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    Is casino sites allowed to deplloy?

    Hello. Is casino sites allowed to deploy? What the policy of this site type?
    0 By evocasino DigitalOcean Kubernetes
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    Managed Databases Feedback: mySQL 8 was terrible product decision!

    Hello guys, I do not understand your decision to go with MySQL 8 instead of using the well established and widely used 5.7 branch when you created the product managed databases. I don't get it. The general idea of a h...
    0 By ReneH DigitalOcean Databases
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    Why did my account got found violated to your ToS

    As I said It has been found violated their ToS for no reason I just created my account and sent my identity card and a photo of my face. And It just got locked. When tried to solve this problem via email. I couldnt ge...
    1 By canboraciner DigitalOcean Accounts
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    How to disable 2FA?

    I can find the button the turn off 2FA.
    0 By jimlewis DigitalOcean Accounts
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    How do I deploy my Jenkins build on a droplet?

    I have Jenkins set up with nginx in a docker container on a droplet. I installed the plugin Deploy to Container on Jenkins. Now I need to set up a Tomcat server to deploy the Jenkins war file to. So where does my Tomc...
    0 By davidalexthompson Deployment
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    SQL requests with double-quotes not working with managed database

    I have a php app that successfully makes SQL requests against MySQL servers. Nevertheless the same app breaks against DO managed database whenever the requests include double-quotes. The following request returns an e...
    0 By shonore MySQL
  • Question

    Need help with page redirect on Nginx

    Hi all, I'm struggling with a redirect issue. I need to redirect a specific page to another due to naming changes. to Just need to set a permanent redirect for the above...
    0 By saipradyz Nginx
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    How can i create sub domains on digitalocean?

    Hello, I have tried to read a lot tutorials on internet but they doesn't work for me, So can anyone can me how can i create subdomain for my website like If anyone have solution please ...
    1 By brainstain DigitalOcean
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    How can I redirect DO subdomain to Google Sites

    I need to create a subdomain( and redirect it to google sites web page. Please help.
    1 By ezekielfreelance DNS
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    Puppet configuration

    Hi Friends, I was inspired after watching your tutorials, I wanted to ask a question about Puppet. Could you tell me please how to save multiple manifests? Like for eg. I have been using these codes to create and tes...
    0 By banerjeesourav29 Configuration Management
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    Does Digital Ocean have a DOS Protection Stragegy?

    I have tried several cloud providers(google, aws), but I have always fallen victim to DOS attack, fake martian packet attacks, that cripple down my servers, I have had to shutdown my servers. I have just configured a ...
    0 By wangoloj DigitalOcean Accounts
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    How to let cyberpanel controls my other droplets?

    How to let cyberpanel controls my other droplets? I tried to install OLS WP on one droplet and install cyberpanel on the other droplet so I can control and monitor the WP droplet How can I do that?
    1 By Qourat633a018ba01f4916ba26 OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    How can I download the site database?

    Our site crashed. We were advised to fix the error and we were thinking of backing up our database.
    1 By eyalmy Databases
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    I want to start own hosting company like SiteGround or similar. Please guide me how can i do that by digitalocean

    I want to start own hosting company like SiteGround or similar. Please guide me on how can I do that by the digital ocean(droplet). I want to do all thing automate like:- onsite buying with billing & setup Cpanel aut...
    1 By updatingspot DigitalOcean Cloud Computing CMS
  • Question

    Website is down when it gets 200 visitors

    Hello, I am using 8gb ram and 4 core processors. But the website is down when it gets 200 visitors. Even I use 64gb ram then also site cant handle more than 200 visitors. It is no different whether I use 4gb ram or 64...
    1 By maqbul233 DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers
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    Openvpn service will not start service

    I am able to run openvpn if I run openvpn server.config, but the service will not start. If i open journalctl -xe there is a message that says " openvpn-server@server.service: Failed at step CHDIR spawning /usr/sbin/o...
    1 By calvinquintce5a72f1c8450ab CentOS VPN Configuration Management
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    I want to create a games sales website that sells executables (apks), is Spaces the correct product for that?

    I wish to make a website I can sell Android APKs from. I need a service to store the content (APKS) and I will build a service that generates a JWT or similar that allows customers to download their APKs. Is Spaces an...
    0 By RussellMania DigitalOcean Spaces
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    I am new to this sort of hosting. How to get access to our website hosting?

    How can I access our website? There's no cPanel, and I can't log in to the console.
    1 By glossynews DigitalOcean Accounts
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    SignatureDoesNotMatch for presigned requests on cdn servers(edge and subdomain)

    I have tried generating the requests using aws cli and aws library in php with success for protected content on origin endpoint: However, I am receiving a Signatu...
    0 By magnetiic DigitalOcean Spaces
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    Change name of file using regex after script creation

    I've created a script which let's a client upload an mp3 audio file however it's being save in a format like 20301319ec3-4ad1-84ae-c98b68390322.mp3. The files reside in a folder and sub-folder format that resembles a ...
    1 By Remdore Linux Commands Linux Basics