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  • JETPACK requires a pathway for FTP to work need a sample so can duplicate correct pathway

    I am using JETPACK for autobackup. My Mac uses TRANSMIT and I do not need a pathway to work and I can login easily and see the public folder. However, I am stumped on inputting the PATHWAY on Jetpack. Can some one pro...
    No answers yet0 days agoBy John W RickeyBackups
  • Deleting SSH key with lost passphrase and adding new?

    I’m new to this so please be kind. Despite noting down my SSH key passphrase, it isn’t working. I just want to enable the droplet console but can’t log in to my Droplet via SSH to do it. Is it possible to delete or re...
    No answers yet0 days agoBy LewisDigitalOcean DropletsDigitalOcean 1-Click Apps MarketplaceWordPress
  • problem resolving urls behind gateway

    following I run into the problem that I cannot get urls to be resolved on the backend droplet. I can ping external ip’s like 8...
    No answers yet0 days agoBy ebonitDNSNetworking
  • How to save all data from database cluster before destroy database?

    I want to save data from my digital ocean’s database before destroy the database cluster. How to save all data ?
    No answers yet0 days agoBy EatingNavySnorklerDatabasesDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
  • Anyone experiencing slow build times with App Platform?

    I tried Apps for a couple of times to build my simple app in React and a REST API service, but these build times are insane. Building an app takes 15-20 minutes (sometimes even longer). Comparing to other similar host...
    No answers yet0 days agoBy jesperd23d48fcfc04c15b50ceDigitalOcean App Platform
  • Line limit to a PHP function ?

    Is there some limit on number of lines to a single PHP function ?Because there’s 0 errors in my localhost and all works fine.But code past line 2598 is not getting saved. And the DO Functions console shows 2 more blan...
    No answers yet0 days agoBy Anjanesh LekshminarayananDigitalOcean Functions
  • How to drop unused partition

    Recently, I’ve used extensions pg_partman, pg_cron to archive old data. Yesterday I saw a new partition but I cannot access it. I’ve checked that partition’s table owner, and it belongs to _dodb . As I know _dodb is a...
    No answers yet1 day agoBy nguyenthanhquang152DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL DatabasePostgreSQL
  • Good use-case for a Function ?

    I have a standalone PHP script which is 192K (~3500 lines) that takes an array as user input and returns an huge array of numerous calculations that exists in an XLSX file which I mapped one-by-one in PHP code. Does t...
    No answers yet1 day agoBy Anjanesh LekshminarayananDigitalOcean Functions
  • Functions: how to access request info / return other response types

    Unfortunately the functions docs are very, very superficial and neither contain any information on how to access the incoming request (e.g. HTTP headers, source IP, etc.) nor on how to return anything else than text r...
    No answers yet1 day agoBy ulopeDigitalOcean Functions
  • digitalocean functions - is it possible using sharp.js for image processing using functions?

    While this is using a library for the image processing I am not sure this is possible.Please your advise
    No answers yet1 day agoBy adi38980d0d4d8537081134c00DigitalOcean FunctionsNode.js
  • New functions features: Access to the managed database?

    Will it be able at some point to connect to the managed database instance through DO functions? That would make my life a lot easier to migrate to functions.
    No answers yet1 day agoBy stefanSharkDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL DatabaseDigitalOcean Functions
  • Best Practices to Deploy Docker on DigitalOcean using Terraform

    Hi guys … I’m wondering if there are some best practices to deploy Docker images to Digital Ocean using Terraform. Because I don’t expect much load and don’t need failover features etc. I’m not aiming to deploy to kub...
    No answers yet1 day agoBy LargeLightCyanCoralDigitalOcean App PlatformDigitalOcean DropletsTerraform
  • need to open port on openvpn access server

    i add openvpn access server to droplet ,i need to open port like 1817and then forword to client vpn port to connect with service on home pc over internet such as work i need to make rules maps and connect t...
    No answers yet2 days agoBy 162e237f5043-46e2-8d0c-d8f375DigitalOcean DropletsVPNUbuntu 18.04
  • Why HEAD requests to DigitalOcean Apps are blocked and return status 500?

    I have server to deal with trello API, I need to setup the web hook using HEAD request to endpoint But achieving status 500 in response. The request is not...
    1 answer2 days agoBy yuyudikAPIDigitalOcean App PlatformNode.js
  • Can I deploy to the App Platform without a Dockerfile?

    I have no dockerfile in my repo, and when I deploy to the AP I get the error: ! Invalid dockerfile_path, no such file exists in the git repository. I don’t want to deploy a Docker container, is that possible at all? H...
    1 answer2 days agoBy BubblyCeruleanMantaRayAPIDigitalOcean App PlatformPython
  • How to disable repository from updates in Linux CentOS

    I’m searching for a credible way to disable repositories and stop them from updating my packages. I’ve had some issue and found some ways on the internet but wanted to hear an opinion what’s best
    Accepted Answer: Hello, There are a couple of ways to do so, depending on what you want to achieve. If you now the exact repository you want to deny you can simply run: yum --disablerepo=Repo-Name If you are not sure about the repo’s ...
    1 answer2 days agoBy Brendo RossApacheLinux Basics
  • How to access to web server behind internet gateway within VPC?

    I hosted my web server with nginx server blocks a VPC and put it behind internet gateway as described here .So my web server public ip is not usable. How do I access to my website through internet gateway?. I couldn’t...
    1 answer2 days agoBy Kyaw Zin ThihaDigitalOcean DropletsDigitalOcean VPCNginx
  • permission denied error show?

    I am not accessing my ghost evaurment all weys say permission denied.
    1 answer2 days agoBy Subrata DasDigitalOcean
  • Pause subscription

    Hi there,I’d like to put my project on hold and pause my DO subscription for a while but not lose my project and data. What are the steps I should follow to make sure it stays there? :) I don’t expect it to be online ...
    2 answers2 days agoBy dimitzortzisBillingPayments
  • How to deploy spring application on DO?

    Hi, I’m creating a spring web app and would like to deploy it on Digital Ocean. I can see it is quite simple to deploy React through github. Is it the same case with Spring?
    2 answers2 days agoBy SandyNavyMantaRayDeployment