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Tools, Apps, Wrappers and API Integrations created by DigitalOcean and the developer community.

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Community Tools

Tools built for the modern-day developer. These tools help developers build on DigitalOcean.

  • Services


    Tutum is the Docker platform for Dev and Ops. Build, deploy, and manage your Docker containers.
    Tags: Docker
  • Services

    SnapShooter - DigitalOcean Hourly to Daily Backups

    Schedule frequent backups of your droplets & volumes to protect against data loss. Hourly to Daily.
    Tags: Backups API Security High Availability
  • Services


    Application management platform
    Tags: CMS Deployment Applications Control Panels One-Click Install Apps
  • Services


    Managed droplets with 24/7 support & the easiest way to deploy, monitor, manage & scale web apps.
    Tags: Backups
  • Apps

    Buddy — One-click delivery automation for web developers

    Docker-based CI server with auto-deployment tools for GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.
    Tags: Deployment Applications Git Configuration Management API
  • Services


    The best way to run PHP and WordPress sites on DigitalOcean
  • Services - Automated Daily to Hourly DigitalOcean Backups

    Schedule frequent backups (from hourly to daily) of your droplets & volumes and be protected against data loss.
    Tags: API Backups
  • Tool


    Cipi is an Open Source powerful control panel for your cloud servers that lets you to quickly deploy awesome and secure LAMP environments with Digital
    Tags: Deployment Configuration Management Automated Setups Initial Server Setup Control Panels
  • Others

    DigitalOcean Toolbox

    Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to monitor and manage all your droplets.
  • Services

    Database Labs PostgreSQL

    Postgres as a Service -- focus on building your app, not on administering databases.
    Tags: PostgreSQL One-Click Install Apps
  • Services


    Secure server and website management made easy
    Tags: Control Panels Server Optimization Deployment Applications One-Click Install Apps
  • Apps

    Nova ADC

    Nova ADC provides load balancing, acceleration and application security for Digital Ocean droplets.
    Tags: Automated Setups Caching Clustering High Availability Load Balancing
  • API wrappers


    Dolphin is a friendly and colorful CLI application written in PHP that integrates with Ansible for managing DO servers from the command-line.
    Tags: Ansible PHP
  • API wrappers


    Python module to manage droplets
    Tags: Python API
  • Services

    Cloud 66

    Cloud 66 a Full Stack Container Management as a Service in production on your own servers or cloud
    Tags: API Docker
  • Apps


    A full-featured open-source Android client for DigitalOcean
  • Others

    Juju DigitalOcean Provider

    Juju provides automated provisioning and service orchestration of machines on DigitalOcean.
  • API wrappers

    API Client in Java

    DigitalOcean API Client written in Java
  • API wrappers

    API v2 client in PHP

    A PHP library for version 2 of the DigitalOcean API
    Tags: API PHP
  • Apps

    SimpleBackups - Automated Hourly, Daily, Weekly Backups.

    Effortless hourly, daily, weekly backups for server files and databases with smart features and API.
    Tags: Backups DigitalOcean Spaces PostgreSQL API Automated Setups