CTO.ai’s flexible ChatOps and automated CI/CD workflows empower teams to migrate to DigitalOcean Kubernetes and have a rich developer experience across SDLC. CTO.ai is a product for software development teams to measure delivery performance and compose an internal developer platform powered by customizable workflows.

    CTO.ai can simplify and accelerate Kubernetes adoption on DigitalOcean. Our Developer Control Plane lets you measure and automate delivery on DigitalOcean with customizable developer workflows. We provide a scalable and secure Infrastructure as Code (CDKTF) to manage the DigitalOcean environment.

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    Website: https://cto.aiLocation: Canada

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    Services we provide

    • Application Development
    • CI/CD
    • Cloud Infrastructure Management
    • Cloud Migration Services
    • Database Dev/Management
    • Kubernetes Deployment
    • Software Development

    Industries we specialize in

    • e-commerce
    • Retail
    • Fintech
    • Gaming
    • Healthcare
    • Streaming

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