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A PHP Framework is any framework that allows one to develop a web application written in PHP.

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    • Question

      How to get environment variables in a PHP serverless function?

      Hi all, You can define environment variables in a couple of ways as described in the serverless Functions documentation here:
      Accepted Answer: If you were to try and use the environment variable directly, eg. echo $YOUR_VAR you will get a warning stating that the variable is not defined. You will have to use the builtin getenv() PHP function to get the value...
      1 answer0 days agoBy Bobby IlievPHPPHP FrameworksServerless
    • Tutorial

      How To Create Artisan Commands To Manage Database Records in Laravel

      If you followed along with this series so far, your database tables should be all set by now. However, you still need to implement a way to let users insert new entries in the links table. In this guide, we’ll create ...
      27 days agoBy Erika HeidiLaravelPHPPHP FrameworksDatabases
    • Tutorial

      How To Use Migrations to Create and Manage Database Tables in Laravel

      In this guide, you’ll create a database migration to set up the table where you’ll save the application links. In order to do that, you’ll use the Artisan command-line tool that comes with Laravel by default. At the e...
      27 days agoBy Erika HeidiLaravelPHPDatabasesPHP FrameworksDevelopment
    • Tutorial

      How To Create a Database Model in Laravel with Eloquent

      Eloquent is an object relational mapper (ORM) included by default within Laravel applications. It facilitates the task of interacting with database tables, providing an object-oriented approach to inserting, updating,...
      27 days agoBy Erika HeidiLaravelPHPPHP FrameworksDatabasesDevelopment
    • Tutorial

      How To Install and Set Up Laravel with Docker Compose on Ubuntu 22.04

      Containerizing an application refers to the process of adapting an application and its components in order to be able to run it in lightweight environments known as containers. Container environments are isolated and ...
      1 month agoBy Erika Heidi, Jamon CamissoContainerDockerLaravelLEMPPHPPHP FrameworksUbuntuUbuntu 22.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Install and Configure Laravel with Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04 (LEMP)

      Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that provides a set of tools and resources to build modern PHP applications. With a complete ecosystem leveraging its built-in features, Laravel’s popularity has grown rapidly i...
      1 month agoBy Erika Heidi, Jamon CamissoPHPLaravelLEMPNginxPHP FrameworksUbuntuUbuntu 22.04
    • Services


      ServerAvatar is a web app that enables use to host PHP and WordPress sites on Digitalocean Droplets.
      1 month agoBy Adarsh SojitraApacheControl PanelsNginxOpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-ClickPHPPHP FrameworksRedisUbuntuWordPress
    • Tutorial

      How To Install and Set Up Laravel with Docker Compose on Ubuntu 20.04

      To containerize an application refers to the process of adapting an application and its components in order to be able to run it in lightweight environments known as containers. Such environments are isolated and disp...
      2 months agoBy Erika HeidiLaravelPHPDockerLEMPContainerPHP FrameworksUbuntuUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      PHP migration with managed MySQL

      Hello, When I try to run migrations on App Platform during deploy, php artisan migrate --force, I get the following error even though I granted for db_user: SELECT, GRANT OPTIONS on information_schema, and GRANT ALL o...
      2 answers3 months agoBy Nikola MilicDigitalOcean App PlatformDigitalOcean Managed MySQL DatabasePHPPHP Frameworks
    • Question

      🧨 fwrite(): write of 2268 bytes failed with errno=28 no space left on device

      Hello, so my website was working just like about 1h ago, then I get clients spamming me that nothing is working. So I try to go to my site and I see this message 🧨 fwrite(): write of 2268 bytes failed with errno=28 n...
      1 answer3 months agoBy Jordanbon19Linux BasicsPHPPHP Frameworks
    • Question

      (Error 404)-Route controller not recognized on server

      Hi, i’m new to the development world. I just migrated a project from my computer(Windows local) to the server on cloud (VM Línux). I’m using a simple MVC based architecture. The question is: 1 - I did all necessery co...
      1 answer3 months agoBy Manuel MarcelinoPHP Frameworks
    • Question

      Unable to add php extension intl with Apps

      I see some review about this issue to suggests add require : ext-intl to composer.json , but i tried and still missing into php -m list , any advices or solution ?
      2 answers4 months agoBy Equipe techniqueApplicationsDeploymentDigitalOcean App PlatformPHPPHP Frameworks
    • Question

      I closed the 22 SSH port now i cant connect to it

      I’m having a problem with the connection after I closed port 22 by I can’t connect to the host and this is the error that occurred when I try to connect" ssh: connect to host port 22: Conne...
      1 answer4 months agoBy HidingTealAnemonePHP FrameworksUbuntuNginxFirewall
    • Question

      laravel spark billing portal returns an error on productionn

      hi, i bought the lincense for laravel spark and i’m using it to handle subscriptions in my project (i’m using the stripe option), after integrating spark to my project, everything works well on development, i had no i...
      1 answer5 months agoBy tamunophlipDigitalOcean App PlatformLaravelDeploymentStripePHPPHP Frameworks
    • Question

      Trying to deploy Laravel 8 project on digitalocean app platform

      this is my first time using digitalocean i don’t really know what i’m doing wrong or where to go from here, i need help. when i try to deploy, it seems to me that composer is unable to install packages. during the bui...
      1 answer5 months agoBy tamunophlipDeploymentPHP FrameworksLaravelPHPDigitalOcean
    • Question

      What is the fix for MySQL server refuse to connect issue?

      I’ve deployed a Laravel application on a CentOS droplet with MySQL. The issue is after I use Laravel tinker or use PHPMyAdmin, I get “Connection refused”. I have to restart MySQL server from SSH. Any idea what’s the i...
      1 answer6 months agoBy perlrabbitdevLaravelMySQLDatabasesPHPPHP Frameworks
    • Question

      App Plataform enable OPcache and JIT - PHP 8

      Hello Everybody, Trying to improve the performance of my application (made in Laravel 8 and PHP 8), already tried to enable OPcache and JIT but had no success. I created a .user.ini file in the public directory with t...
      1 answer6 months agoBy macarthurorDeploymentLaravelPHPPHP FrameworksDigitalOcean App Platform
    • Question

      Unable to locate package php7.2 Ubuntu 20.04

      We are unable to install the php7.2 and php7.1 version in the ubuntu 20.04.Currently we are using php7.4 and we need the php7.2 also When we tried to install the php7.2 below commands were not successful in the digita...
      Accepted Answer: Hello, I just tested this on a fresh new Ubuntu 20.04 Droplet and I was able to install PHP 7.2 after running the following commands: Update your repositories: sudo apt update Then add the Ondrej PHP repository: sudo ...
      2 answers7 months agoBy karthikstsApachePHPUbuntu 20.04DigitalOceanPHP Frameworks
    • Question

      Managing large video / audio file uploads and streaming (Laravel project)

      Hi all, maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I have developed a Laravel PHP project which allows people to upload and watch large video files (as well as audio files). Those files are confident and speci...
      1 answer7 months agoBy IngoStoragePHPPHP FrameworksLaravel
    • Question

      how to upload CodeIgniter project to digital ocean server.

      Hi, I’m new to using cloud servers and just finished a few web dev projects. I have a portfolio site in the Codeigniter framework that I’d like to upload to Digital Ocean. I already done the installation of the CodeIg...
      1 answer8 months agoBy sales020651572f0d73b34e7e5UbuntuPHPPHP Frameworks