. Instructions are simple, once Invoice Ninja droplet is installed, open public IP in browser. Well I tried in...
    1 By topiatech DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace
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    Domain '': name already exists.

    How do I find the domain? I want to check it.
    1 By andersberiksson WordPress
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    Cannot send email

    I've try exim and postfix. Both log connectinon timeout and network unreachable error. ul 28 10:56:18 ht-by-sakurami postfix/cleanup[7369]: E10372F524F: Jul 28 10:56:18...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, It looks like that you are using port 25. Note that SMTP port 25 is blocked on all Droplets for some new accounts to prevent spam and other abuses of our platform. To send mail on these accounts, use a dedicate...
    1 By welcomeSnorkler Email
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    Hi, I am facing issue with creating multiple containers from the same imagee.

    Currently, I am able to the same but with only one container by assigning static ip addresses to the container. Not sure how to implement this for multiple ones. Each rtu needs to have a diff IP adress and be associa...
    1 By gunitmittal Docker Container CI/CD
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    Adding a SSH key with new Recovery Console

    I have a new laptop, so I wanted to update my SSH key that I use for my droplet. I generated a new key with ssh-keygen on the new PC, and initially followed a DigitalOcean tutorial to update my SSH Key in their Settin...
    Accepted Answer: I finally got this working by: Adding my new SSH Key in Settings > Security > SSH Keys on the Dashboard. Stopped my original droplet and created a Snapshot. Created a new droplet from the Snapshot. Updated A records t...
    2 By coachsyncinbox DigitalOcean Droplets Networking
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    App Platform Node.js Service Heap Out Of Memory

    I'm running a Node.js API as a service and while historically it ran perfectly fine. But recently it keeps failing with this error: [2021-07-27 23:31:06] [2021-07-27 23:31:06] INFO[0045] Taking snapshot of full file...
    2 By luisSnorkler Node.js DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Unable to Create Kubernetes Cluster - Something Went Wrong message

    Trying to create Kubernetes Cluster is continuously giving error ** Looks like something went wrong... ** If this keeps happening, check out is showing that everything...
    1 By faisalSnorkler Kubernetes
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    Console Login ERROR

    Hello, I was able to login to open my console from my dashboard and I could very well access my terminal. However, it tells me that I need to login to be able to use it. How do I login to the terminal to continue th...
    1 By oogunya Control Panels
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    How to link my DB and my Laravel project 500 Error

    Hello everybody i have issue with my Laravel project . now i have deploy every thing to online the issue is when i am trying to get my API its giving me 500 Error and when i checked the log i got the below logs [d...
    1 By engbamlhes API Databases Laravel
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    prospect droplet better uptime woocommerce website

    Hi Digital Ocean community, Today I uploaded a WooCommerce XML shopping feed (400 products) to the facebook business shopping catalogue and while doing this it made the website unreachable. I assume it was unreachable...
    1 By twc8ac35a8636 DigitalOcean Droplets WordPress Apache Ubuntu
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    MERN app deployment with mongodb atlas

    Is there a step-by-step basic guide to follow for deployment of a simple MERN app using mongodb atlas? I am very new to digitalocean and I want to confirm if it can be used with mongodb atlas before I start to pay
    1 By programui MongoDB React Deployment Node.js
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    How to set up Mailjet with Strapi on DigitalOcean

    I have developed an API with Strapi, that works with Mailjet to send transactional and marketing (newsletter) emails. On development mode (local) is working correctly, as i subscribe with an email, it goes to the corr...
    1 By joncake API CMS Strapi
  • Question

    Returning A View To My Laravel App

    I have a music blog which I have developed using laravel 7 php framework, and I am using digital ocean spaces to store music files. Now I just need your help to show me how I can fetch the music stored on digital ocea...
    1 By nathanmwamba2002 DigitalOcean Spaces Databases
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    Ghost and Nginx doesn't work properly with each other

    I tried to add certificates to my subdomain and attach it to Ghost CMS. I followed this guide with some workarounds on the go:
    0 By troyalekson Ghost Nginx
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    Help needed with domain setup

    Hi! I have recently bought a domain ( on godaddy, Ive set up my nameservers there (ns1, ns2, ns3). Ive also configured my domain in my DO dashboard. When I use the DO DNS lookup tool I can see that my A ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @simontupy64, Have you configured your Domain on your Droplet? If your domain pings from your Droplet's IP address, that is the first step. Then you need to tell your Droplet when someone searches for your Domain ...
    1 By simontupy64 Node.js DigitalOcean Droplets
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    I have a domain "" flooding my server

    I have this line multiple times - every 5 seconds approx. Jul 27 00:39:19 NN-server named[727]: client ( query (cache) '' denied Any suggestions how to block this ...
    2 By regbk Firewall
  • Question

    How to use a Volume to store just pictures in a docker deployed node app.

    Hi, I have an a website built on a MERN stack, and deployed in a docker container onto a droplet. We do a lot of picture uploads and would love to have them stored as a static public folder on a separate volume, where...
    1 By webdesignermikesmobile Docker Node.js React
  • Question

    How to deploy next js and django in same droplet

    Hi. I have created a website. I have django rest framework for backend. Django has nothing to do with the frontend. It only provides API.I use nextJS for frontend. Now, I need to deploy this. I need the django and nex...
    1 By vashokkumar600 Django Next.js React Node.js
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    Deployed express server isn't creating a session?

    I have deployed a node express server on digital ocean. However, it won't create the session once it's deployed. I added a store to prevent memory leak and initialized app.set('trust proxy', 1), before the session. I ...
    0 By yabis0109 Node.js JavaScript MySQL DigitalOcean
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    I want to Upload File having space in file name

    Hello All, I need to Upload File With Space in its name but it throws the error.
    1 By MacademicSolutionLLP Object Storage