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    Access Digital Ocean Managed MySQL Database through phpmyadmin

    How can I connect to a Managed Digital Ocean Database? I tried started a new droplet using the one click phpmyadmin and altered the /etc/phpmyadmin/ with the following $i++; $cfg['Servers'][$i]['host']...
    0 By mbrantley MySQL
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    Again I can't upload files or create folders

    Again I can't create folders or upload files :( , I don't know what it can be. I use Filezilla, SFTP protocol, and I already restarted the droplet. My user have permission for write files, but it happened suddenly the...
    0 By JimDark Nginx
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    How to use SSL with domain mapping in multisite wordpress

    So, I have a multisite wordpress with two domains, I installed a SSL certificate on the second domain, but doesn't seem to work, how can I make this work?
    0 By kvny WordPress
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    I can't get to the perfect speed

    Hi friends, Some months ago I got a new server. This server is same that other which have other people. -Same server with same hardware -I have the same softwares: CloudLinux, cPanel, LiteSpeed and MariaDB -I created ...
    0 By computereleon CentOS
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    How to use pm2 monitoring on node app in new DO Apps ?

    With the new Digital Ocean app launch system, I'm having a hard time figuring out how I can use pm2 monitor to effectively monitor the health, traffic and over all status on my API. My current setup is running it on a...
    0 By WeaponizedLego Node.js Deployment DigitalOcean Monitoring DigitalOcean App Platform
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    How can I investigate Postgres managed server error: SSL connection has been closed unexpectedly

    From time to time our system fails when either inserting or querying to a UDF with the error: SSL connection has been closed unexpectedly but I am unable to figure out how to investigate the cause of this error. Can a...
    0 By douglasd PostgreSQL
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    Domain hosted with A Records does not open in many countries

    Hi, We hosted our domain on digitalocean hosting. The A Records were updated however the domain does not open in many countries despite fourth day elapsing. Can somebody guide us, what we might be mi...
    3 By rajjatkapoor72 Django Python DigitalOcean
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    Configure SMTP on ubuntu 20.04

    Hi i have one droplet with multiple domains i want to configure its smtp to receive emails i was searched alot but i don't find any solution for ubuntu 20.04 please help me
    1 By thisisbilalakhtar Ubuntu 20.04
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    How to SetUp VPS on DigitalOcean

    Hello Guys, this is actually my first time trying to use DigitalOcean, have been using shared hosting all my life, so I decide to use DigitalOcean The more I try to go about it on my own, the more I got confused Pleas...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @zionnite555, I would recommend starting with this guide on how to create a Droplet here: Once you have a Droplet, I will suggest going through the in...
    1 By zionnite555 DigitalOcean
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    My apache2 web site was working but now is sending me to the original host account it created instead of the wordpress host I created

    I have been working out problem after problem on digitalocean for weeks. the documentation is poor and the structure of it is even worse. I am using ubuntu 20.4 with apache 2 and php 7.4 as required by wordpress and I...
    0 By lorchproductions Apache Ubuntu 20.04 WordPress Firewall Security
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    After setting up 1-Click LAMP, how to properly create users for 2 virtual hosts (2 domains) with right file permissions ?

    Hi, I just set up a LAMP droplet following the 1-Click install guide. It worked fine, i have ssh access I am now logged in as root. The web root is now at /var/www/html which can be accessed through the droplet's publ...
    1 By GroovySTK LAMP Stack PHP
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    Do DigitalOcean services (Droplets, Spaces, CDN) perform any user tracking by default?

    As part of an exercise and inspired by DuckDuckGo and similar projects, I'm trying to create a website that specifically doesn't track user activity. I'm planning to use a regular Ubuntu Droplet, Spaces and CDN. Do Di...
    0 By samloomes CDN DigitalOcean Spaces
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    NGINX not pointing to localhost

    I can access my server running in a Docker container w/ port and (for accessing remote Postgres server on ElephantSQL). I had this running @ one point behind an NGINX server in DigitalOcean ...
    1 By Drunner4 Nginx Docker
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    How many PoPs ( Points of presence ) Digital Ocean CDN Provides?

    As I was following this ( ) article. I know digital ocean provide around 3 locations for CDN, I want to know how many PoPs ( Points of presence ) its CDN has?
    1 By brainstormforce Networking CDN
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    How to install and setup EasyERP on Ubuntu 18.04 from GitHub?

    How to install and setup EasyERP on Ubuntu 18.04 from GitHub? Step by step instructions and commands needed from the scratch to the web application is up and running. Source code:
    1 By PTAO Ubuntu 18.04 DigitalOcean Solutions
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    How we can show canvas and docs tab in toolbar?

    I upgrade the storybook then some element hide from toolbar. How we can show canvas and docs tab in toolbar? Thanks
    0 By sanjaygeniuspark JavaScript React
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    connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream

    I saw a similar topic to this one with the same title, but i rekon the issue is a lot different, and i thought it would be better to make a separate question rather than filling up responses from that one. So let's go...
    1 By amarjanovic26 API Ubuntu 18.04 DigitalOcean Let's Encrypt
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    Why I can't run a CS16 server on a 5$ droplet ?

    Hello, I'm trying to run a cs16 server on 5$ droplets, but for some reason the when I start the game server, the socket does not get created. I've tried on other VPS providers and it does work. I've installed the cs16...
    1 By bobocsabin Networking
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    How to set up a webform and MSSQL database application on Digital Ocean

    I would love to move my website Classgist ( here on Digitalocean. Is there any guide on how to set it up?
    1 By justcoolk Deployment Databases
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    I followed the tutorial My server is ubuntu-20-04 as well as my CA server. All are up to date. Step 11 — C...
    2 By dwbauer Ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04 VPN