Snapshots provide a full copy of a DigitalOcean Droplet or volume, saving everything from the disk to a disk image within your DigitalOcean account. They’re an easy way to archive a Droplet or Volume at a point in time and can later be used to create new Droplets or Volumes with the same contents of the snapshot.

You can use snapshots to save the contents of Block Storage volumes, restore a source Droplet to the point in time when a snapshot was taken, or transfer a copy of a Droplet to a new region.

  • Snapshot Overview
  • High-level information, like plans and pricing, availability, feature overviews, and known issues.

  • Snapshot Quickstart
  • Just the essentials to go from zero to working in a few minutes.

  • Snapshot How-Tos
  • How to accomplish specific tasks in detail, like creation/deletion, configuration, and management.

  • Snapshot Resources
  • Resources on native tools for working with snapshots.