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    Singapore IP Blacklisted with Outlook, Mail-Abuse, Symantec and more...

    Hi, We recently setup a droplet with DigitalOcean and installed cPanel, LiteSpeed, Redis and a bunch of other softwares. We did all of the following: Setup appropriate DMARC records Setup appropriate DNSSEC records Se...
    0 By ryanClam Email
  • Question

    Registration by email referer dint get trial credit

    My friend refer me via email. I just registered and binded my credit card, but i dint receive the 100$ trial credit.
    0 By TrystanL Billing
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    Managed PostgreSQL & RabbitMQ Plugin

    Hey there, I am currently using PostgreSQL (Managed) from DO. Does anybody know, if it's possible to install 3rd party plugins, like for example "pg_amqp"? Thanks in advance, Oliver
    0 By odorakel PostgreSQL DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
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    Zabbix going crazy with modified /etc/passwd

    This morning i was awakened by multiple alarm emails sent by our zabbix agent monitoring system, telling us that /etc/passwd was being modified. The agent sent us an email for every one of our droplets (debian 9 stret...
    1 By andreagolin DigitalOcean Debian 9
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    Customer acquisition and retention

    This is a rant and a question. DigitalOcean came recommended as a great place for competitively priced, solid VPS servers for development and production (business use, not student). After 2 days of research I eagerly...
    0 By GetGunthr DigitalOcean Accounts
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    How to get dock at bottom of screen in Ubuntu 18.04 Xfce?

    I was setting up VNC. I followed and got it running. However how do I ...
    1 By johnaraon Ubuntu 18.04
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    Ubuntu 20.04 for the installation of the LAMP stack and Ansible fot Install and Set Up of Docker

    Can we Setup with Ubuntu 20.04 and still use this tutorial for the installation of the LAMP stack and thi...
    1 By mrspanama Ansible LAMP Stack Ubuntu 20.04
  • Question

    Composer proc_open(): fork failed - Cannot allocate memory

    Trying to run composer update I get the following error and cannot find a solution: proc_open(): fork failed - Cannot allocate memory
    1 By thetoad01 Ubuntu 18.04 Laravel PHP
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    Which UFW service to use for Apache2?

    Setting up a Ubuntu droplet for a web server, I want to choose the right firewall options. UFW has three "services" for Apache2. "Apache" "Apache Full" and "Apache Secure" I can't find documentation on how these servi...
    1 By joestroup Ubuntu 20.04
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    React frontend (nodejs) and Ruby on Rails (w/ postgres db) backend on a single droplet?

    Is it possible to do a full stack React + Rails (w/ postgresql database) on a single $5/month droplet or do I need to have two separate droplets for frontend & backend?
    0 By GiancarloZ React Ruby on Rails
  • Question

    Security in file /etc/rc.d/rc.local

    Hi, I have server with RAID 1. I want to monitoring and receive email alert if have any problem in hard disks. I readed some guides in internet and they says this: 1- Send alert to email if some disk have problems: na...
    0 By computereleon CentOS Security
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    can't resolve error establishing database connection

    I get this error at least twice a week on my wordpress website. I confirmed an attack with ''grep xmlrpc /var/log/apache2/access.log'' I enabled ''sudo a2enconf block-xmlrpc'' And, I even also set up a plugin called S...
    2 By rem3n WordPress
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    How to deploy a PR preview inside droplet?

    Just like in Netlify we get option for branch preview. How can we setup similar thing inside DigitalOcean Droplet? For example:
    0 By mittalyashu DigitalOcean Ubuntu Nginx
  • Question

    How to use extrapolate parameters?

    Thanks a lot, I have a question about Interpolate How to use the sysy, opi, sd parameters in the following description? value.interpolate either takes an object of the follow...
    0 By zejunking React
  • Question

    Remove Domain from certificate - certbot

    When running the command certbot certificate I get this result Certificate Name: Domains: I need to remove bernst.etffstaging...
    1 By austinCoral Nginx Let's Encrypt
  • Question

    Why is DigitalOcean block storage so expensive?

    I was doing some analysis of various online storage providers, and put together this spreadsheet ( DigitalOcean Block Storage is by far the most expensiv...
    1 By mpen Block Storage
  • Question

    MCrypt extension required to run Craft CMS

    I'm getting the following error on ``` Can’t run Craft CMS :( Your server doesn’t meet the following requirements to run Craft CMS: The Mcrypt extension is required. Please talk to your host...
    1 By drr1000 CMS PHP
  • Question

    Why connecting to Managed MySQL DB from local is very slow?

    I managed to connect my local WordPress multisite instance to the remote MySQL instance, but it takes literally minutes to load! If I switch DBs I get the same speed I had in my local which was pretty fast, I'm now te...
    1 By giggs DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database PHP WordPress
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    upgrading from php7.0 to 7.3

    Hey, I'm having trouble with upgrading my PHP version from 7.0 TO 7.3 I'm getting an error when trying to install PHP 7.3 using YUM ``` Error: Package: php70u-fpm-httpd-7.0.32-1.ius.centos7.noarch (@ius) R...
    1 By omercohen CentOS PHP
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    NO VPC (This Droplet will have no Private IP).

    Dear support, what have mean NO VPC (This Droplet will have no Private IP). while creating droplet.
    1 By rajkaushalengi DigitalOcean