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    Create PHP project in PHPSTORM

    Hello, my friends, I need your help please answer me. Did I need to download apache2 or Nginx localhost etc. when I crate PHP project in PHPSTORM? how I can create a database in PHPSTORM without downloading PHPMyAdmin...
    0 By aslanhuseynov PHP Databases PHP Frameworks MySQL Apache Nginx
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    What to do when the SSD 25 GB is full and we cannot add even single file?

    I have a droplet with 25 GB SSD and Docker running on it. My droplet memory is 100% utilized and now I cannot write even one file. I have attached an external volume of 100GB and mounted it in the droplet. But now I ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @sagarsprone You can examine the disk space usage and delete any data which is not crucial to your application or website. What is the output of the following command: command df -h Also, I could suggest foll...
    1 By sagarsprone Docker Ubuntu DigitalOcean Volumes DigitalOcean Droplets
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    How to resolve This (django) site can’t be reached with nginx, gunicorn, droplet ?

    I was following this tutorial for deploying my django project to digitalocean droplet []. But I hav...
    0 By laviscoacc Django Nginx DigitalOcean Droplets
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    Issue in proxy pass from nginx to angular application

    I have created an angular application that displays a page with “Hello World” on ‘/hello’ route. url for angular: http://localhost:4200/hello When I make request from browser to nginx on ‘/greet’: http://localhost/gre...
    0 By sanikachuri Nginx Angular
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    process.env variables not available to process using DigitalOcean App Platform

    I've specified environment variables in the app platform settings, made them available during build and run time, but the application doesn't have access to them. const API_URL = process.env.REACT_APP_API_URL; The ...
    1 By mateMorel DigitalOcean App Platform React Node.js
  • Question

    3rd Party system Integration via VPN

    I need to connect my droplet to 3rd party system via their VPN only for few functions , rest of all system need to work without VPN but only this interface require VPN connectivity ? My application running on droplet ...
    0 By SleepingLightSeaGreenMantaRay VPN
  • Question

    Spaces billing question

    I was looking at DO Spaces as an alternative to Amazon AWS. I want to buy around 3-4 spaces for the time being. Staying within the 250gb storage space and other limits, will I pay 5$ per space or just 5$ for all of th...
    1 By themerakismproject2020 DigitalOcean Spaces Billing
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    Websocket Connection limit how to set ?

    Hi there, I programmed a WebSocket server in Java, with the Javax WebSocket library My operating systems are local Windows 10, Cloud Server on Ubuntu, Web Server Apache2 + Tomcat I'm doing my tests on both sides My p...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @cihad, I might be wrong buf if you are using Apache, you might have filled up Apache's available workers. I think the default value was exactly 256. You can open your Apache configuration file. In there you shoul...
    1 By cihad Apache Java Node.js Ubuntu 18.04
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    Can I use floating IP to connect Cisco ASA 5545 VPN server ?

    I need to connect the VPN server with the STRONGSWAN client. I have created an Ubuntu droplet and assign floating IP to it and install strongswan.Then I have given my floating IP, private IP with IPsec PSK to the VPN ...
    1 By cgweeratunga Networking DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Question

    Non stop login loop through droplet console

    I have lost my ssh access to the digitalocean server and planning to change the ssh key through droplet console, I managed to reset the password but then the loop happen.Image link (
    0 By jiaswee95 DigitalOcean
  • Question

    Website can't be reached at new domain name, a week later...

    I apologize if this is a duplicate of another question, but so far I haven't found any solutions to my issue, even among so many questions with similar sounding premises! I built a website for my mom's business, and a...
    0 By jillii DNS
  • Question

    Making external requests and connecting to mail server

    Hi :) I have a node application running in a droplet on a docker container. It works just fine on my local environment. I am unable to make external requests using the python urlib request library, and also unable to ...
    1 By humeoneteam Node.js Python Docker Email
  • Question

    How to install ssl certificate for Digital ocean droplet and domain from which managed by cloudflare

    Hey there, i have a droplet from digital ocean, domain purchased from and want to use the cloudflare ssl. need an assist with these
    1 By abdulnaser DNS Laravel PHP PHP Frameworks
  • Question

    Domain name already exists.

    I had a previous DigitalOCean droplet with a personal account that I added a NameCheap domain that I own. However, I deleted the project and deactivated that account and created a new one with a new DigitalOCean dropl...
    2 By muneseninformatica DigitalOcean
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    Bad Gateway nginx/1.18.0(Ubuntu)

    I edited /etc/systemd/system/gunicorn.service and /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default and changed django_project to my project name, restarted gunicorn and got the Bad Gateway error. Where do I start to search?
    1 By arthurbosua7 Nginx
  • Question

    MQTT broker in App-Platform

    Hi, I succesfully deployed a MQTT broker as a service in the App platform. I've used a dockerfile with the eclipse-mosquitto image. Everything seems fine from the internal console: I can publish and suscribe easily...
    0 By willypregliasco DigitalOcean App Platform
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    How much load time improves after switching wordpress website on digitalocean?

    Currently, our website having hosted on Dedicated server with loading speed around 5-8 seconds. Let's me known, if we switch our domain on digitalocean, then what are website's expected load time?
    1 By webseoindiacom WordPress
  • Question' not working but '' works along with all https redirection

    Running website great along with SSL in all ways but when i try to access, it gives Bad Request (400) error. I need to open website in all ways either we type www or without www- needs to open always i...
    2 By kisteneducation Apache DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Droplets Let's Encrypt LAMP Stack LEMP
  • Question

    Data usage backup.

    As of this week we are using a droplet with 3tb data transfer, in 4 days we already have use 250gb, we have done nothing with it yet and my guess is that the usage is caused by backups? I'd like some help on this. Bec...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @Daadkracht2021, How are you genereting the backups? Are you using the DigitalOcean's backups service: Or something else?
    1 By Daadkracht2021 DigitalOcean Droplets
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    How To Use Axios with JavaScript

    After following the tutorial on building the To Do List, I am experiencing an error where the console is reporting: Uncaught SyntaxError:** import declarations may only appear at top level of a module**. The JS stops ...
    1 By tripdog JavaScript