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    Broken WordPress site after using 1-Click App from Marketplace

    I go through the droplet creation for a new Wordpress 5.5.1 build on Ubuntu 20.04 using the 1-click instructions ( I go through the entire setup process in the cons...
    0 By fowlertown WordPress Ubuntu 20.04 One-Click Install Apps
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    Mail server in godaddy and website in digital ocean

    Hello, I had a website and the emails on godaddy, but because godaddy is extremely slow we decided to move the website to DO but I want the mails to be in godaddy because I dont want to migrate them. The domain in por...
    0 By arturorv00 DNS Email
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    How to Correctly Upload a Docker Image?

    I've built my Docker container, saved it as an image with "docker save..." and uploaded it to DigitalOcean where it goes into "pending" status on the Images-->Custom Images page. Then it gets deleted and is no longer ...
    0 By russmcb Docker
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    What is my VPS login name?

    I just bought a VPS and was wondering what my "vps login" is, as it asks me that, then my password. What is the default value or how do I make a login? I know my root password but not my login.
    1 By Luxxe Ubuntu 20.04
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    Trouble to install R in Ubuntu 20.04

    Any idea why am i getting such error? and, how could I fix it? sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys E298A3A825C0D65DFD57CBB651716619E084DAB9 *Executing: /tmp/apt-key-gpghome.QThU5VY9Yd/gpg.1.s...
    0 By animeshghose R Ubuntu 20.04
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    Is it possible to manipulate Wordpress child theme on my remote DO server via Terminal? I want to include version control using Git.

    I want to manipulate my Wordpress child theme (, but I want to keep track of the versions. I recently learned about version control in Git and so my...
    0 By katovonkatz Git WordPress LAMP Stack
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    Should I use different SSH keys for connecting my home computer to the DO web server AND for connecting my DO web server to Github?

    Hi all, I installed an ssh keygen pair for connecting my home computer to the DO web server as per this tutorial: Now, I want to connect my r...
    1 By katovonkatz Git Ubuntu 20.04
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    Building an app with 2 buildpacks in a Dockerfille

    Hello, I have an app with 2 buildpacks, one is the nodejs buildpack that compiles the frontend and the other is the ruby buildpack that builds the rails api. Using a droplet with dokku is easy to manage multiple buil...
    Accepted Answer: With multi-stage builds, you can use multiple FROM statements in your Dockerfile. Each FROM instruction can use a different base, and each of them begins a new stage of the build. You can selectively copy artifacts fr...
    2 By arthuroliveira DigitalOcean App Platform
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    How to Upload My Web Server after installation Apache, MySQL and PHP?

    Hello everyone, I just install Apache, MySQL and PHP. when I call http://server ip, it shows Apache Default Webpages. I change index.html file name to from /var/www/html. And it doesn't show Apache defa...
    0 By EiMonHtun Apache HTML
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    Network performance between DigitalOcean sites.

    I have droplets in the London site and also in the New York 1 site. I have done a network performance assessment between a these, using the iperf3 tool. It shows a consistent result of circa 333 MBit per second, when ...
    0 By roycarter Networking CentOS 8 Ubuntu 16.04
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    centos 8 mysql keeps stoped status

    mysql craahed tarting today, and it keeps down. what I get if I want to restar mysql service systemctl restart mysqld Job for mysqld.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl s...
    2 By stupidboy CentOS 8 MySQL Nginx
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    Do managed postgres databases run the autovacuum demon?

    As described here - I didn't see any mention in the DigitalOcean docs, so I assume not, but wanted to make sure - I'm new to pg and not sure wh...
    1 By bburnskm PostgreSQL DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
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    Is it possible to deploy shiny app using App service?

    I have prepared a git repo for my R-code. However i am getting error while deploying it through App service. Please let me know, is there any way I can deploy it. Thanks
    1 By dataintelligency R One-Click Install Apps DigitalOcean App Platform
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    App Spec file to specify a .dockerignore file to use

    Same as we can specify the Dockerfile to use, can we also specify an dockerignore file? When using multiple Dockefiles, each one can have its own dockerignore file for optimal build speed. Could you please make it con...
    1 By ReWild DigitalOcean App Platform Docker
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    Emails going straight to SPAM folder

    So I've set up my own mail server with iRedMail on Ubuntu (20.4 I believe) to host my virtual boxes for my domain email accounts that are created as the admin, and Roundcube to send and receive the emails. I've alread...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 Email DNS Initial Server Setup
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    Estoy interesado en la compra de un Droplet de 4GB de RAM de la lista de precios

    Mi pregunta seria, que tipo de aplicaciones puedo subir al servidor, ejemplo, tengo aplicaciones desarrolladas en: PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter) con Base de datos Mysql, Java (JSP, Angular, Spring MVC), Servicios Rest, ...
    1 By Syspronpe CentOS PostgreSQL
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    DNS Records Configuration - Going Straight to Spam Box???

    I know that in order to hit the inbox, the main DNS records need to be properly set up. These are the main DNS records that every mail delivery system should have for their domain: TLS A MX DKIM SPF DMARC rPTR The one...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 Email DNS LEMP Server Optimization Initial Server Setup
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    Broken setup after LetsEncrypt failed install

    Hi all, I am hoping someone would be kind enough to help a new learner out. I have a site I had setup and I've been administering it myself, learning as I go. I thought I would be up to installing LetsEncrypt onto ...
    2 By ColonelYeehaw Apache MySQL Initial Server Setup Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to use environment values of type SECRET "On following submissions"?

    Your App Specification Reference says the following for the envs/value: String. The value. If the type is SECRET, the value will be encrypted on first submission. On following submissions, the encrypted value should b...
    1 By ReWild DigitalOcean App Platform Docker
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    Mysql always oocasional refused connection

    Hi , after I deploy my laravel app , I occasional encounter mysql refused connection error. I check mysql status systemctl status mysqld it shows failed. I have to restart everytime in order to make it back to nor...
    2 By stupidboy MySQL CentOS 8