Control Panels

Users in a web hosting environment can use their hosting service’s control panel to manage their hosted services in a single place. They have the additional option of downloading control panel software to their server.

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      here is my problem, when i do login as root after password reset, then it told me to login with the password and i can login, but after change the new password it auto close my PUTTY. Please help me to fix this problem.
      1 answer28 days agoBy meimeiApacheControl PanelsUbuntu 18.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Install Webmin on Ubuntu 22.04

      Webmin is a web-based control panel for any Linux machine which lets you manage your server through a modern web-based interface. With Webmin, you can change settings for common packages on the fly, including web serv...
      30 days agoBy Theo B, Kathleen Juell, Mark Drake, Tony TranApacheApplicationsControl PanelsLet's EncryptUbuntuUbuntu 22.04
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      ServerAvatar is a web app that enables use to host PHP and WordPress sites on Digitalocean Droplets.
      1 month agoBy Adarsh SojitraApacheControl PanelsNginxOpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-ClickPHPPHP FrameworksRedisUbuntuWordPress
    • Question

      Webmin error This site can’t be reached

      After I set up Webmin, when I go to the prescribed page that was set up by script to log in and use the software I get “This site can’t be reached server IP address could not be found.” How do I fix this?
      1 answer2 months agoBy aecsp2000Control Panels
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      I can't add a domain to my project as it's already in use (I removed it after deleting everything else from the last project)

      I was attempting in the Networking tab to add a domain but it stated the domain was already added when I had already removed it the other day. Can someone take a look and see why this is happening?
      1 answer3 months agoBy Matthew MilamControl PanelsNetworking
    • Question

      Como habilitar login no CWP

      Fiz a instalação do CWP em um droplet, mas após a instalação com sucesso, acessei o link para acessar o painel do CWP e simplesmente não consigo acessar. Eu coloco o usuário root e a mesma senha definida na chave ssh,...
      2 answers4 months agoBy Medirio CHeckupApplicationsCentOSControl Panels
    • Question

      I am seeing complete blank/white page after I login to my DO account.

      I am seeing a complete blank/white page after I login to my DO account.
      1 answer4 months agoBy khurram22chakControl Panels
    • Question

      PositiveSSL installation on Apache

      My server has an IspCONFIG with Apache on Ubuntu 20.04. Also i issued 2 single-domain PositiveSSL via Namecheap for and . Domain is managed by NamecheapISPCONFIG provides self-signed ssl...
      1 answer4 months agoBy mandar7n4everApacheLet's EncryptUbuntu 20.04Control Panels
    • Question

      How Do I get to my terminal in order to place my flags connections string to obtain the psql prompt

      I am trying to use managed databases to stage my application for users evaluation.I have created the database defaultdb and i have ALL the parameters to connect to my Database.The instruction isTo connect using the fl...
      1 answer5 months agoBy techsupport19feControl PanelsDatabasesDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
    • Question

      I have a problem on accessing my digital ocean dashboard?

      After I log in to my account. It’s an all-white screen when I was redirected to this URL . It’s been 24 hours since I cannot access my projects inside the cloud.digitalocean. I ...
      1 answer6 months agoBy markjoshuamandigmaControl PanelsDigitalOceanDigitalOcean DropletsDigitalOcean Spaces
    • Question

      Blank web dashboard

      I can’t see anything but white page after logging in the web dashboard. I tried to reset my browser’s cache and still no luck. I opened the browser’s dev console and found out that few assets from https://ui-aurora-cd...
      2 answers6 months agoBy kevinorgeControl PanelsUser Experience
    • Question

      TZ rendering bug in app deploy screen

      When my app re-deploys there’s a deployment status window displayed(It says “Building…” with a spinner). It displays some text “<username> pushed a deployment at <time> UTC”. In that text, the time displayed is in loc...
      1 answer6 months agoBy dborehamControl Panels
    • Question

      Free open source control panels that support Nginx?

      Inspired to post by users who believe Apache is required to install a control panel for stuff like WordPress site management: ...
      1 answer6 months agoBy rickchazApacheControl PanelsNginx
    • Question

      Litespeed vs. Apache for WordPress hosting?

      Upwork recommended me to try DigitalOcean for my WordPress site for stable fast performance. And only $5 with free software can be Apache or Nginx. I read that one-click option is using both Apache & Nginx but is ther...
      2 answers7 months agoBy jarvash44ApacheControl Panels
    • Question

      SSL for Digital Ocean apps

      Hey everyone, I am new to Digital Ocean and I deployed one of my GitHub repositories using the new app feature. I linked my domain and it’s working perfectly. One question, how does SSL work with this app feature? Is ...
      1 answer7 months agoBy captainabofficialDatabasesDeploymentControl PanelsDigitalOceanDNS
    • Question

      Installing CyberPanel Ent

      Hey Everyone, My website (wordpress) is hosted on a shared hosting/ litespeed server, and i want to migrate to a VPS, for more speed and performance. As i did read, CyberPanel Ent comes with LiteSpeed Web Server Enter...
      2 answers8 months agoBy jy313Control Panels
    • Question

      How to display several droplets metrics in TV on the wall?

      How can I set up display/TV to my wall which will display all of our droplets metrics in one place?
      1 answer8 months agoBy HappyAzureUrchinControl Panels
    • Question

      Control panel for python and php

      Hello everyoneI am deploying a new server here at digitalocean and I am going to use 2 types of applications Python and PPH (WordPress Mostly). Can you guys suggest to me some free CP that supports both of them?
      2 answers8 months agoBy Arav DigitalControl Panels
    • Question

      how do I associate a domain with a droplet/IP address

      I have a domain name registered through and pointing to Digital Ocean nameservers. This domain name is listed as a domain with Digital Ocean. I have a droplet setup with AMP. I have an IP address that I can...
      2 answers9 months agoBy tjsherlockApacheControl PanelsConfiguration Management
    • Question

      Install Plesk to existing droplet

      Hello - I have a couple of droplets that were created without Plesk pre-installed via the Marketplace. While I understand I could just go through a standard plesk install via command line, is this a good approach on a...
      Accepted Answer: Hello, @rogerStarfish You can install Plesk on an existing droplet, there is no issue with that. The installation process is not complicated and you need to run the install script and then just complete the installati...
      1 answer9 months agoBy Roger SearleDigitalOcean DropletsControl Panels