Driving impact with DO for Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

Admas Kanyagia

Posted: August 15, 20233 min read

Nonprofits and social enterprises are using cloud services to create technology solutions that positively impact their communities and the world. Technology can increase the impact and efficiency of these organizations as they build digital presence and digital tools to reach more beneficiaries, enrich services, conduct research, collect data and innovate their programs.

At DigitalOcean, we have been excited to see the growth and resilience of our nonprofit customers. Our inaugural product donation program, Hollie’s Hub for Good, allowed us to offer free infrastructure credits to 2,200 nonprofits from around the world. Nonprofits like Project Sitara, Unicodemy and Nonprofit Exchange use DigitalOcean due to the simplicity, affordability, reliability and accessibility of the platform. We’ve been inspired by the work these organizations have done with DigitalOcean’s support, and are excited to be expanding our programs so we can support even more nonprofits and social enterprises as they do good. DigitalOcean is eager to reach even more nonprofits and social enterprises around the world.

New benefits for nonprofits and social enterprises

DigitalOcean took the Pledge 1% commitment in 2021 to commit $50M over the next ten years for charitable purposes. As part of the commitment, we launched our social impact initiative, DO Impact, in 2022 to empower changemakers around the globe through our products and philanthropy, enable our people to do good in their communities, and ensure our footprint is sustainable.

Today, DO Impact is excited to announce the launch of the DO for Nonprofits & Social Entreprises program. This program builds upon Hollie’s Hub for Good by offering more benefits and services to these important customers. Program benefits now include,

  • $2,500 in free infrastructure credits (one-time credit, valid for one year)

  • 20% discount for Cloudways managed hosting services

  • Continued access to DigitalOcean’s tutorials & documentation

The DO for Nonprofits & Social Enterprises program allows us to meet the Pledge 1% commitment through the most important lever in our business, our product. Additionally, we have partnered with Percent to scale our application and verification process. If you are a nonprofit and looking for a cloud infrastructure provider, please visit the link above to learn more.

Driving deeper impact with cloud infrastructure

We can’t wait to support more organizations doing good, and look forward to sharing their stories in the future. One example of how DigitalOcean is already having an impact is our nonprofit partner Ersilia, a technology non-profit organization that helps research organizations in countries in Africa to more effectively develop new medicines using data science tools and AI/ML models.

With cloud infrastructure credits and the help of DigitalOcean experts, Ersilia used App Platform to quickly and easily deploy their platform on DigitalOcean’s infrastructure, and are now able to easily manage and maintain their deployments themselves. By providing this support, DigitalOcean has helped to bolster Ersilia’s ability to address global health disparities in a significant way. This is the kind of social impact that cloud infrastructure can make.

Honoring the past

We remain forever grateful to Hollie Haggans, a former employee who created “Hub for Good” (later named Hollie’s Hub for Good) as a way for DigitalOcean to support our global community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re proud to remember Hollie, and her legacy will always live on through DO Impact, and our new DO for Nonprofits & Social Enterprises program.


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