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    What is droplet limit?

    I can see in my profile that the droplet limit is 25. What does that mean? Is it space on server which is 25gb in my case.
    0 By curizent DigitalOcean Droplets
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    Is my site completley deleted ?

    I paid my past billing today, and I found my droplet completely deleted, without the possibility to restore it. What Happened? Did I lose everything? Please help me get my site back.
    0 By alejandrovalenzuela05 Billing Payments Backups
  • Question

    Error when using run_command with a docker image

    I am deploying a Rails app, including a dedicated work to run background jobs. I want to reuse the built Rails container and just change the run time command. I was expecting the following configuration to work: yaml...
    0 By renehr9102 DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Change the IP of Droplet to Floating IP

    Hi, I have a Droplet whose IP is where I would like to update. However, I need to preserve this IP. Is it possible to change the IP of this Droplet and create a Floating IP with this IP ( So y...
    1 By luizhfj DigitalOcean Droplets
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    How to connect to PostgreSQL cluster on DigitalOcean from CircleCI or Github Actions?

    I have a Kubernetes cluster setup on DigitalOcean and a separate database Postgres instance there. In database cluster settings there is a list of limited IP addresses that have an access to that database cluster (loo...
    0 By vashchukmaksim Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database PostgreSQL Deployment
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    One-Click Docker Droplet

    I created some docker droplets few months ago by choosing from the marketplace the available docker image. That created the droplets using Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS and Docker version 19.03.1, build 74b1e89. Now I wanted to ...
    1 By Strobboscope Docker DigitalOcean Droplets DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace
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    Is there a way to add a custom install script to the App Platform?

    I am setting up a DO App Platform service where the source_dir is set to a package in a lerna monorepo. I need to run lerna bootstrap instead of npm install to properly symlink the local packages. Is there a way to ov...
    1 By avidigitalCrab DigitalOcean App Platform
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    how to configure my droplet to host multiple applications

    Currently, I have set up my Droplet hosting one angular application for testing, which seems running properly. Now, I was wondering if I can upload one more angular application on the same Droplet. If possible, can yo...
    1 By gdliu DigitalOcean Droplets Initial Server Setup Angular
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    como redigio mi ip al dominio

    disculpe pero como hago para que si alguien sepe la ip le rediriga al dominio por ejemplo pone la ip -> 17.1321.1231.1 -> se vaya a y no se quede en 12-23-1.132
    1 By proyectszonaentrenamient Apache
  • Question

    SendGrid "Link Branding" Custom SSL with Nginx

    Hey Everyone, There's this problem I ran into, and can't figure out how to solve it. I signed up for SendGrid and got my domain authorized/verified and also enabled "Link Branding". Now according to SendGrid, I added ...
    0 By bhupenpal Nginx Node.js DNS DigitalOcean Droplets
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    My container can't discuss together, even if they can ping each others...

    I asked a detailed question on stackoverflow, with images : Here is a copy of the text : I am using docker to manage...
    0 By romainjouin PostgreSQL Container Networking
  • Question

    Domain not working - This site cannot be reached

    Hey everyone, After following these tutorials: Link 1 ( and this as my second reference: Link 2 (
    1 By roy4321 WordPress Ubuntu
  • Question

    When, if ever, will Spaces support individual access keys?

    I've migrated all of my cloud services over to Digital Ocean except for Amazon S3 storage. The only thing preventing me from using Digital Ocean Spaces is the fact that a single access key can access every single "Spa...
    0 By bfm DigitalOcean Spaces
  • Question

    I forgot my password to post to the ftp server. How do I reset or find out what it is?

    I forgot my password to post to the ftp server. How do I reset or find out what it is?
    1 By markasaurus Getting Started DigitalOcean DNS
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    1-Click Ghost in Subdirectory - Add Static Homepage?

    I'm trying to configure the 1-click Ghost droplet for my site. I want it installed in a subdirectory, which I set as the URL while configuring the droplet ( and it is installed as expected. When I the...
    1 By mattMorel Ghost Nginx
  • Question

    Configuring Healthchecks for DigitalOcean Apps

    Hello, I'm working on a DOAppPlatform/FastAPI/SQLAlchemy template project. I'd like to configure health checks but have so far been unable to do so. Is there something wrong with my configuration?
    1 By jrmiller42 Python Frameworks DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    How to Run Celery for my Django app migrated from Heroku

    Hi!, I'm trying to run my Django app in the new Digital Ocean Platform, how can I replicate the procfile configuration to run my Celery instance with workers instead and connect to the corresponding Redis db? The Pro...
    0 By dz1 Django
  • Question

    How to convert Unix timestamps to human readable date format in Bash?

    I recently got asked how to convert Unix timestamps to human readable date format in Bash. Here is an example of how to generate a Unix timestamp using the date command: bash date +%s This will output a long string ...
    Accepted Answer: In order to convert a Unix timestamp to a human-readable date format, you can use the date command with a -d flag followed by the timestamp with a @ prefix. So if we run the command from above to generate a new timest...
    1 By bobbyiliev Linux Basics Linux Commands Ubuntu CentOS
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    Changing account password

    I can't find a non-technical explanation.
    1 By lousaint Linux Basics Security Flutter
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    How to fix: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) on Ubuntu - version = 20.04.1 LTS

    Hi, For past few weeks i have been trying to install apache and mysql on my Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-54-generic x86_64)(digitalocean). But i have been facing the same error again and again, no matter what i...
    1 By ahsanharoonScubaDiver MySQL Ubuntu 20.04