Backups are automatically-created disk images of your Droplet. Enabling backups for your Droplet provides system-level backups at regular intervals, allowing you to easily revert or spin up new instances from a backup image. They are a convenient way to back up the disk contents of your Droplets with no configuration required. They ensure that you have a stable copy to fall back on if there is a problem with your server.

Backups are taken once weekly for each Droplet where they’re enabled and are retained for four weeks. If you want a one-time or on-demand image of your Droplet instead of an ongoing backup, you can use a snapshot instead.

You can enable backups for any Droplet, but they may not be ideal for Droplets with heavy I/O workloads, such as database servers, because disk writes will have degraded performance while the backup snapshot is being created.

  • Backup Overview
  • High-level information, like plans and pricing, availability, feature overviews, and known issues.

  • Backup Quickstart
  • Just the essentials to go from zero to working in a few minutes.

  • Backup How-Tos
  • How to accomplish specific tasks in detail, like creation/deletion, configuration, and management.