The IP protocol is one of the fundamental protocols that allow the internet to work. IP addresses allow machines to address each other across a network.

IPv4 is still the predominant version of the protocol in use, but its address space (2^32 addresses, with some reserved for special purposes) is being consumed rapidly and will not sustain the increased demand of Internet-ready devices.

IPv6 is the most recent version of the protocol, designed to solve the address space problem with 2^128 addresses. In addition to other general improvements on the protocol itself, the massive increase in available addresses also makes IPv6 less vulnerable to brute force–style security exploits, like ones which scan an entire address space searching for vulnerabilities.

DigitalOcean offers IPv6 addresses. You can add as many addresses within your Droplet’s addressable range as you would like. This can give you flexibility in your configuration and allows you to use different addresses for specific purposes.

  • IPv6 Overview
  • High-level information, like plans and pricing, availability, feature overviews, and known issues.

  • IPv6 Quickstart
  • Just the essentials to go from zero to working in a few minutes.

  • IPv6 How-Tos
  • How to accomplish specific tasks in detail, like creation/deletion, configuration, and management.