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Open Source Asset Inventory for Digital Ocean

Resoto is a free, self-hosted and open-source infrastructure resource tool (RESOurce TOol… But we also love the italian dish Risotto 🍚). Resoto creates an inventory of your cloud by taking a snapshot of your cloud assets. We collect that snapshot data through API-based interactions.

We created Resoto to “scratch our own itch” as they say. As platform engineers, we were trying to understand what’s running in our cloud. The cloud providers don’t always make that easy.

Resoto collects three things from your Digital Ocean account:

  1. All resources
  2. Metadata for each resource
  3. Dependencies among the resources

Getting started guide for Digital Ocean:

The first use case for Resoto is simply just having your Digital Ocean resource inventory, and how all resources relate to each other.

Once you know your inventory, you can build more use cases on top of that. For example cloud cost, security, search, engineering metrics.

Resoto’s differentiator is a unified data model that builds a single graph out of your entire resources. That gives you a ton of advantages, from full-text search across your entire infrastructure to the ability to get a 10,000 foot view of literally “everything”. It’s a bit like Google Search for your infrastructure.

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