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ServerAvatar is a web app that enables use to host PHP and WordPress sites on Digitalocean Droplets.

ServerAvatar is a powerful Cloud management web application that helps you manage PHP and WordPress sites on Digitalocean droplets without ever touching the command line interface.

You can just spin up a droplet in Digitalocean, Connect it with ServerAvatar and start managing your sites. ServerAvatar automatically configures the whole Apache/Nginx/OLS stack on your droplet according to your choice in minutes.

After that, it provides you a simple and intuitive user interface on web to further manage the following things on your server.

  1. Sites/Applications (WordPress, custom PHP, Rest API, etc)
  2. Databases (With remote access)
  3. SSL Certificates
  4. File management (using file manager on web)
  5. Server security (Firewall, SSH access, Key management)
  6. Multiple PHP versions (From 7.0 to 8.0)
  7. Isolated Environments.
  8. Monitoring and Alerts
  9. Site Cloning and Migration.
  10. Staging Area
  11. Backups & Restore

And there are many things you can do once you are managing your droplets with ServerAvatar panel.

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