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Hatch: Your launchpad to hyper-growth

12 months to scale

Get the cloud infrastructure you need with Hatch credits (amount varies) to focus on building, not billing.

Expert one-on-ones

Hatch connects you directly with DigitalOcean's product managers, engineers, and more for personalized guidance.

Never miss a beat

Free 24/7 support with prioritized tickets ensures your startup stays up and running smoothly.

From code to community

Network online and offline with like-minded founders in the Hatch community.

Supercharge your growth:

The DigitalOcean Marketplace puts your innovative tools in front of a massive developer audience.

Unleash your startup's potential: Powerful builder tools at your fingertips

Go beyond basic perks. Access a treasure trove of exclusive builder tools designed to empower founders and startups. Build, launch, and scale your dream venture faster and more efficiently.

20% off Stripe Atlas

1 year of Cloudfiare Enterprise for free

2 months free of paid Standard Plan

$500 in credit

90 days of free use

12 months of free Retool credit

Up to $5k in credit

$1000 in credit

Get $500 cash when you deposit $50k

$2000 in credit

$1000 credit toward Team or Enterprise plan

Up to 90% off year one

$1000 in credit

Free use until $1MM in revenue/processed value

$2500 in credits

20% of Paperspace for 12 mo

Get 15 months of free Standard Tier support

Hatch Partner Network: Elevate your startup portfolio expand your impact.

Partner with DigitalOcean Hatch and equip your startups with the cloud foundation for explosive growth.

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From seed to scale: See how Hatch empowered future innovators

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The myCast platform allows fans to speculatively select who should play characters in their favorite stories by proposing actors, commenting on other individual's ideas, and voting for their favorite suggestions.

BreachBits works to empower organizations by helping them understand what attackers see, think, and do.

Easysize is an AI-powered clothing fit and size platform. They provide a plugin for fashion shops that allows customers to find their perfect size by answering a few simple questions.

Hack The Box offers advanced training for IT security professionals and hackers through gamified, hands-on experiences.

Vuukle is a publisher workspace and collection of tools to help creators super-charge their content, maximize ad revenue, improve site speed and amplify audience engagement.

Parabol is a remote meeting platform for Agile teams. They make it easy for Agile product development teams and business agility teams to routinely hold plannings, scrum, and retrospective meetings online.

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What makes Hatch the startup launchpad?

As a founder and somebody that doesn't have a DevOps background, I didn't spend every morning of my life wearing a pager and doing XML sit-ups…what I wanted to do was ship an application to users so that we could begin iterating it.

Jordan Husney


The cost savings we get by using DigitalOcean enables us to offer our customers pricing that is roughly 5 times more affordable than what the competition is offering. DigitalOcean is the perfect fit for small and medium sized businesses.

Vujadian Divjak

CMO @ Publitio

We had been growing 10 to 20% a month. And every step of the way, DO had tools that were exactly what it is right. We came for the simplicity and then, as we scaled, we were actually very pleasantly surprised by many things on the platform.

Daniel Ni

Founder and CEO @ ScraperAPI

Frequently asked questions

What is Hatch?

Hatch helps developers create, launch, and scale their startups. This includes a range of perks to get you started, including 12 months of DigitalOcean credit to easily deploy and scale your infrastructure.

Why is DigitalOcean doing this?

We want to empower the startup community. We always strive to support and show love to our community. We want it to be easy for you to have access to our resources.

Who is eligible for DigitalOcean Hatch? How do you select Hatch members?

We prioritize streaming, gaming, fintech, devtools, B2B startups, and edtech startups who serve developers and businesses. New applicants are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Must be affiliated with an approved accelerator, incubator, or VC firm (see full list here).
  • Must not have received previous DigitalOcean promotional credits.
  • Must have raised a Series A or less.
  • Must have a company website, and an email address associated with the company website.
  • Must have proof (verification email or partner letter) demonstrating affiliation with an approved partner organization(accelerator, incubator, or VC firm)
  • Must create a registered DigitalOcean team account with a business/company email (not a personal email account).
  • Must not be an existing DigitalOcean customer.
How do I know if my accelerator/incubator/VC firm has a relationship with Hatch?

Please see our portfolio partner list. You can ask your program manager if you have a partnership with Hatch.

I do not see my accelerator listed in the partner section. Can I still apply for the Hatch Program?

Yes, have your program manager apply to become a Hatch program partner here.

How can I get started if I'm not backed by a VC, incubator, or accelerator program?

Please fill out the application here and select “Other“ when prompted for an affiliated partner organization.

How many credits do I get?

DigitalOcean awards startups credits through approved Hatch partners. To learn more about your eligibility award level, please contact your program manager at your Hatch Partner.

What if I have already received credits for my startup?

This program is for new startups that have not used prior credits with DigitalOcean.

I am an existing customer, do I qualify for Hatch?

Existing customers are not eligible for DigitalOcean Hatch. If you have been assigned an account manager you are not eligible for Hatch. Your account manager can communicate alternative support programs and offerings for you and your team.

How do the Hatch credits work?

You will be given a fixed amount of monthly credits to be used over the 1-year program.

Can you help migrate my customers from other public clouds to DigitalOcean?

Yes, we have migration plans, technical assistance, and credits available to make it easy for your clients.

How do I receive access to the Hatch perks?

You can access Hatch's perks through the Welcome Kit that you receive when you're accepted into the program.

What happens if I go over the monthly credit limit?

If you go over the monthly credit limit, you will be charged for the additional usage for that month.

Do I need to be a DigitalOcean customer to sign up for Hatch?

Before applying for DigitalOcean Hatch, you must create a new DigitalOcean team account for your startup with 1) the corporate email address associated with your company domain and 2) a valid credit card. You can learn more about DO Team Account here. For security reasons, applicants must include a working website and matching corporate email address.

Can I transfer my Hatch credits?

No. The Hatch credits are designed to help you scale your infrastructure and are not transferable. If you do not use the credits, they will be forfeited.

Are there any other limitations on how I use the Hatch credits?

Yes. You cannot use the Hatch credits for the mining of cryptocurrency (e.g. bitcoin mining). You can also not use the Hatch credits for programs that consume excessive network capacity, CPU cycles or disk IO. If you do, DigitalOcean may end your participation in the Hatch program. Please review the Hatch Terms of Service.

I have some questions about extensions. How can I get support?

For any program-specific questions, please email, and a member of our team will get back to you within a few business days.

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