DigitalOcean Support Plans

With DigitalOcean's range of support plans, you get access to troubleshooting tips, unlimited customized support, and quick response times, so you can get new products to market faster. Get the support your business needs to better focus on creating awesome apps, and serving your customers.

What's included in DigitalOcean Support Plans


For anyone who wants general guidance and troubleshooting. Included for all customers.


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For teams developing and testing with non-production workloads.


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For teams deploying and maintaining production workloads. Includes live chat.


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For businesses serving large customer bases with mission-critical applications. Response times within 30 minutes.


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Response TimeAverage Resolution TimeSupport AgentsSeverity Coverage covering low to high, including mission critical, incident responseEmail SupportMonth to Month PricingLive ChatMonthly NewsletterDedicated Slack Channel and Video CallsTeam of Business AdvisorsTeam of Technical AdvisorsTicket EscalationFast Troubleshooting and AssistanceArchitecture Reviews and GuidanceBusiness Reviews and Strategy ConsultationsOne on One OnboardingHigher API LimitCustomer Monthly Report
< 24 hours48 hoursCustomer support staff providing general guidance.
< 8 hours16 hoursCustomer support staff providing general guidance.
< 2 hours4 hoursHigh-level technical staff experienced in all products resulting in quicker and consistent troubleshooting.
< 30 minutes2 hoursHigh-level technical staff experienced in all products resulting in quicker and consistent troubleshooting.

Premium Support is perfect for businesses

Get customized support and direct consultation for your business and technical needs from teams dedicated to the success of you and your customers.

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Boost your business with expert support services

Periodic business reviews

We analyze your business goals, unique use cases, spending, and answer your questions to help provide strategies and guidance on getting a higher return on investment on DigitalOcean.

Proactive decision making

Opportunities to discuss product updates and future roadmaps with our internal teams and Product Managers to help you make better decisions for your business.

Co-marketing opportunities

Deploy co-marketing initiatives with DigitalOcean—like case studies and joint webinars—to leverage our customer base, thereby improving your brand awareness and outreach to new prospects and customers.

Robust technical support services to resolve issues quickly

Fast Troubleshooting and Assistance

Get live support for mission-critical situations, production issues, or any other kind of issue regardless of severity with a response within 30 minutes.

Ticket escalation assistance

Have emergency tickets and issues escalated by our dedicated technical advisor team so they can be resolved as soon as possible, minimizing operational downtime.

Architecture reviews and recommendations

Get advice on how to improve your cloud usage with expert guidance on better resource allocation, cost optimization, security improvements, and other best practices.

Direct and customized engagement

Your dedicated support team will contact you via Slack, email, live chat, and/or video calls so you can be assisted in a way that best suits you.

One-on-one onboarding

Get guidance on best practices for new features or complex products like Kubernetes based on your familiarity with cloud infrastructure and your specific goals to set your business up for long-term success.

Easier infrastructure visibility

Work with our team to set up monitoring and other preventative maintenance, so you can take better informed actions to optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Trusted by businesses worldwide

We live and breathe out of Slack, the fact that we were able to set up a Slack channel with our DigitalOcean counterparts has been extremely helpful and they've been very responsive in that channel.
Chuck Dyer

Chuck Dyer

Chief Cloud Officer, BlockSpaces

The support team is incredible - every time we would have an issue we'd send out a request and somebody really pleasant and nice would get back to you quickly and give you exactly what you need. I'm very pleased with the level and quality of service we get.
Patrick Wingo

Patrick Wingo

Head of Product, Kea

Having a partner you can rely on is really important. The security and peace of mind you get when you're working with someone you trust is really important to us. We value the partnership we have with DigitalOcean.
Tosho Trajanov

Tosho Trajanov

Chief Growth Officer, Adeva

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