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    Let's Encrypt for sub domains

    I have created multiple subdomains(, etc) and pointed them to different load balancers. How would i be able to provide SSL for all the subdomains and main domain through DigitalOcean's Let's...
    0 By demonoid92 Let's Encrypt
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    What is the range of Anchor IPs?

    I've been using Digital Ocean droplets as WireGuard VPN servers. The VPN service uses an internal set of IP addresses, for which I wanted to use 10.A.B.X (where A and B are randomly chosen for each droplet, and X is a...
    0 By jasongyorog Networking
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    [Urgent] Cant access my site - may be the DNS issue

    can't access my site after adding www as Cname. my site has an uptime of only 60%. what can be the issue? maybe the DNS is not updated properly, I have to open through Singapore (server) via VPN. Help me as it is affe...
    0 By 20100127 DNS DigitalOcean WordPress
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    bad and rare requests

    Hi all, I was setting up my DO ubuntu 20 server with Django, then I ran python runserver, just to test if everything was going well. But I noticed that some bad requests were being requested by...
    0 By dertod Django Ubuntu 20.04
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    Is is possible to do DSR (direct server return) in digital ocean. This will require same Virtual IP on multiple droplets.

    Using IPIP tunneling we can route the packets to desired server. But in DSR (direct server return) the server has to respond with the virtual IP instead of droplet ip. Is there a way to configure same virtual ip for m...
    0 By jazzshop222 Networking
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    mysterious X-RateLimit headers

    Hi, I have recently developed a site and due to the amount of resources that I load I am easily maxing out my designated limit (100). I do not know what is creating these headers though seeing as I have since removed ...
    0 By myates99 Configuration Management DigitalOcean Nginx Security
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    How to use nginx to switch from port 3000 to port 80?

    As I was following and I config my /etc/nginx/sites-available/default to this server { listen 80; listen [...
    1 By zhuxingyuan123 DNS
  • Question

    I've already got a mastodon droplet, can I install Wordpress on it?

    Hello! I applied for a droplet on mastodon and it worked very well. Is it possible for me to add a Wordpress on it and make it work on my subdomain? If so, how? Thank you!
    0 By tanzeninspace WordPress
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    LEMP WP Subdomain App issue

    I have a LEMP stack running with WP on the main domain, however, I have another PHP app as a subdomain e.g. the issue I'm having is when I try to navigate around on the app on subdomain I get redi...
    0 By Yizi Nginx WordPress
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    How To backup phpMyAdmin sql on Ubuntu 18.04. (wordpress)

    Hi, How to auto backup SQL backup on phpmyadmin? I use wordpress how can I get sql backups?
    0 By erhanpaker1 WordPress
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    Using "promiscuous mode" Can other Droplets in same DC listen to my packets on my VPC (Private Network) ?

    We have a Security concern: In same datacenter, if other droplets have "promiscuous mode" enabled, can they listen to my packets going through my VPC private network ?? 1. If Yes they can listen, then I will encrypt a...
    1 By jazzshop222 Networking
  • Question

    ElasticSearch Not Starting on Ubuntu 20.04 with 4GB RAM and OpenJDK 11

    ElasticSearch Not Starting on Ubuntu 20.04 with 4GB RAM and OpenJDK 11 by following (
    2 By technewwings Elasticsearch Ubuntu 20.04
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    How can I ssh access on my second computer (ubuntu)? Permission denied (publickey)

    I have a ssh access via terminal on my mac working fine. Lately I got another computer (Ubuntu 20 Linux). I am trying to set up ssh access, but it just does not let me in, saying "Permission denied (publickey)". I a...
    1 By nfujioka Ubuntu 20.04 DigitalOcean
  • Question

    Connect my laravel to pgsql on Digital Ocean

    I uploaded laravel on this server and laravel is working but pgsql not working with this,
    1 By plannnckindia PostgreSQL
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    Digital Ocean charging 5 dollars on create account

    Hi everyone, I just create my account and create a project without any vps created yet. But Digital Ocean charged me 5 dollars. Can anybody explain the reason? Thank you.
    1 By kienle Billing
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    Opencart creation issue

    Hello, I'm having an issue with the opencart 1-click installation. It will install ok, but have an issue with moving the folder automatically. Also if there is a power cycle, the site is then non-functional. Warnin...
    Accepted Answer: the folder /var/storage/logs exist? If so, you can create the file with the touch command: touch /var/storage/logs/openbay.log And them change the owner to the web server user in Debian/Ubuntu is www-data, in CentOS...
    1 By claytonhutton e-commerce Apache
  • Question

    Bad gateway error caused by php-fpm on CEntos 8 / NGINX only on second server block

    I have installed the whole LEMP stack sucessfully on my Centos 8 droplet, everything checks out. I have a DB, I am running php woth php-fpm, all is swell. Except that I have created two new server blocks and there whe...
    2 By lordcase CentOS 8 Nginx PHP
  • Question

    Sorry! We encountered an error saving your Load Balancer.

    For the last hour i have been getting this message. Is there a problem with the tool?
    1 By Eddwinn Load Balancing DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers
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    WordPress Subdomain admin URL redirecting to main site

    Hello - I'm experiencing an issue with a WordPress site that I'd like to understand and fix. I have a droplet that hosts two WordPress sites, my main site, as well as a client review site on a subdomain (ex:
    2 By scz WordPress Apache
  • Question

    Additional member

    Hello, how can I add a member to one specific server of many I have in my account. This person should be also responsible for payments and be the owner of this server. Thanks
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @nicolaeb6fe2cfb0cea9d4997b What you can do is create a Team and add the user as a member/biller. Teams are useful for project leaders and business owners who want to share control of server infrastructure wit...
    1 By nicolaeb6fe2cfb0cea9d4997b Billing