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    App Platform priorities and roadmaps

    Hi! I was just wondering how the App Platform is prioritized at Digital Ocean at the moment. Here is my reasoning for asking: I know there are a lot of requested features. e.g. allowing the App Platform as a trusted ...
    0 By internettum DigitalOcean App Platform
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    How to confirm the nameserver record?

    How to confirm the nameserver record details using the below dig result pbangera@C02DFQ6JMD6M ~ % dig NS +short
    1 By yogendra DNS
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    Failed to initialize cache for app platform deployment

    I have a very simple strapi application that I want to run on App Platform, after some unsuccessful deployments caused by my own mistakes I've been finally able to successfully deploy. But only to find out that on my ...
    1 By dimaiv DigitalOcean App Platform
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    DO+ PuTTY SHH key doesn't work

    So i followed documentation on how to put SHH via Putty, letter by letter. I coped "Public key for pasting into OpenSHH authorized_key file" from Putty Key Generator to paste it in my DO account. Double checked if i ...
    1 By demeo1988 Ubuntu Initial Server Setup
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    Help! Backup system didn't restored my apps back

    Hi everyone, I have a 2 year droplet running with 2 applications (with a separate droplet for mysql databases). The droplet runs the Debian operating system. This droplet was built by someone else. Today, I tried to r...
    3 By LittleGreenBlueRaft Debian Docker DigitalOcean Droplets Backups
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    not found(deploying via digitaloccean, nginx, ubuntu)

    I tried to deploy the website using digitaloccean and I followed the tutorial it provided: Everyth...
    1 By coreydipsy Nginx Ubuntu 20.04
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    How to upgrate PHP 7.4.3 TO PHP 8 on wordpress

    How to upgrate PHP 7.4.3 TO PHP 8 on wordpress
    1 By 1273995773 WordPress
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    Can't npm install GitHub Repository - Get error Permission denied (publickey).

    Hi Everyone! I have been trying to figure out how to successfully install an npm package hosted on my Github account. It works locally on my mac but not from my Digital Ocean Droplet. Here are the guides I have loo...
    1 By avansardar GitHub Actions Git
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    How to deploy subdirectory in monorepo without lockfile?

    Hey! I have a yarn workspaces monorepo with packages/frontend and packages/backend directories and I just want to deploy packages/backend. I already defined the source_dir so it points to it but then DO can't find a y...
    0 By rudolphmarvin Node.js
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    App platform pricing for multiple instance creation/deletion

    Hello everyone! I'm currently calculating the cost of using the App Platform for our review environments. I'm not sure how the pricing model will work for these kind of environments. These environments are spawn on th...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @jpauthier, I believe that the pricing is based on an hourly rate rather than per minute. So if your services are running for 50 minutes for example and then you delete it, you will be charged for a full hour...
    1 By jpauthier DigitalOcean App Platform PaaS
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    My subdomain works and then stop working automatically

    I have added my subdomain to my DS it works and then it stops working. ping Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again. Type Hostname Value ...
    1 By itsrobin4 API
  • Question

    How to setup mysql 8.0 connection with adonis JS application with latest version?

    The command that I am running is: user@user-Vostro-3558:~/Desktop/company/projects/saturdatTest$ adonis migration:run The error that I'm getting is: Error: ER_NOT_SUPPORTED_AUTH_MODE: Client does not support authe...
    1 By manojsinghrawat404 Ubuntu MySQL Databases Ubuntu 20.04 Node.js
  • Question

    Can I hook this static app to call an api hosted in a paid tier?

    Can I deploy a React app that talks to a backend api to the free tier plan? The backend will be hosted on a paid tier.
    1 By contehbub Deployment Development JavaScript React DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    Mattermost + SendGrid = What am I doing Wrong?

    After what feels like decades trying to get postfix to work on Mattermost install, I've given up and decided to try SendGrid as an SMTP email provider. When I set the connection security to STARTLS I get the followi...
    1 By watrall Email Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    how i fix "No package firewall available"

    i try to install the firewall in centos 7 but i always get the same error : Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, universal-hooks Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * EA4: * cpanel-addons-production-f...
    1 By newtechinvest01 Firewall
  • Question

    In droplet : My Docker running a Flask server on port 6000 is not accessible outside

    Hello guys, I have an issue with a droplet. When I run my docker on host and on port 6000 It seems it is not accessible when I do <public ip address>:6000 Although, following the tutorial here (https://www.dig...
    1 By omerkaraMorel DigitalOcean Droplets
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    putty and webmain ( E: Unable to locate package php7-zip)

    E: Unable to locate package php7-zip
    1 By abidalamiir Apache PHP
  • Question

    Strapi Media Library keeps disappearing

    Hi, I have a Strapi CMS on DigitalOcean and all the uploaded files keep disappearing after some time. I can still see the names of the files, but the actual images/documents are missing. Do you have any idea what coul...
    0 By stfnnklc Strapi
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    Restarted my droplet and now MariaDB won't start

    Started up a litespeed wordpress droplet about a week and a half ago, I restarted the droplet to see if that's what php ldap wasn't being recognized and now I'm faced with a "Error establishing a database connection" ...
    1 By dylancox DigitalOcean Droplets WordPress MariaDB
  • Question

    Impossible to add Strapi plugin like documentation and graphql on Strapi Droplet.

    Hello i need to install those 2 plugins but i have en error of server. maybe do you have a trick to unlock this capability? Thnaks
    1 By drloic Strapi