Partner Services Program

We partner with services companies to solve DevOps complexity, automation cost, migration risk and cloud cost.

Program overview

DigitalOcean's Services Program empowers your clients to leverage our platform, where simplicity, scalability, and affordability come together.

World-class Benefits

How do we support nonprofits and social enterprises?

Partner Services Fund (PSF)

Accelerate your cloud services business with DigitalOcean PSF packages equalling up to 20% of the annual cloud consumption deal.

Generous Profit Margins

Service partners are eligible to receive up to 15% referral fee for qualified referrals, and up to 25% discounts for resellers on eligible services.

Market development funds (MDF)

Market development funds to accelerate your GTM. Utilize these funds to grow your business through webinars, lead generation campaigns, events and sponsorships.

Become a DigitalOcean Partner to access the PSF program.

If you're not already a partner, visit the DigitalOcean partner page and sign up today. Have questions? Reach out to us at for assistance!

Partner Services Fund Framework


Dive deep into your customer's cloud infrastructure needs with up to $1,000 in funding for comprehensive assessment services to offset costs for qualifying assessment projects.

Proof of Concept

Help your customers experience the power of DigitalOcean firsthand with tailored Proof of Concept (POC) offerings and up to $5,000 of funding per qualifying POC.

Migration & Implementation

Streamline your migration and implementation on DigitalOcean with funded services—receive funds up to 20% of the cloud consumption to offset the cost of qualifying migration and implementation work.


Ensure your customer's cloud journey success with funded optimization services, receive funding up to 20% of cloud consumption to offset the cost of qualifying optimization services.

Eligibility for Partner Services Fund

Revenue commit

Partner must be engaged in a registered sales opportunity and help DigitalOcean team to close a 12 months commitment or longer

Additional Partner Benefits

  • Co-Marketing
  • Technical Enablement
  • Joint business planning
  • Dedicated Partner Team
  • Listing on Partner Directory
  • DigitalOcean Partner Logo

How to apply for Partner Services Fund

Become a partner

Become a DigitalOcean Partner

Register the Opportunity via DigitalOcean Partner Portal

Submit your Statement of Work (SOW)

Get started for free

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