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    Managed Kubernetes, how many public IPs?

    Hi, I have created a small k8s managed cluster in DO. I have 2 nodes. How many public IPs will I have ? My nodes have their public IPs but are these available to be mapped for the cluster ? I want to run 2 x coredns w...
    0 By iangregsondev DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Kubernetes
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    Accessing Droplet using IP ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

    Hi, I have a Droplet with Ubuntu + Apache + Wordpress, and I need to access it using the public IP. However, when I try to access the browser, I receive an ERRCONNECTIONREFUSED. I realized that he tries to go to https...
    1 By Stykler Apache Ubuntu WordPress
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    Deployment fails for Rails App with App Platform - No such file or directory - /workspace/node_modules/.bin/webpack (Errno::ENOENT)

    Hi, as I was deploying rails app on App Platform, I was getting error as followed. Since yarn is already included when I have webpacker gem in the project Gemfile, however, I suspect yarn install was not executed befo...
    0 By fung933 DigitalOcean App Platform Ruby on Rails
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    don't work!!! {"success":false,"errors":{"name":"Name is required.","email":"Email is required.","superheroAlias":"Superhero alias is required."}}
    1 By derewyannix JavaScript
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    How to reset 1-click installation on the droplet without destroying it and rebuilt it again?

    Hi. I've a 1-click WordPress install that I need to reset without destroying it. How do I go about doing this? My reason for doing this is that I, for some reason, cannot log into the WP admin panel. I know I'm enteri...
    2 By yuvrajsingh1 WordPress
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    Converting personal account to team account concerns

    Hi, I am doing a school group project. We had to make a LAMP droplet and we got the server working and all and already made a domain, etc. All this information is on my own personal account. I found out I can make my ...
    2 By llemmers1030 Deployment DigitalOcean Accounts
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    How to set up a SMTP server for bulk mailing?

    We are juniperoites (https:/ and we are website development and digital marketing company in India. We do email marketing so we need a SMTP server to send bulk mails safely direct to inbox?
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, I would recommend carefully going through the DigitalOcean publicly here: The main points are: You must comply with the laws and regulations applicab...
    1 By juniperoitesservices Initial Server Setup
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    How to make docker image from droplet

    I have an Ubuntu 18.04 droplet with LEMP stack and my app. I would like to remove mysql and create a custom docker image having the OS, NGINX, PHP and my app. Is there an easy way to do this without creating from scra...
    1 By aytheta Docker DigitalOcean Droplets Custom Images
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    Wordpress broken after droplet transfer

    Hi, I had a fully functioning wordpress droplet, after transferring the droplet to another account and deleting the site from the first, I replaced the old droplet ip with the new one in the database using the wp-cli ...
    1 By Shalashtein WordPress OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click DigitalOcean Droplets
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    How often does marketplace get updated?

    For example, mongodb is already 4.4, while marketplace is still 4.0.
    1 By DaveTeu DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace
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    ffmpeg binary not found

    ffmpeg binary not found python version = 3.6.5 os : ubuntu 20.0.4 nginx + uwsgi when i try to execute ffmpeg using python code in my python shell it's work but when i try the same thing with nginx+uwsgi in my api it's...
    1 By kotadiyavivek Python Flask Nginx
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    Unable to start VNC server on Ubuntu 20.04 (w/ Docker droplet)

    I followed the VNC tutorial ( and am not able to get my VNC server to run correctly. dmesg: [77874.518094] xiccd[66634...
    2 By parthkagarwal Linux Basics Getting Started Ubuntu 20.04
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    How do I use the same image for multiple containers in App Platform

    I am building a Laravel App, which runs great on the App Platform. It has a service, two workers (schedule:work and queue:work) and a pre-deploy job (migrate). They use the same code, env variables, etc., but it looks...
    1 By thekonz DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Issue uploading image to space

    Hello, i have a Django which recenly migrate from use AWS S3 buckets to use Digital Ocean Spaces. The issue i'm having is the next: When i try to upload and image to the space it looks like works fine, but in the mome...
    0 By Atneses DigitalOcean Spaces Django Python Python Frameworks
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    Not able to use Cloudflare in Full (strict) or Full

    Using WordPress installation with Cloudflare, when i make SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full (strict) or Full the website wont load it will show 521 error. Can you someone tell the steps to setup cloudflare fully with di...
    1 By VishnuSivadas Security WordPress
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    How to setup automatic deployment for lumen api using deployer

    I followed the tutorial on how to deploy laravel on ubuntu but seems not to work for lumen as I was not able to do it successfully. I really need help please. I've been on this for 2 weeks.
    1 By nutloopng Laravel PHP API
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    Problem with server loading, Express JS API

    Hi, Hope you are doing well. This time I have a problem with the server, Currently I am using $15 server which has 2 cores and 2gb RAM, but the performance is poor now I don't know what is the reason here. This is the...
    0 By chirag99artani Node.js API Server Optimization Databases SQLite
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    Increase my Laptop's Performance

    I have a laptop with 1GB RAM and 256 GB Memory. Can I increase the RAM and memory by using droplets that are being offered by digital ocean? Thanks in advance
    0 By manideepak650 Storage
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    ssh timeout and site connection problem

    I can not access my droplet , via ssh , it says connection timeout. I have loginto web console. then enable disable, add ssh rule into firewall but nothing work. always show connection timeout. How to get rid of form...
    1 By fftfaisal Ubuntu 18.04
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    Huge divergence in bandwidth allotment between app platform and regular droplets

    In evaluating app platform, I am struck by the huge divergence between the reasonably generous outgoing bandwidth allotted cumulatively based on the number of "regular" droplets one pays for, vs. the very small and in...
    Accepted Answer: Turns out this was addressed in an answer ( from @phildougherty to a question posed in Oc...
    1 By cemerick DigitalOcean App Platform Networking DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes