How to Move Volumes between Droplets

You can move volumes from one Droplet to another within the same region by detaching and reattaching it. A volume can only be attached to one Droplet at a time.

Between Droplets in the Same Region

To move a volume between Droplets in the same region, you’ll first need to detach the volume from the current Droplet and then reattach it to the new Droplet. You can do both actions from the account-level Volumes page.

When your volume is attached to a Droplet, information about the Droplet will be visible in the Droplet column. To detach it, first make sure the volume is not being written to by unmounting it or powering down the Droplet. Then, in the Volume’s More menu, choose the Detach option.

One attached volume on the Volumes page, with the more menu open and highlighting Detach from Droplet

Detached volumes will have an Attach to a Droplet link in the Droplet column. Click the link to attach it to a Droplet. Search and select the Droplet you want to connect to. Note that Droplets in other regions are visible but are grayed out and cannot be selected. Droplets in the same region as the volume are darker and you can choose one of them to attach to.

Once you’ve attached the volume to a new Droplet, you will need to mount it again. You can revisit the Config instructions in the volume’s More menu and follow the mount directions there.

Formatting an existing volume again will destroy all of its data. You do not need to reformat the volume; you only need to re-mount it to the new Droplet if you want its data to persist.

Between Droplets in Different Regions

You currently can’t transfer snapshots of volumes to different regions. As a workaround, you can create a new volume in the desired region, attach it to a Droplet, and use rsync or similar tools to copy the data from the original volume to the new one. Once you’ve confirmed the data transfer and no longer need the original volume, you can detach and destroy it.