Effortless and effective DDoS protection

Your DigitalOcean resources are protected—for free—against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with always-on protection and automated mitigation, so you can run your website and apps without interruption.

Powerful DDoS mitigation

Your DigitalOcean resources are safeguarded from DDoS attacks with free, built-in DDoS protection that works automatically.

Maximize uptime

Keep your cloud resources available with DDoS Protection actively working to block attacks 24/7.

Automatic peace of mind

You're protected against ever-evolving varieties of network-layer DDoS, without any need for manual configuration.

Speedy mitigation

Built into the DigitalOcean cloud, in-network DDoS mitigation defends your resources without having to route traffic to a third party.

Key features

Native, network-level protection

DigitalOcean DDoS Protection monitors network layers 3 and 4 and is built into our cloud.

Automated and intelligent threat mitigation

Common, generalized DDoS attacks are blocked automatically via rules that adapt to attack types, while still allowing legitimate data traffic to pass through.

Protection from many types of DDoS

Volumetric attacks such as UDP floods, ICMP floods, TCP floods, and DNS reflection attacks are covered, plus protocol-layer attacks such as SYN floods, BGP attacks, and ping-of-death attacks.

Works across the DigitalOcean cloud

DDoS Protection covers your DigitalOcean cloud infrastructure, including Droplets, Kubernetes, Managed Databases, Load Balancers, and assigned Reserved IPs, across all our data centers.

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With constant attack threats on the internet that often aim to take down websites via DDoS, being knocked off line is something I can't risk. That is why I wouldn't hesitate to flick a switch on my DigitalOcean hosted website and have instant peace of mind that someone is protecting me. Minimal fuss, maximum impact.
Kevin Groves

Kevin Groves

Founder, House of Kiya

Frequently asked questions

What is DigitalOcean DDoS Protection?

DDoS Protection is a free, always-on service that safeguards your DigitalOcean cloud resources from a range of generalized, network-layer DDoS attacks to help ensure your apps & websites run without disruption.

Does data traffic leave the DigitalOcean network for mitigation?

No, DigitalOcean DDoS Protection is built into our cloud and mitigation happens within our network so you get powerful protection with no additional latency.

What network layers does DigitalOcean DDoS Protection support?

DigitalOcean DDoS Protection operates in Network (layer 3) and Transport (layer 4) layers of the OSI model. Application layer (layer 7) DDoS Protection is not supported.

What resources are covered under DDoS Protection?

DDoS Protection covers DigitalOcean Droplets, Kubernetes, Managed Databases, Load Balancers, and assigned Reserved IPs.

Is DigitalOcean DDoS Protection a paid service?

DigitalOcean DDoS Protection is available free of charge for all users.

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