Unlock powerful log management and search capabilities with Managed OpenSearch

Let us handle cluster provisioning, backups, and updates while you focus on harnessing the power of OpenSearch's robust log management and search capabilities, security features, and real-time analytics.

Why OpenSearch?

OpenSearch is a flexible open-source search and analytics suite designed to meet the needs of growing businesses. This powerful platform gives you the power to efficiently index, search, and analyze vast amounts of data.

Deploy fully-managed OpenSearch clusters on demand

Simplified logs management

We'll handle your OpenSearch cluster management, so you can focus on optimizing your apps with OpenSearch's log management, observability, search, and analytics features.

Highly scalable

Scale up at any time to support your business growth. Dynamically increase CPUs, RAM, and storage on existing OpenSearch clusters.

Free daily backups

OpenSearch offers hourly backups for the first 24hrs, followed by up to 3 days of daily backups for the plans we offer. This differs from our other backup frequency/retention strategies for other database engines.

OpenSearch made simple

Leave the complexities of infrastructure management to us so you can further optimize your OpenSearch clusters.

Easy deployment

Set up a fully-managed OpenSearch cluster in minutes, with the right amount of storage and nodes to meet your scaling needs.

Automatic backups

Based on your selected plan, your clusters have a daily backup retention period of up to 3 days.

High availability

Help enable high availability and reliability through our automated backup, monitoring, and failover features. Keep downtime to a minimum and maintain data integrity for all clusters, ensuring your peace of mind.

Easy scalability

Improve both the scalability and performance of OpenSearch clusters with robust indexing, log management capabilities, and query mechanisms.

Forward logs from other databases

With a few clicks, easily forward your logs from other DigitalOcean databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, MongoDB, and OpenSearch

Real-time analytics

Make data-driven decisions by accessing real-time, interactive log analytics, application analytics, metrics analytics, security analytics, and more.

Optimize observability and management

Visualize data to monitor application health, performance, and security. Gain real-time insights, streamline troubleshooting, and ensure high performance with observability and monitoring features.

End-to-end security

Operate clusters in your private network, allowing only whitelisted public internet requests. Further secure data with features like encryption (in transit and at rest), authentication, access control, audit logging, and compliance.

Enhanced performance

Easily add storage or nodes to your clusters or upgrade your plan entirely. Choose between shared or dedicated plans to better manage and improve your performance.

Log forwarding now available for DigitalOcean Managed Databases

Enhance application monitoring by forwarding log data from your managed databases to your log management provider, including DigitalOcean Managed OpenSearch.

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See how businesses are optimizing data with Managed OpenSearch

We were very impressed with how easily we were able to seamlessly migrate our workloads from Elasticsearch to DigitalOcean Managed OpenSearch. For our particular use case, this was a huge advantage as it allowed us to keep our OpenSearch-compatible workloads close to the majority of our services, massively reducing latency while also improving security across our platform. As with all Managed Database services DigitalOcean provides, it reduces our exposure and risk in running complex distributed services. Having been long-term consumers of Managed MySQL and Managed Redis, we feel extremely confident in DigitalOcean's ability to provide rock-solid managed services for complex data storage solutions.
Mike Goodfellow

Mike Goodfellow

Co-founder & CTO, RepostExchange

We use DigitalOcean Managed OpenSearch for putting all our logs together in one place. This combined with the ability to automatically forward all DigitalOcean Managed database logs, is really brilliant and helps us a lot to identify issues or slow DB queries - our database is currently processing 20k operations/sec peak, so having great insights into logs is crucial for us.
Lukas Böhler

Lukas Böhler

CEO & Co-Founder, Gleap

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