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    Load Balancer says droplet down but it is up

    Hi team , Please help to either debug or resolve this issue. I am facing this issue with every droplet & loadbalancer
    0 By websiteocean58 Nginx Load Balancing
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    Sir i want to develop web developing and mobile app by this please help me

    Sir i want to develop web developing and mobile app by this please help me****
    0 By webastrosetu Development
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    Error in importing mysql file using command line

    Thank you for these useful commands I try to import a large SQL file but I have this error <b>Fatal error</b>: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in <b>C:inNMPWW I tried to increase maxexecutiontime in...
    Accepted Answer: mysql -u root -p xxxxdb < xxxdb_file.sql
    1 By anasalpure Ubuntu MySQL MariaDB Databases CentOS Debian Backups
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    Magento 2 one-click app missing

    Last week I saw the Magento 2 one-click app in the marketplace. But now I cannot see it anymore Please advice?
    1 By hassanCoral DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace
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    How to convert a string to an integer in Java?

    Hi all, I wanted to create this question/answer on how to convert a string to an integer in Java as this is something that I often get asked a lot about.
    Accepted Answer: Introduction Java was first released in 1995 and is one of the most popular programming languages right now. It is mainly used for the back-end side, for computing, and game development. Java is fast and secure, and i...
    1 By bobbyiliev Java Programming Project VS Code
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    Choose Between Premium AMD with NVMe SSD 8GB 4AMD CPU and CPU-OPTIMIZED 4GB 2CPU

    I am trying to select a droplet for a website + web apps with 20-30k views perday & 40-50k bots crawling perday. i am using ubuntu & apache with php & php-fpm. please suggest me a droplet 1- Premium AMD with NVMe SSD ...
    1 By sandeepindiase DigitalOcean Droplets PHP
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    Using Git on DigitalOcean server: error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by merge

    I am using Django for my site on DigitalOcean. So, I had to delete the migration files for one of my apps (accounts) and run makemigrations again. I don't really recall when or why, but it has caused this error when I...
    1 By eson Git Django
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    502 bad gateway nginx with Django App

    I just create a new data table in Django app and then I sudo reboot it. I got 502 Bad gat way errors. sudo tail -30 /var/log/nginx/error.log Here is the error code I find out: 2021/09/23 20:17:51 [crit] 983#983: ...
    1 By mjin1 Django Python Nginx Ubuntu
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    502 Bad Gateway : connect() failed (111: Unknown error) while connecting to upstream

    Hi I have a MERN stack app and it always worked like charm until this morning when we suddenly got a 502 Bad Gateway(without touching anything). I’ve seen another Post on here which is resolved but any of the steps i...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, The error indicates that your Node service is not running so the Nginx service is unable to connect. What you need to do is to start your Node service. This would depend on your personal setup, but for example ...
    1 By axiom88guru Nginx DigitalOcean Ubuntu 20.04
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    Django app for continuous deployment using Gitlab on DigitalOcean droplet return permission denied for SSH

    I'm trying to implement CD for my containerized(Docker, nginx) Django app using gitlab on DigitalOcean droplet. I have created a pair of SSH keys and add the public key to DigitalOcean platform. I can login to my drop...
    1 By abdulRehman01 CI/CD Django Docker DigitalOcean Droplets
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    can it be confirm that Amsterdam datacenter is not shared?

    For risk assessment we want to be sure that the datacenter digital ocean and the amazon datacenter in Amsterdam are physically separated and also need to know the distance. Is it possible?
    1 By maximemercy Databases
  • Question

    How to set up a modal using functional component?

    I have seen a modal tutorial here but it doesn't help me because it's not a functional component. I'm still new to React and I want to understand how it's been implemented using react hook.
    0 By chinonsosamuel29 React
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    Exclude lines with directory path

    Hello, I have a TXT file that contains the following example data: ./aa ./bb/data ./cc/files/docs I need to remove all lines from it that contain subdirectories. So in the example above, only the first line should rem...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, If I get this correctly, you want to have only the base directories without the subdirectories. This could be achieved with awk: cat old.txt | awk -F'/' '{ print $2 }' | sort | uniq Output: aa bb cc Regard...
    2 By MichalGiza Linux Commands
  • Question

    Won't install Sqlite3 in app platform

    Hi, I'm trying to deploy an app on DO app platform through Github repo, and during the dploymnt I see that it can't install sqlite3. I'm deploying Python worker app. [sariqdevbot] [2021-09-23 11:07:49] rm: cannot re...
    1 By HidingCeruleanRay SQLite
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    'nslookup' can not find new TXT record comes from MS Azure!

    Hello, I'm facing with an issue related to the new TXT record that I've added but the nslookup query can not resolve the request. MS Azure service has provided a TXT record/value to be added (1) and I've added it to t...
    1 By MassiveNavyShip DNS
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    run a python file from context menu

    I have a python file and im going to convert it into an exe file and i want the users to be able to run this file when right clicking a file aka the context menu(its a malware scanning tool using virus total so when t...
    1 By anandu4115 Python
  • Question

    Docker App missing /var/run/postgresql folder

    I have a Docker app that I'm deploying to the App platform, that includes installing postgresql. During the Docker build when installing postgresql it should create a folder /var/run/postgresql that is used to start t...
    1 By ScubaDiver PostgreSQL
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    How to deploy a react native.js mobile app to web with Digital ocean software

    I have successfully created a mobile app with lot of APIs with react Native.js , and I will like to make the app available on the web too.. how do I deploy the mobile to the web with Digital ocean software?..thanks in...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there! You have a couple of options to host that on DigitalOcean. If your are looking for the most flexible option I would recommend using a Droplet to host that application. Droplets are VM's you can fully config...
    1 By setizens Deployment Development JavaScript React DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Cant access server via ssh or cyberpanel

    I can not access my website (wordpress). I suspect that storage got full from the backups cyberpanel was creating and somehow cyberpanel crushed or something. (i resized today to 80GB) but I still cant access my digit...
    2 By pmuuka Linux Basics CentOS Apache Server Optimization Block Storage Initial Server Setup
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    Active custom domain not working

    Hi! I firstly deployed my Django app on DO and then I tried to deploy it on a custom domain, therefore I firstly added my custom domain. I went to the registrar and changed the 3 Nameservers and then I waited until th...
    1 By feherdarius DNS CDN Deployment Django DigitalOcean Droplets