How to Add Domains

To add a domain, follow the Networking link in the control panel, which leads to the default Domains tab. You can also add a domain from wherever you are in the control panel by opening the Create menu in the top right and selecting Domains/DNS from the pull-down menu.

When you first access the Domains tab, if you have no domains entered, the page will say Looks like there are no domains here.

Create menu

Enter your domain in the Enter domain field and click Add Domain.

DigitalOcean’s terms of service prohibit adding country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) from OFAC-sanctioned countries. For more information, including a list of countries, see the Lawful Use of the Network section in our terms of service.

When you do, the system will perform a DNS lookup to see if the domain has already been added to DigitalOcean. If it has, you’ll receive a message that says Data domain Name already exists.

As domains are added, they will be listed on the page.

A single domain listed

To manage a domain’s DNS records, click its name. This will take you to a page with all of your domain’s current DNS records as well as a section to create new records.

DNS records with NS records only

Once you’ve added a domain, you can add and modify its DNS records.