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    I have created a website twice now and both times it has been overwritten as soon as I login via SSH.

    I have created a website twice now and both times it has been overwritten as soon as I login via SSH. If I create the image and do the install config via SSH for wordpress, the worpress installation breaks and does no...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @Systemwork If you're already experiencing this issue you can apply the following temporary fix. Once you're logged in you can execute these commands: mv /var/www/html.old/html /var/www/wordpress mv /var/www...
    2 By Systemwork OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    Configure wordpress multisite in one click wordpress install

    I'm trying to configure multisites on my one-click wordpress installation. The problem I'm finding is: When I add allow multisite to wp-config /* Multisite */ define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true); On network setup I'...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @pinheiropt To have sub-directories structure on old WordPress installation while activating the Network feature, you just need to add the following code in your current theme’s functions.php file. add_filter...
    2 By pinheiropt OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    How to remove the default LiteSpeed server 404 error page?

    I'm having a strange behavior on my OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress server. If for example I'm pointing to https://mywebsite/wp-content/uploads/2019/ I'm seeing the default litespeed 404 error page, but if I'm pointing to a ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @komi , Getting an OpenLiteSpeed 404 page from https://mywebsite/wp-content/uploads/2019/ is due to there's no index file exist. You can fix it by (wiki ( 1. Acces...
    1 By komi OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    wordpress site newly installed not reachable

    I installed via one click the Wordpress droplet via this but when I try to load the site either as or
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Indeed your nameservers are correct, but you need to make sure that you've also added your domain name under your DigitalOcean account. You can do that by following these steps here: Add a Domain * From the con...
    1 By jpippo OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    OLS WordPress from Marketplace does not work. 404 page. No interactive script after SSH with root

    I am trying out the OLS+WP from the Marketplace. According to the guide (, after deploying...
    Accepted Answer: I was able to solve it by following steps: Login into LiteSpeed Admin at https://yourdropletip:7080 Go to "Listener" menu item Look at the "Listener name" column and you will see 2 rows "Default" & "Defaultssl" Click ...
    2 By dino OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click Ubuntu 18.04
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    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress Not Launching Installer

    So, if I create an OpenLiteSpeed WordPress instance and associate an SSH key, I'd expect to login via Putty using my SSH key, enter the associated private key and immediately be prompted to enter my domain > Configure...
    Accepted Answer: LiteSpeed's Images have all been updated and published on DigitalOcean's Marketplace. The updates include the latest version and a patch for the Intel CPU MDS vulnerability issue. If you previously encountered a Word...
    4 By jmorganthall OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    How do I renew my letsencrypt certificate?

    I tried running: sudo certbot renew --dry-run I received error. It says: "Type: unauthorized To fix these errors, please make sure that your domain name was entered correctly and the DNS A/AAAA record(s) for that dom...
    1 By bikershubham OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    FTP Acces is blocked

    Hello, I'm having some issues with access to FTP. I've used the Marketplace install of Cyberpanel and for some reason when I add an FTP user and try to log in, I'm constantly getting "The data connection could not be ...
    3 By erich197 OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    Droplet resolving with IP but not with Domain name

    Good day, I have created a Droplet and installed Openlite WP and everything is working but as I have the domain registered on Google Domains & setup there using Google nameservers the best I have been able to do is t...
    1 By mnespeca72 OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    How to get apache virtual hosts working

    I have tried following every tutorial I can find and I can't seem to get the WordPress one click setup to serve files from a different directory besides the default /var/www/html. I have used a2dissite, a2ensite, relo...
    2 By benjaminADK OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    Can't upload theme file

    Hi. I installed a clean new droplet. I'm trying to upload the Impreza theme from Wordpress Admin Console but when I click "Upload theme" I see ony "Uploading(17%)" in browser status bar. How I can solve that problem? ...
    2 By skazhikadyadya OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    Someone hijacked my domain??

    I have a personal site i haven't checked in a while and today decided to, and my domain is redirecting to a http only login page called "The Power Portal", i never heard of it and i'm not responsible for it. https://i...
    1 By epsilonprime21 DigitalOcean Accounts OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    Showing IP address instead of the website name

    I install WordPress through the marketplace. I also added the records in the DNS section. But when I type my domain name in the address bar it goes to the website but shows the IP address instead of the website name
    1 By pushkarthakur28 OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    All of my website trash article got deleted

    All the posts in the trash folder of my wordpress website get deleted automatically. I never deleted it. I have already installed the sucuri wordpress plugin and when i review it then it is showing the ip of my digita...
    1 By abhisheksunny3030303030 OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    How to let cyberpanel controls my other droplets?

    How to let cyberpanel controls my other droplets? I tried to install OLS WP on one droplet and install cyberpanel on the other droplet so I can control and monitor the WP droplet How can I do that?
    1 By Qourat633a018ba01f4916ba26 OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
  • Question

    MySQL SSH Tunnel on LAMP 1-Click

    I can't seem to tunnel into MySQL from a remote MySQL Client. I think the newer 1-Click LAMP has some changes to it. I'm SSH'ing in correctly but getting a: 1698 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' I've cha...
    2 By j2adbd54a1f67ab82ceb67bd02 OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    I have twice followed Digital Oceans 1 Click install for Wordpress and both times it fails. SSH logs are fine,

    I have twice followed Digital Oceans 1 Click install for Wordpress and both times it reports no errors via the server logs and says its 'successful'. Issue is that when you view the site that it doesn't work. It is th...
    2 By greqghieqgfdi OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress vs regular WordPress one click, which one should I choose?

    I can't decide which one should I pick for a wordpress + woocommerce website. I saw it says the OpenLiteSpeed is 300+ times faster than the regular WordPress and I like that it comes with phpMyAdmin presinstalled but ...
    3 By komi OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    Wordpress admin password recovery

    How can I recover the Wordpress admin password? Upon creation of the 1 click Wordpress. Then somehow lost the password. I cannot login in the web wp-admin and get the dashboard.
    4 By jpippo OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    Can I migrate wordpress website without cpanel

    I have a blog [ [ ( ] in Namecheap. Due to high traffic, I want to migrate my website to digital ocean cloud hosting. Currently, my website is hosted at Linux dedicated server...
    4 By maqbul233 OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click