How to Create Snapshots of Volumes

Snapshots can be used with Block Storage volumes. Once created, you can use a snapshot of a Block Storage volume to create a new volume. By default, the data on volumes and their snapshots is encrypted at rest.

The same general guidelines apply for creating Snapshots of volumes as apply with Snapshots of Droplets: if there are applications that are actively writing to the volume, you should power off the Droplet attached to the volume before taking a Snapshot in order to ensure data consistency.

To create a snapshot of a Block Storage volume from the Control Panel, navigate to the list of volumes by clicking Droplets then clicking the Volumes tab.

volume Listing

Click the More menu for the volume you want to create a Snapshot of, and then select Take Snapshot. You will be presented with a window allowing you to change the name of the Snapshot. Enter the name you’d like to use, or accept the default, and then click Take Snapshot to create a new Snapshot.