How to Destroy a Droplet from the DigitalOcean Control Panel

Deleting a Droplet permanently and irreversibly destroys the Droplet and its contents, and its automated backups. To save one or more of the backup images, convert the backup into a snapshot before deleting the Droplet.

To destroy a Droplet from the control panel, navigate to the Droplet’s Destroy page by opening its More menu and clicking Destroy.

Droplet more menu

Alternatively, you can click the Droplet’s name to access its main page and select Destroy from the left menu.

On the Destroy page, there are two headings: Destroy Droplet and Rebuild Droplet.

Droplet Destroy page

Under Destroy Droplet, click Destroy. A window opens asking you to confirm the deletion.

Destroying a Droplet also destroys its backups. You can convert backups into snapshots before deleting the Droplet to save them.

Click Confirm to delete the Droplet.