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DO Impact

DigitalOcean’s social impact efforts empower changemakers around the globe through products and philanthropy, enable our people to do good in their communities, and ensure our footprint is sustainable.


organizations have benefited from credits and donations.


commited to social impact over the next ten years.


of employees donated or volunteered in 2021.

Programs designed to make an impact

DigitalOcean’s values start with community and end with love. Our social impact program shows love to our global community by supporting them as they do good in sectors ranging from education to climate.

Hollie’s Hub for Good

Our inaugural social impact program, Hollie’s Hub for Good, provides builders with DigitalOcean credits to enable the growth of their programs. Hollie’s Hub for Good was created by Hollie Haggans, DigitalOcean’s 150th employee, who tragically passed away in 2020. Hollie was a fierce champion of the community of developers and startups she so passionately served, and Hollie’s Hub for Good continues the inspiring work she accomplished.

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Hollie’s Hub for Good


DigitalOcean gives donations to a range of organizations through an employee giving program and the company’s philanthropy.

Green DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean’s plans to bring understanding to our carbon footprint and identify key Environmental, Social, and Governance focus areas.

Green DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean’s Ali Munir makes a regular impact in his community by working with refugees as they settle in Germany.

Helping communities is at the core of what DigitalOcean does, whether it’s the developer community or local communities. My manager has been very supportive of my work with refugees and has connected me with others who are working on social impact at DigitalOcean, which is very motivating for me to continue doing good in my community.

Ali Munir, Senior Customer Success Manager

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DigitalOcean joins pledge 1%

As DigitalOcean became a public company, we joined the Pledge 1% movement.

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