“DigitalOcean lets us scale to meet the demands of large complex customers, but does it at a price that's low enough where we can deliver services to small up-and-coming businesses at the same caliber of capability.”

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DigitalOcean helps BreachBits provide security solutions to businesses of all sizes

BreachBits works to empower organizations by helping them understand what attackers see, think, and do. Founded by two military cyber warfare officers, the organization provides businesses with opportunities to test their cybersecurity to find weaknesses before they are exploited. The team at BreachBits wanted to bring military-grade assessments and the same proactive approach used by the military to cybersecurity to private businesses of all sizes.

Co-Founders John Lundgren and Foster Davis spent a combined three decades in the United States military working to protect the government against cyberattacks. They came to realize that private businesses in the United States don’t have access to the same types of preventative resources that the military does when it comes to securing their systems against cyberattacks. So Lundgren and Davis built an application that would assess how well an organization’s security and infrastructure would stand up to an attack, giving them insight into their weaknesses and vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed before an actual attack takes place. 

BreachBits has two main products. Their BreachRisk for Business Solution provides automated penetration testing and cyber risk assessments for companies of all sizes, including startups, while their BreachRisk Portfolio Solution provides third-party cyber risk assessments. Both quantify cyber risk with their BreachRisk Score, enabling teams to understand their risk and make better business decisions. The organization needed to partner with a cloud provider that gave them the flexibility to reach both large enterprises and smaller businesses at an affordable price point. DigitalOcean’s reasonable pricing, along with its intuitive platform and ease of use, was the perfect solution.

Democratizing security

BreachBits is a SaaS application that’s continuously reaching out and testing its customers' security. They run both the backend, automated testing program, and the web application and customer interface on DigitalOcean using DigitalOcean’s Droplets. Since cybersecurity is constantly evolving, the organization needs to rapidly build new capabilities into its product. The simplicity DigitalOcean offers allows them to spin up resources quickly, providing a fast time to market for new solutions that help customers secure their businesses. The time saved on backend maintenance also allows BreachBits to focus on building new capabilities and features for their customers.

BreachBits prides itself on not only being able to offer stellar service to enterprise customers but also on its ability to meet the needs of small businesses at an affordable price point.  Because of DigitalOcean’s flexible infrastructure, BreachBits doesn’t have to choose between two important markets. DigitalOcean’s ease of use and cost savings compared to hyperscalers allows BreachBits to pass those savings along to their customers, helping them reach the small business markets and provide an important, much-needed service while also tackling the most advanced challenges for complex organizations.

“DigitalOcean lets us scale to meet the demands of large complex customers, but does it at a price that's low enough where we can deliver services to small up-and-coming businesses at the same caliber of capability.” - John Lundgren

Growing with DigitalOcean

BreachBits has already experienced over 250% growth in the number of companies it assesses and tests since the start of 2022, and has optimistic growth projections for the coming year. The work that they’re doing is important and they have exciting plans for new features and capabilities to support their growing customer base. They need a cloud provider that can grow alongside them extremely rapidly while maintaining stability, reliability, and reasonable costs. They have no doubt that DigitalOcean will continue to be that partner. 

“I have no reason to doubt that DigitalOcean can and will be our partner through the next phase of our business and beyond. We know that they can scale rapidly, reliably, and stably.” - John Lundgren

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