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    How to deploy Node JS App With file upload

    How Can You easily deploy Node Js app with the capability to save image files to disk
    0 By velazquezsheldon Deployment Development JavaScript React DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Using Yarn 2 (Berry) on App Platform deployments

    I'm trying to deploy a Node.js app to App Platform (great product by the way) using the current version of yarn. I bootstrapped the repository using yarn set version berry. The deployment installs yarn version 1.22.10...
    0 By tobiasUrchin Node.js DigitalOcean App Platform Deployment
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    Is it possible to install a node in a python app platform?

    I have a Python application deployed in the app platform, but I need a javascript runtime, for example a node, can I somehow install it additionally?
    0 By kshnkvn DigitalOcean App Platform Python Node.js
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    Move a single project on personal account to a team account

    Is there a way to do this? I need a team where multiple people are able to manage several resources under one project but kept away from other projects. I created a new project but it is all empty of resources. There ...
    0 By TonyRivera Team Management DigitalOcean
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    Error when deploying php/node monorepo

    Hello, using (http://) as a guide I've created an app spec for my monorepo (
    1 By Stirreg DigitalOcean App Platform PHP
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    Ghost Blog on 1GB Droplet Crashes Every 5 Days or So

    Hello, I am having an issue with my Ghost blog crashing every 5 days or so which causes a 502 Bad Gateway Error. To fix the issue, I just have to log in to Digital Ocean and cycle power to the server and everything b...
    0 By learyjk Ghost MySQL DNS
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    Override Attributes during Run Time in Chef

    I want to change my attribute value dynamically during run time . Ex. attribute: foo: 'Hello' Now I want to change value of key 'foo' to 'World'. So is there any way to do that? Please help.
    0 By khandelwaltanay2311 Chef
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    What's the difference between a Droplet, Kubernete, and App?

    When you click on "Create" you are shown a dropdown with a list of things you can create. I'm trying to host two mobile applications and two web applications, so I'm not sure what to choose. I'm assuming it will be on...
    1 By christiannc DigitalOcean Droplets Kubernetes DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Need advice on my production architecture.

    Hello, My production app is running on a 80USD server. My tech stack is: MongoDB+Redis NodeJS+PM2 Nginx This is everything on 1 server. I receive no traffic in the night and hence it's not the most efficient architect...
    0 By hashedout Kubernetes MongoDB Node.js Redis DigitalOcean Droplets
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    Space Folder listing issue through file zilla

    Hi, I am trying to access my folder through FileZilla (Pro) in space but it is not showing, there is no issue with login, After connected with space I also get the message "Directory listing of "/" successful". After ...
    0 By Rajatseth83 DigitalOcean Spaces CDN
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    Can you use a directory within a repository to deploy to app platfrom?

    We have existing projects, I am seriously considering app platform instead of deploying directly on droplets to simply things. However, the root of the repository contains things like Dockerfiles and docker-compose.ym...
    1 By ryanDolphin DigitalOcean App Platform Git
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    How to allow connections on port 80 for DO Firewall (Not ufw)

    Hi, I have enabled Digital Ocean firewall and not ufw. Now, I have set up Apache server. However, when it comes to allowing traffic on port 80, the given article (
    0 By AdityaSharma Apache PHP LAMP Stack Ubuntu 20.04
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    UWSGI made response but NGINX return empty response.

    My other api endpoints are working fine but only a file upload specific api endpoint is not working. i'm using Flask for API development, along with nginx and uwsgi. UWSGI LOG ``` [pid: 107416|app: 0|req: 1/2] 106.78....
    0 By kotadiyavivek Flask Nginx API Python Python Frameworks
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    Cancel long running deployment on App Platform

    I'm not sure what went wrong, but I have a deployment that has been running for 15 minutes and will not stop. It is just hanging. Is there a way to kill a deployment so that it unblocks pending ones?
    1 By nmd.matt DigitalOcean App Platform
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    It is possible to transfer, upgrade or change CPU of a droplet to the newest CPUs?

    I want to use the newest Intel or AMD CPUs but I already have a basic classic CPU droplet with a live website. It is possible?
    2 By henrymendeez DigitalOcean Droplets
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    My Server is in troubel

    Dear Digital Ocean Team.. I Have trouble in my server connection in SG1 ... cuz that my system cannot be open at all.. may it be concern to my company.. i hope you guys can fixing it as soon as posible thanks. my serv...
    2 By bugtraq88 Networking Initial Server Setup
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    How to allow git connections with UFW firewall

    I am setting up a server by following the directions here: Initial set up of Ubuntu 20.04 server: Installing Nginx: https://www.d...
    1 By feynnbot Git Firewall Ubuntu 20.04 Nginx
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    How to get node-id (for delete-node)? doctl kubernetes cluster node-pool delete-node <cluster-id|cluster-name> <pool-id|pool-name> <node-id> [flags] (Ple...
    1 By gbz Kubernetes
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    Nodemailer: ssl3_get_record:wrong version number

    Hi guys! I have the next issue when I try to use nodemailer to send an email, the application runs ok. { [Error: 140194420910976:error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number:../ssl/record/ssl3_rec...
    0 By yoshua149 Node.js
  • Question

    Optimizing Composer with App Platform

    When using Composer with the App Platform, how can I specify that the composer install... commands are done with the --optimize-autoloader flag? (See: Autoloader optimization (
    1 By bfm DigitalOcean App Platform PHP