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Cloudways by DigitalOcean is the managed hosting solution designed for your dropshipping ecommerce website.

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Launch your dropshipping store with Cloudways managed web hosting in a few quick clicks and enjoy great benefits that will make it easier for you to serve your customers and grow your business. With Cloudways dropshipping hosting, you can focus on your business, not your cloud infrastructure maintenance, security, or costs.

All your hosting needs in a one-stop-shop

Launch in One-Click

Everything you need from the cloud in one-click: app install, server install, cloning and more. Spin up your online store leveraging popular ecommerce platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce in just a few minutes.

Reliable Cloud Servers

With Cloudways managed hosting and DigitalOcean cloud servers, enjoy reliable cloud infrastructure with dedicated IPs for all PHP apps, such as WordPress.

Support Anytime

Get 24/7 support from a team of highly specialized and knowledgeable cloud engineers. If you run into any trouble, we’ll be here to help, anytime day or night.

Optimized Security

With managed security from Cloudways, you’ll get free SSL certificates, automated backups, and a technology stack optimized for security.

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Host your dropshipping store cost-effectively and securely with Cloudways by DigitalOcean today!

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Check out DigitalOcean’s customizable and flexible virtual machines, Droplets, and host your dropshipping business directly with DigitalOcean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a dropshipping store?

Dropshipping is a type of order fulfillment where an e-commerce store doesn’t hold the products its online business is selling readily available in stock. Instead, online stores will purchase the inventory they need from their wholesaler or manufacturer exactly when they need it to meet the demands and orders from their customers.

Dropshipping businesses are either online retailers utilizing dropshipping, or the e-commerce platforms that serve as the dropshipping vendors to other dropshipping stores.

To end-users (aka the customer making the purchase), it is often not obvious which of the online stores they make purchases from are a dropshipping store or not.

Which ecommerce platform is best for starting a dropshipping business?

There are many e-commerce platforms that support dropshipping. A very common e-commerce platform used for this is WordPress and their payments product WooCommerce. We built Cloudways to serve your e-commerce business no matter what e-commerce platform you choose, but we have a lot of experience with WordPress e-commerce websites.

Learn more about our web hosting plans for your Wordpress e-commerce website here. We hope you will consider Cloudways by DigitalOcean for your hosting provider. Start selling your products with dropshipping today!

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